Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

“Children can’t speak dirty words.” Grace pointed out Jason’s shortcomings very harshly.

Jason handed her a cold eye, then went upstairs and locked himself in the room.

Grace looked at the closed door and sighed secretly.

What should she do with Jason?

This is her son, the child she owes the most.

No matter what, she must make up for the maternal love that Jason has missed for so many years.

Looking at the clock, it was late.

Grace came to the kitchen and decided to make a good lunch for Jason.

There are many kinds of dishes in the refrigerator, but Grace doesn’t know what Jason’s favorite food is. At that moment, she suddenly felt ashamed of the battle, she was a failure as a mother.

In the end, she decided to make some dishes for Jason to cater to Derek’s taste, thinking that Derek and Jason had the same genes, so their taste buds should be very similar!

Grace made a flavored sweet and sour pork ribs, a braised beef, an ant on the tree, a steamed vetch pork, and finally a seaweed egg drop soup.

These dishes are all home-cooked dishes of Xiaomenxiaohu.

For the top giants like warriors, it is naturally a rare experience.

When Grace brought the dishes to the table, Jacob suddenly returned.

Seeing the four dishes and one soup on the table, Jacob was a little surprised.

In the memory, the year this woman married him, the rare cooking experience ended in terrible dark dishes.

When did her cooking become so diligent?

Or, these dishes are her takeaway?

“Master Zhan, why are you back?” Grace was also puzzled.

Isn’t a big president like Jacob taking every opportunity? Going home at noon was a waste of time. Could it be that she came back to supervise her?

“You ordered Jason to take out?” A thin anger spread across Jue Zhan Han’s face.

Before Grace could answer, he convicted her of death: “My family won’t eat takeaway.”

Grace explained, “I personally cook this for him!”

Jacob was a little surprised, but he curled his lips and said with a smirk, “Jason does not eat meals made by strangers.” He deliberately aggravated the three words stranger, and Grace was frustrated by these three words. She bowed her head dejectedly.

However, Grace quickly recovered. The reason Jacob went home was to cook for Jason!

She was a little moved, the omnipotent Jacob, but still wanted to serve her son respectfully.

Suddenly, Grace shifted her gaze to Jacob’s face, with a hint of pleading, and said, “Master Zhan, don’t tell him I made this meal.”

Jacob teased evilly, “Are you qualified to eat the food I made?”

Grace bit her lip, “As long as you let Jason eat the food I made, I… will not eat lunch.”

Jacob nodded in satisfaction, and shouted upstairs, “Jason, come down to eat.”

After a long time, Jason opened the door and walked down.

Standing at the top of the stairs and looking at the strange dishes, he guessed that these dishes are not Daddy’s masterpieces, and said in anger, “I won’t eat.”

Jacob said, “The takeaway I brought you back, you will just eat. Daddy is too busy today to cook for you.”

Jason walked down with a sullen face, sat down at the dinner table, picked up the chopsticks and tried to eat.

Sitting across from Jason, Jacob picked up the chopsticks that originally belonged to Grace, and casually put a piece of braised pork into his mouth.

Jacob’s eating style is very charming, his cheeks like ice sculptures seem to have the most perfect masseter muscles in the world. With every swallowing action, his sexy Adam’s apple is absolutely deceptive.

After five years, Grace thought that all her love for this man had been taken away by the passing of time. It is only now that I understand that avoiding sight is just a way to deceive yourself and others.

This man, as long as she looks at him a few more times, she will fall completely.

The affection of the two lives, no matter how she flees or hides, she went around and finally met him. Is this God’s salvation or punishment for her?

Jacob ate a piece of braised pork, the meat was soft and glutinous and almost melted in the mouth. And the slight spicy taste is very suitable for children’s taste. It is also an appetizer for people like him who have stomach problems and cannot eat spicy food.

The opposite Jason, frowned at first, with a look of disgust, after reluctantly taking a few mouthfuls of food, his eyes burst into surprise.

“Where did you buy the takeaway?” Jason suddenly asked.

Grace looked at Jacob with a guilty conscience, to see how he lied.

Jacob didn’t have a trace of panic, and said calmly in the battle, “You can’t eat and sleep.”

Grace: “…”

Grace didn’t feel ecstatic about Jacob’s witty rounds, but was a little bit sad.

Jason was already very taciturn, and Jacob even restrained him with these doctrines of rich family. Fighting is like a bird in a cage, it will be kicked by the restraint.

Then how can he release the child’s nature?

After lunch, Grace cleaned up the dishes quickly, and Jacob and Jason exchanged a few words, “Jason, do you have a good time with Auntie?”

“Nervous!” Jason said two words.

Jacob reacted for a while before he realized that his son was scolding Grace. Secretly glanced at Grace in the kitchen, and saw that she was standing by the sink carefully washing the dishes, her movements were skillful.

Unlike the clumsy woman five years ago.

In the past five years, this woman has learned to be a woman. Suddenly thought of Grace’s “little lover” in his mind, the corners of Jacob’s s**y and charming lips sneered.

“Do you like her?” Jacob couldn’t help asking.

Grace and Jason seem to get along very well at the moment, which made him a little bit disappointed.

Jason shook his head.

Jacob nodded in satisfaction.

Jacob came to the kitchen door again, and his long body instantly brought a force that could not be ignored.

Grace turned his head and looked at him. “What’s wrong with Lord War?”

Jacob’s faint gaze fell to the bottom of the cupboard, where every porcelain ware was the inverse scale of Jason, if Grace helped to clean it up, there would be some unexpected surprises if it was uneven.

“Can you help clean the kitchen utensils on the bottom of the cupboard? Maybe I can use it recently.”

Grace responded heartily, “No problem.”

A cold light flashed through Jacob’s eyes. Maybe it’s in a good mood, and it is rare to send kindness, “If you are hungry, there are a lot of Lego, you can try to fight it, it should help you through a long day.” Yubi turned and left.

Grace was slightly startled-


These three words touched a fragile place in her heart.

Jacob’s magnetic voice overlapped with the voice deep in his memory.

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