Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Grace put the Lego gift box on the table in front of Jason, and skillfully opened the box. Take out the parts inside and try to break the cold atmosphere with Jason while putting together Lego.

“Jason, do you want to play with me and see who of us fights fast?”

When Jacob walked upstairs, he heard Grace challenge Jason over his own ability, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He taught Jason’s programming, and it was a piece of cake for him to piece together this complicated Lego model.

Grace, a woman who has never attended a serious university, may have never even heard of programming. Don’t be naive to think that Batman is just a figure out, right?

Although Jason did not directly give Grace an answer.

But he snatched Lego from Grace’s hand, glanced at the wall clock on the wall, and started to piece it together.

Grace’s eyes were filled with surprise, so did her son agree to compete with her?

Next is the long time to piece together Lego!

Jacob changed his clothes, and when he walked downstairs, he saw an extremely harmonious picture.

Jason was fighting Lego, Grace sat next to him and looked at Jason quietly.

There was a sneer at the corner of Jacob’s mouth, and he could almost foresee the next scene:

Grace’s words should not be able to bear the silence for several hours. As long as she speaks, his son who is very intolerant to noise will convulsions. Falling Lego should be his first step-

Out of politeness, Grace walked towards Jacob lightly and bid farewell to the boss.

“Miss Luo, I’ll leave Jason to you. I hope you don’t let me down.” Jacob was wearing a straight suit, and his inner pair of Danfeng eyes were slightly raised, outlining a man’s unparalleled temperament.

For some reason, Grace saw his intention to fear that the world would not be chaotic from his smiling eyes.

Grace squeezed a bright smile at him, “Don’t worry, Lord Zhan, I will get along with Jason very happily.”

Jacob yin bird left with a face.

Grace rolled her eyes at his back.

Back to Jason, Jason was sinking into the world of Lego.

When Grace looked at him, Jason’s eyes showed a touch of disgust. Grace frowned slightly, it turned out that the environment was shaping people. Every day Jason stayed with Jacob’s iceberg facial paralyzed man, he also became very taciturn.

In order not to disturb Jason, Grace took out the sketch book she carried from her pocket and began to depict the portrait of Jason.

You don’t need to look at Jason again. With Grace’s familiarity with Derek’s eyebrows, she can draw Jason’s appearance vividly. However, Jason’s expression was indifferent, and Grace felt very sour when embellishing these charms.

Two hours later, Jason pieced together Lego.

Grace hurriedly hid his painting and took Lego over with a smile. Just when she split the Lego timer and started to piece it together, Jason left her and walked upstairs, and soon walked down with his schoolbag slung. floor.

Grace was a little confused. She raised her eyes and looked at the clock. It was already ten o’clock. Only then did Jason think of going to school?

“Jason, are you going to school?”

Grace had to put down the Lego in his hand and went to chase Jason.

After Jason walked out of the house, he looked at Grace at the exit of the parking lot.

Grace communicated with him completely and guessed, “Do you want me to drive?”

Jason did not nod or shook his head.

Grace said, “Your daddy didn’t give me the car key. How about we go to take a taxi outside?”

At this time, Jason made a cool word: “Dirty!”

Then turn around and walk back.

Grace was completely disintegrated by his operation of playing cards completely unreasonably.

Simply took out her cell phone and asked Jacob.

Jacob was in a meeting at the company. When he received Grace’s call, he was slightly lost, and then he smiled evilly and put on the phone in front of all the employees.

“Grace, it’s only been two hours, don’t you want to resign with me?”

Guan Xiao stood beside the chief executive, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

Being able to spend two hours alone with Jason is already against the sky, okay?

“Master Zhan, you have misunderstood, in order to better take care of Jason, I just want Master Zhan to give me a schedule of Jason’s work and rest?”


“Then he should give me a copy of the time for the kindergarten and school, right?”

“Grace…” Jacob paused, “Can’t you tell that Jason has autism, so he can’t go to school like a normal child!”

Without hearing Grace’s voice for a long time, Jacob frowned.

Unexpectedly, at the next moment, Grace’s hot voice came from the microphone. “You have autism. He doesn’t.” Then Grace hung up angrily.

Jacob looked at the phone, his face pale.

The dead woman dare to hang up his phone?

Finally understand who has inherited the stinky problem of Jason hanging up his phone!

The other side.

Jason heard the hysterical sound of the woman behind him, and was slightly taken aback.

It is an indisputable fact that he has autism.

Daddy doesn’t admit that he has autism, that’s self-deception. This woman should be stupid and can’t see that he has autism.

“War Sui!”

Grace suddenly ran over and grabbed Jason’s little hand.

Jason usually hates someone touching him, so out of instinct, he throws Grace away.

Grace looked at Jason very hurt, but said with a firm attitude, “Jason, you should go to school!”

“You care about me?” Jason said angrily.

Grace was slightly startled, the child was covered with burrs and had a sharp personality. I am afraid that he would not really like teachers and classmates even in kindergarten. If things go on like this, the vicious circle is that Jason will hate school more and more.

But leaving a childish school will only aggravate his disharmony.

Jason turned around and entered the house. When Grace was about to enter, Jason caused the door to be locked with a bang.

Grace’s head hit the door panel. In order to trick Jason to open the door, Grace could only use her fine acting skills, clutching his forehead and howling terribly. “Ah, my head hurts—”

At first, Jason did not respond.

However, Grace cried perseveringly, Jason was afraid that she would have a shortcoming, opened the door to observe her injuries, and then consider whether to call an ambulance for her.

But as soon as he opened the door, Grace stepped in. Then looked triumphantly at the deceived Jason.

“Liar.” Jason angrily said.

Grace patted his head and smiled, “Keeping the guests out of the door, this is very impolite behavior.”

“Are you a guest too?” Jason frowned at her.

“Then I’m not a master, am I?” Grace teased.

“Nervous!” Jason said.

Grace: “…”

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