Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1200

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Chapter 1200

Faith was stunned. After a long time, he heard Faith’s sigh, “Is it a bit too much for Daddy to pet Mommy?”

Jason said: “There are even more exaggerated.”

Jason had always understood Daddy’s character, and after entering the house, he walked gently, for fear of making a loud noise.

But Faith exclaimed in excitement, “Daddy, Mommy, are we back?”

Jacob was standing in the corridor on the second floor in his black pajamas, his handsome face was as deep as the bottom of a pot, and even his voice was so low that it was wrapped in cold ice: “Don’t call. Mommy is sleeping.”

After saying this, he entered the house, leaving the children a decisive back.

Faith couldn’t get used to it, so she said: “Does Daddy dislike us?”

Jason poured a cup of tea to Faith and comforted: “You have to get used to it!”

Faith: “He was good to us before?”

Jason said: “That’s because you failed to see the essence through the phenomenon. In his eyes, the wife is biological and the child is a gift.”

Faith sighed, “I don’t know if I should be happy or sad?”

Jason said, “Daddy and Mommy are more in love than Jin Jian, and they are the best wealth for us.”

Faith was stunned, feeling that Jason’s words were a bit obscure.

Jason unexpectedly said a lot of philosophical remarks, saying: “Some parents give their children wealth, some parents give their children knowledge, but our dad and mommy give us higher-level Spiritual belief.”

Faith realized. “So I should be very thankful that I have such parents.”

Upstairs, Jacob was lying next to Irene, gently stroking her face. Really tempted by her delicious red lips, he leaned over and kissed him.

Irene slowly opened her eyes, Jacob bounced back, and asked in a dark belly, “Did the child wake you up?”

Irene said: “No, I dreamed of a little black rabbit biting my mouth and holding on. It frightened me awake.”

Jacob’s slender fingers covered his slightly swollen lips, “Little black rabbit?”

Describing a man like him as a little black rabbit, he suddenly felt that his self-esteem had been hit by 10,000 points.

Jacob rolled over and pressed her, “Are you sure he is a little black rabbit, not a hungry wolf?”

Irene wrapped her hands around his neck, “Brother Jie, do you want it?”

Jacob was slightly startled, of course he wanted it.

But considering that Irene’s body is very unsuitable for this kind of thing, he can only endure it, saying: “Irene, I can hope Mei to quench my thirst.”

Irene said: “If you endure very hard, you can actually bully me.”

Jacob thought for a while, and said, “I want you to bully me like before.”

At that time, the Irene was full of fists and feet. She obviously didn’t like girls being so rough, but seeing Irene lively and vigorously, he felt particularly at ease.

Unlike now, the weak Irene made him feel terribly distressed.

Irene understood his intentions and calmly said: “I will get better soon.”

“Okay.” He said hoarsely.

Irene said, “The children are back, haven’t they?”

“Yes.” Jacob frowned, as if he didn’t like the children coming back to disturb his wife.

“Brother Jie, help me up quickly, I’ll go see them.”

Jacob hugged Irene, and Irene said a little shyly: “Let me sit in a wheelchair. Let the children see how bad it is.”

Jacob said: “Just to let them know that their parents love each other very much. The home we give them may be turbulent, but love has always been there, and home has always been.”

Irene could only obey him.

Jacob hugged Irene downstairs, and Faith looked at Daddy and Mommy foolishly.

“Daddy, can you consider our feelings as single dogs when showing affection?” Faith protested.

Jacob said: “You are just two little tits who are still in love.”

Faith and Jason were silent.

Inwardly wailing: Isn’t the little milk dog worthy of love?

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  1. Amo esta Novela del Sres. Abran más capítulos despues del 1200, que pasa con Derek y con la empresa🙈🙊🙉😰

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