Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1272

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Chapter 1272

Yu Chengqian said: “And the last visitor, you also said this. You almost dispatched our frigate. As a result, he was an ordinary businessman who wanted to cooperate with us to develop this from the village.”

Yu Sheng’s voice was a little weak and weak: “That woman, can she be regarded as an ordinary person if she has been in business to the point of a wealthy and rival country?”

Yu Chengqian was too lazy to reason with him, “These six tourists, one is blind, one is sick, and two are counseled. The remaining two more useful men were also dragged down by his pig teammates. What are you afraid of them? “

Yu Sheng thought for a while and nodded.

After about an hour, Yu Sheng waited a little impatiently, and said to Yu Qian: “You go and see if those wonderful works have finished eating? Bring them to me when you are done. I want to ask questions.”


Yu Qian came to the guest room of the courtyard house.

Jacob and the others have just finished their meal and are preparing for their lunch break. The remaining money broke in without warning.

“My master wants to see you.” Yu Qian stood at the door and said domineeringly against Jacob.

Jacob stared at him coldly, and said slowly: “Go and tell him, after burning, let me send a letter to the old lady. I can only say it after seeing the old lady.”

Yu Qian was dumbfounded.

“Shrimp? Do you want to see the old lady? Do you think my old lady can see you if you want to? I tell you, my old lady doesn’t see guests.”

Jacob said: “Then I can’t speak bluntly.”

Yu Qian was trembling with anger, “You really can do it. You…you…are you not afraid to kill your life?”

Jacob said lightly: “I’m dead, and the last words of the afterburning will go to heaven with me.”

Yu Qian hurried back to report.

As soon as he left on his front foot, Irene asked quietly: “Brother Jie, you want to see the old man, do you have some feelings for this grandpa who has never met?”

Jacob would naturally not conceal his feelings from Irene, so he honestly said, “I want to see the old lady just to fulfill my mother’s wish. However, when I see him, we may not recognize each other. They are walking the wrong way, I Do not agree with them.”

Irene heard a touch of loss in Jacob’s voice. He is the most emotional, making such a choice should be a helpless choice.

Irene said: “I think they can’t bear it anymore. You can’t take it any longer. These people are all murderers who seek skin with tigers. If they are irritated, they will kill us, but not let them scrape. “

Jacob held Irene’s hand, “Don’t worry, I have my own way to save my life.”

Irene felt a little relieved.

Not long after, Yu Sheng brought a group of guards to the courtyard aggressively.

Jacob stood up, looked at Yu Sheng indifferently, and ridiculed: “Master Yu, what are you doing with so many people here? We are nothing more than frail people here, and you really praise us too much. “

Yu Sheng said angrily, “I heard you want to see my old man?”

Jacob said: “It’s nothing more than being loyal to others.”

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