Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

That year, she was ten years old.

With her grandfather, she came to the imperial capital from Yancheng to visit her friend, Zhan Tinghai.

At that time, Jacob was already a man of the emperor. Stunning talent, extraordinary beauty, and a well-known top hacker in the world.

When he first saw her, he regarded her as a cousin in the outer room, fearing that she would disturb his study, and found out many Lego he used to play, hugged it in front of her, and said, “These toys should be enough for you to fight for one day. Hope you Don’t bother me.”

But she quickly finished Lego, and when she took the Lego puzzle to find him, Jacob looked at her in shock. Can this little guy put together Lego at the same speed as she was back then?

He unavoidably glanced at this very gifted sister. She was pure and beautiful, like an elf who could not eat fireworks, and her eyes were as clear as the sea, looking at Jacob’s pitiful pleading, ” Brother, will you play with me, okay?”

Jacob’s affection for her doubled, and he gently touched her head, “What’s your name?”

It’s no wonder that he can’t remember the name of his cousin, it’s really because the two uncles have a lot of romantic affairs, and there are countless women outside. When it comes to important festivals. Those women will bring the illegitimate children of the Zhan Family on stage.

Jacob never expected that he had admitted the wrong person, and she told him, “My name is Irene.”

He was amazed for a long time, and the perfect face as beautiful as a Greek sculpture suddenly smiled for some reason.

It turned out to be Yan’s family who came to visit Grandpa from Yancheng!

“Brother, you look good when you smile?” She praised him idiotly.

Jacob looked at this ten-year-old girl, and had long heard her elders praise her, she was brilliant, and she didn’t lose to a man. He didn’t expect that such a smart girl looks so soft and cute.

“Then are you willing to marry me when you grow up?” Jacob didn’t know how he had said this in a ghostly manner.

What’s more unexpected is that she nodded like garlic.

Her love for him should have sprouted at that time, right?


Without paying attention, the bowl in her hand suddenly slipped.

A crisp sound pulled Grace’s thoughts back, and saw a pool of debris on the ground, Grace wanted to cry without tears.

“Ah…” The Zhan Family’s bowl, it’s expensive.

Jacob’s habit of buying household items. It is really so strange that it makes people fall off the ground.

Do not seek good-looking, not practical, but the most expensive.

The reason Jacob gave is also very consistent with his domineering personality: you get what you pay for.

Moreover, judging from the bizarre obsessive-compulsive disorder of the two Zhan Family fathers and sons, it is possible that the damage to this bowl caused them to give up the entire bowl.

Doesn’t she have to pay huge indemnities?

Jason heard the sound of a woman killing a pig in the kitchen, and his curiosity prompted him to open the kitchen door. Seeing the pink debris on the ground, Jason’s handsome face was filled with horror.

“Jason, I was not careful.” Grace squeezed a dry smile at Jason.

Jason rushed over frantically, reaching out to pick up the broken bowl.

Grace was afraid of stabbing his hand and blocked him with skill. “Jason, don’t pick up…”

However, Jason seemed to suddenly lose his mind. He knocked Grace to the ground, and Grace’s hand accidentally pressed against the sharp edges and corners of the porcelain, bleeding instantly.

Grace didn’t care about the pain, she looked at the frantic child in horror. At that moment, the madness of Jason made people feel scared.

Jason did not feel any guilt or sympathy for Grace’s injury. He just can’t wait to pick up the debris on the ground, and then walk out holding them.

Grace didn’t worry about fighting, she ran out without taking care of the injury on her hand.

But Jason hated her very much at this moment. He picked up the blocks on the table and threw them at Grace, “You broom star, you go.”

The building blocks hit Grace, but Grace was so numb that she couldn’t cry.

Jason carefully put the broken bowl slag on the table, then found super glue, and glued it seriously.

But the fragments are too fine, even though Jason has worked hard. Still can’t make the original Peugeot look.

Jason burst into tears, and Grace realized that this bowl might have a very important meaning for Jason.

“Jason, can I help you?”

“Get out…” Jason dropped the defective product in his hand on the table, staring at Grace angrily, “Go away!”

Grace’s body trembled, but her eyes turned red. However, facing Jason’s rudeness, she had no way to blame herself.

Because she felt that if she hadn’t abandoned him five years ago, Jason might not be what he is now.

However, Grace underestimated Jason’s ability to repay. Jason suddenly changed his mind and said to her coldly, “Okay. You help me paste them.”

Grace looked happy, as long as Jason gave her a chance, she would do her best to improve Jason’s bad perception of her.

Grace walked over, sat next to Jason, and when she took the pieced together bowl from Jason’s hand, she realized that there was super glue everywhere on the edge of the bowl. Her hands and the bowl were inseparable after being combined. Up.

Grace looked at Jason in amazement, “Untie it for me.”

Jason gritted his teeth angrily, “This is the punishment you deserve.”

Grace looked at the ageless hatred in Jason’s eyes, her tone became serious, and said, “Jason, it’s just a bowl. As for you…”

“That’s the bowl my mommy used!” Jason yelled hysterically.

After the roar, Jason ran away.

Grace was dumbfounded!

The fishy liquid came out of her eyes. Grace slid to the ground, and that free hand rose up and slapped herself severely.

The results of the battle are all the reasons she planted back then.

Eat your own fruit, make your own life!

After crying for a while, after clearing up the grief, Grace spent a long time finally removing the super glue.

Looking at this crookedly pieced bowl, two special letters were finally found at the bottom of the bowl: QG!

Grace’s eyes filled with tears. This is the bowl she bought, and the English at the bottom of the bowl is the abbreviation of “concerned”. After marrying Jacob at that time, he was very alienated and disgusted with her. She engraved these two letters on the bottom of the bowl, always reminding herself how important he is to her.

This became her source of strength to endure all his cold violence.

Unexpectedly, Jason regarded it as a treasure.

Jason hasn’t seen mommy since he was a child, but he yearned for a mommy. This desire is like a seed. As time goes by, it will take root and sprout, and finally grow into a towering tree.

Missing sick!

There were tears on Grace’s face, but she smiled like a flower.

It’s okay, War Sui, Mommy is back.

Grace cleaned up the mess, and then came to the door of Jason’s room. With tears and her healing voice, she gently read poems to her children.

From today, maternal love returns.

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