Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1210

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Chapter 1210

Irene smiled, “I know that you are cruel to them because you love me. How could I prevent you from loving me?”

Jacob slumped on the sofa. “I’m afraid of making you unhappy.”

Irene and Janice stood at the door, enjoying the panoramic view of this scene. Both of them burst into laughter, “It turns out that the famous prince is a strict wife.”

Jacob arrogantly questioned them, “It’s embarrassing to have strict wife control?”

On the contrary, Irene was a little speechless.

Irene grabbed the pizza on the plate and ate it with relish. The slight bitterness was suppressed by the taste of sweet orange.

Irene held up the pizza and said, “Brother Jie, does this pizza mean to come with hardship?”

Jacob held her face and kissed her sweetly on her forehead, “You guessed it.”

Irene was full of praise, “It’s delicious.”

Irene and Janice came over.

Grabbing a piece of pizza casually, Irene tasted a few bites, frowning in disgust and said: “I thought it was something rare in the world to taste. Isn’t it just bitter melon and sweet orange? The taste is ordinary.”

Jacob ripped off the pizza in his hand and threw it into the trash can.

Irene stared: “I will just eat, or I will be hungry? Why throw it away for me?”

Faith said: “Uncle, don’t eat if you don’t like it, so as not to waste it.”

Irene pointed to the pizza in the trash can with a pain on his face, “Isn’t it wasteful to throw the trash can?”

In the end, Irene had to go to the kitchen and gave her a bowl of half-baked Yangchun noodles.

Janice admired her face and ate a bowl, and the others retreated from his Yangchun noodles.

Janice reminded Irene as she ate, “I’ll come here for a meal in the future, and remember to talk less. This family is all inhumane people who take care of their short lives.”

Irene felt so painful that he nodded like garlic.

At night, Irene sat quietly on the balcony. There was a smile on Xiuyi’s face.

Jacob sat on the white carpet in front of her, quietly looking at Irene’s face filled with happiness.

She smiled very beautifully, with a little sweetness.

“What do you think? I giggled for so long?” Jacob finally couldn’t help but asked.

Irene said: “I’m thinking, our Yan family will have double happiness. Should I do something?”

A look of embarrassment appeared on Jacob’s face. He was reluctant to be affected by Irene, but seeing that Irene smiled so happily, he felt that he should support her.

“What do you want to do?”

“I want to go shopping in the mall and buy some accessories for the princess room. Welcome the eldest princess of the Yan family home. I also want to buy some wedding thingsā€¦”

Princess room?


Such words got into Jacob’s mind, and he suddenly felt inexplicably lost.

He took Irene’s hand and clung to his face like a little milk dog, acting like a baby, “I want a grand wedding too.”

Irene laughed at him, “The child is so old, what kind of wedding is there? It will be laughed at. Besides, we have been married. We have been married twice.”

Jacob said: “But you married me with the face of Grace on both occasions. So people outside have misunderstood that I married an illegitimate daughter of the Luo family.”

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