Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1195

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Chapter 1195

For the Zhan father and son with obsessive-compulsive disorder, it was like hearing huge bad news.

Jacob roared: “Janice, wash the lid of the pot.”

Janice inspected with naked eyes: “It’s clean, not dirty.”

Jason just wanted to escape, and stood up in panic: “Daddy Mommy, I’m going to school to pick up Faith.”

Irene curiously asked, “Is it too early for my sister to leave school?”

Jacob knew that Jason always didn’t eat outside food, and it was even less likely to accept Irene and their dark dishes, so he rounded up the battlefield for Jason, “Su has been busy with company affairs yesterday. I haven’t seen my sister yet. Just let her. Go ahead.”

Irene said: “Okay.”

In the kitchen, when Irene was washing the inner pot of the rice cooker, Janice poured rice into the rice cooker without the inner pot and plugged it in…

When Irene came back after washing the inner pot, she saw the rice inside. Two people stared at me and I stared at you.

Janice laughed loudly, and Irene hurriedly covered Janice’s mouth, “Don’t laugh. If you let the two clean fetishes outside know, maybe how to wash us.”

Janice nodded, and the two of them made mistakes all the way and set things right all the way.

When cooking, Janice grabbed the lemon detergent from the side and poured it into the hot pot.

Irene looked at the three words “Dishwashing Liquid”, always feeling something was wrong.

“What did you dump?” Irene asked.

“Oh,” Janice said.

Irene’s face was ugly, “But it clearly says detergent, is this oil?”

Janice took it for granted: There are many varieties of oil and many brands. Maybe the detergent is the brand name of the oil. “

Irene said “Oh” and nodded, “It makes sense.”

Then he grabbed the detergent and poured it into the pot, saying: “Put more oil, the fried dishes will be delicious.”

When Jacob heard Irene Janice’s guilty conscience whispering from the kitchen, his heart hung up.

“Irene, I’ll go to the kitchen and have a look.” Jacob kissed Xia Irene’s forehead and got up and walked towards the kitchen.

Open the kitchen door and see a mess on the ground.

Pots and pans were scattered everywhere, and a variety of seafood and vegetable leaves lay on the ground.

Zhan Han’s eagle falcon’s gaze swept the kitchen, and finally his gaze fell on the bottle of over-consumed detergent.

Jacob’s sexy lips curled up with a wicked smile.

Determined that the two stir-fried vegetables could not be eaten into the stomach, Jacob walked into the kitchen, boiled water quickly and sprinkled the noodles into the water.

He has long hands and feet, wandering around the kitchen calmly. Even if he does such a smokey thing, it gives people a sense of nobleness as a god.

Irene and Janice looked at him with admiration.

He slandered in his heart, God is too unfair, gave this man a face-defying appearance, an explosive IQ, and even gave him this little skill that can regulate emotions.

Irene couldn’t help but joked: “How can you do everything?”

Jacob scorned Irene and showed off with a sense of happiness: “I will learn what Irene likes to eat. This is the way to be a husband.”

Irene was frustrated by the blow.

It was only Xiaoqiang’s spirit that was at fault, and Irene was very dissatisfied and said: “Who doesn’t have a daughter-in-law yet, sh!t, from now on I…also learn.”

Jacob looked arrogant, “Then you have to work hard. I started at the age of 18. And your talent is not as good as mine. You will enter the kitchen more in the future!”

After speaking, he picked up his Yangchun Baixue Noodle and went out.

Irene and Janice were not to be outdone, and brought all their dishes to the table.

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