Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Grace never dared to expect to recognize Jason. It was her blessing to see him.

“I accept!” Grace stared at Jacob’s deterrent eyes, sharply.

Her gaze fell on the pen held by Jacob, but Jacob tightened the pen in his hand, and had no intention of borrowing her at all.

Grace had to open his delicate leather bag and tried to dig out a pen for signing the contract.

Jacob watched Grace take out the contents of the bag and put them on his desk one by one. His eyes fell on the transparent cosmetic bottle. The abnormally foamy liquid inside made him frown.

Anti-wolf sprayer?

Grace finally touched the pen at the bottom of the bag and put the things back one by one. When she picked up the bottle of anti-wolf spray bottle, she caught Jacob’s contemptuous look.

“I thought that this kind of equipment only appeared in the bags of those ladies. I didn’t expect that a woman could use it!” Jacob sneered coldly.

Grace smiled without anger, “I take it out to separate occasions and people.”

Jacob Bingshan’s handsome face instantly cracked, and this woman actually scolded him insinuatingly?

“Sign the contract and get out.” Jacob just wanted to sweep her out.

Grace picked up the pen and wrote her name on the contract. Three crooked words, like an earthworm wriggling.

Can not bear to look!

Jacob immediately disparagedly said, “The words are like her own!”

From the moment Grace entered the door, his dislike of Chi Guoguo had been blown to death.

Suddenly, the pen in her hand slashed twice on the crooked name. Then, write your name next to it again.

Her handwriting is powerful, magnificent, and sharp.

Jacob looked at the signature in the lower right corner of the contract, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“Since you can write well, why did you write so ugly just now?” Jacob asked puzzledly.

“My writing skills are not stable. Different people have different effects.”

Jacob sneered, “You can go away.”

Grace raised a confident smile and said goodbye to Jacob, “Master Zhan, goodbye!”

Jacob put away the contract, and a meaningful smile appeared on his handsome face, “Grace, I’m doing it for myself.”

Grace shivered, what this guy said intriguing?

Back home, Grace happily shared her joyous event with the children. “Mommy has found a new job. Starting tomorrow, Mommy will go to work.”

Derek and Faith looked at their mother pitifully, “Mommy, your dear baby is waiting for you to feed it 24 hours a day. You have gone to work, who will feed your dear baby?”

Grace had long thought of a solution, “I have contacted you a very good kindergarten. You can go to school tomorrow!”

Hearing that they could go to school, the two babies cheered with joy. Being able to meet new classmates and meet new friends in China is their favorite thing.

The next day, before dawn, Grace pulled Mengbao from the bed and sent it to the entrance of the kindergarten.

It was still early, the school door had not yet opened, and the two babies could only stand pitifully at the school door. “Mummy, why did we come so early?”

Grace looked at the watch anxiously, “Because Mommy is going to work, she will be late if she doesn’t leave.” She didn’t want to leave a bad impression on him the first time she met Jason.

Derek and Faith blinked their sleepy eyes vigorously, “Mommy, then you go quickly! We can wait for the school to open.”

Grace kissed the two children, “I wish you a happy time in school!”


The sea and the sky are all in the south of the city.

Jacob and Jason sat at the dining table and enjoyed breakfast, a freshly ground soy milk and a sandwich.

Jacob looked up at the wall clock on the wall, and it was eight o’clock in a quarter of an hour.

If Grace is late, Jason’s first impression of her will be extremely poor.

Yesterday she was late for a full half an hour. For this kind of people who don’t have a sense of time, Jason would definitely give her a special welcome gift.

After breakfast, Jacob confessed to Jason with ulterior motives:

“The new aunt, no matter how many shortcomings she has, you have to bear with me. Within a month, Daddy won’t replace her. Otherwise, you don’t want to see your mommy!”

Jason’s stinky face, this manipulative feeling made him extremely unhappy.

Although the man who manipulates him is his favorite daddy.

When the time was approaching eight o’clock, just when Jacob determined that Grace would be late, the doorbell of the villa suddenly rang.

A woman like Grace actually learned to step on it? It made him prepare by surprise.

Wearing slippers, Jason ran to the door, standing on tiptoes and pulling the latch open.

Jacob held his breath.

He wanted to know what kind of intense chemical reaction Jason and Grace would have when they met for the first time. You know, Jason never had a good face to visiting guests.

However, after a long while, Jacob did not hear Grace’s violent convulsions, and the silence outside was terrible.

Jacob walked over in surprise.

When he saw the latest Lego Batman in Grace’s hand, Jason’s gaze fell directly on the Lego gift box Grace brought, and Jacob’s face instantly changed.

Grace knows how to do what she likes, but how did she know that Jason liked Lego? And especially the Lego Batman series, it is Jason’s favorite.

Grace looked at Jason, at that moment the five years of dreaming thoughts were satisfied, and her heart was both joyful and sad.

Jason’s appearance was exactly the same as Derek.

But Jason’s body was shrouded in a cold depressing breath.

It hurts!

Derek is sunny and loves to laugh. Publicity with children.

But Jason is restrained, even when he sees his favorite toy, the indifference in his eyes is still daunting.

Grace squatted down and gently rubbed Jason’s thick and soft black hair, “Do you like it?”

Jason instinctively refused, “I don’t like it.” Then he turned around and walked away coolly.

Jacob leaned on the door panel and saw Grace’s slumped expression, his mouth flew up.

Grace glared at him angrily. If it hadn’t been for his cold gene that was thousands of miles away, Zhansu would not have been so cold.

When Grace entered the house, the familiar one took out a pair of one-time passenger tugs from the shoe cabinet. After changing into the passenger tugs, she directly ignored Jacob and walked towards Jason.

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