There for You Till I Die Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

“Don’t even think about it!”

Sarah looked at Lidya coldly, putting one hand in front of her belly.

Lidya look like a joke at her, “You do not want to have to think, can not help you! …… oh yes, I’ll let you admire in addition to my wedding outside, there is bad news for you.”

“Your brother-in-law was sentenced for intentionally hurting Brian. He is going to be in prison for four years.”

Sarah struggled to get up, “Lidya, why are you doing this? He has nothing to do with this!”

Lidya shrugged, “How can I control A stranger? But Sarah, now you should understand that no one can save you, or listen to me obediently, I can consider finding someone to help your brother-in-law.”

Her voice turned softly, but her eyes were cold.


In the old house of the Davidson Family, everyone was busy talking about Lidya’s child, only Brian, who was about to become a father, did not feel the slightest joy.

Mrs. Davidson was very dissatisfied, “At the beginning you found that woman to stimulate me to accept Lidya, and now I agree with you to get married, why do you want to regret it again?”

Brian nodded deeply and sipped the tea. Postpone the wedding.”

Mrs. Davidson was exasperated, “Lidya is pregnant now, and she won’t be able to hide it anymore. What are you hesitating about?”

Brian was silent, and Lidya let him hold the wedding before he was ready. It’s really impossible.

Lidya upstairs turned her eyes when she heard the conversation between the two and got an idea.


Mrs. Davidson stopped talking and put on a smile, “Why haven’t you rested yet?”

Lidya looked softly and hesitantly, “Auntie, I want to discuss some things with you, and I want to wait until the next spring to have a baby before the wedding. .”

“I won’t be able to take over work after the child is born. I want to save more works now, and this time it is for the contemporary spokesperson of the Jin Group abroad. She remembers Brian said that we have a project with the intention of cooperating with Jin Group. ……”

The Lady Serena was clear, and gave Brian a deep look, “You, are you still not satisfied with marrying such a considerate helper!”

Lidya sighed inwardly so that she had a reason to come from abroad. When it’s the due date, or when the month gets older, she will show her stuff sooner or later.

As for the wedding, it’s okay to drag it for a while, as long as she gets the certificate with Brian, who dares not admit that she is Mrs. Davidson?

For the next few months, Sarah was locked in a dark basement, as if isolated from the world. She didn’t even have the concept of time, just watched her belly grow numbly.

Lidya has never been, here again, only the guards outside are the only humans in her vicinity. It seems that she went on her honeymoon after the marriage with Brian.

During this time, Sarah thought of Brian the most.

She doesn’t know if he was very happy when he saw her “dead”?

Sarah’s belly was surprisingly big, and the personal doctor who came for the checkup was also very surprised, and the judgment was overnutrition.

Lidya, who was far away in the United States, allowed Sarah to go out and walk around the yard after receiving the news.

Only then did Sarah know that she was in a small manor on the mountain, and there were no households around, and there was no way to ask for help. She didn’t know where to go even if she let her run.

After that, she seemed to suddenly want to prescribe, no longer rejecting the doctor’s examination, as if she had compromised, and she really became a stable pregnant woman waiting for delivery.

The top of Davidson Group building.

Brian kept playing back the videotapes of the hospital on the day of the explosion.

He always dreamed of Sarah these days, and she showed blood and tears in the dream and kept asking why he didn’t come to save her.

Brian faintly felt that the accident that day was quite strange.

At this time, the assistant knocked on the door and came in, “President, Secretary Zack has taken the doctor to visit Miss Lidya in the United States, shall we wait for him to come back and go to Gristen together?”

Brian deeply stroked his forehead and shook his head, “Tell him he doesn’t have to come back. , We will go tomorrow.” At the last bidding meeting, he saw that there was a project to transform Gristen, and he subconsciously submitted the bid. Naturally, no one dared to compete with him.

Gristen, he and Sarah went there once after their marriage. At that time, they were preparing birthday gifts for Mrs. Davidson. The old lady believed in Buddhism. They heard that the magical tools consecrated by the masters here are extremely spiritual, and they have mentioned it more than once.

Sarah’s eyes were gleaming, full of suppressed desire, and he promised to be with her for an unprecedented time.

After asking for a magic weapon, the two asked for a lottery before leaving. The master sighed heavily after receiving the lottery.

“Doesn’t start well, doesn’t end well.”

This marriage is dusty after all.

Later, Brian was inexplicably gloomy when he went down the mountain. He happened to catch up with Stephen and called her for something. Brian was even more furious, thinking that she was hiding a man from him, and forcing her in the woods under this place, provoke her. They went back and he went down to bed with a high fever for a week.

Thinking of this, Brian clenched his fists deeply, desperately suppressing the dull pain in his chest.

At this time, Sarah in the manor was taking a walk in the small garden to breathe. She raised her eyes to the sky from time to time, feeling in a daze that she did not exist in this world.

Suddenly, as the dusk approached, there was a bell ringing from the depths of the mountains, and Sarah turned around and paused as if suddenly remembering something.

The ringing of the bells lasted for a long time, the strings in her head moved, and her hands trembled with excitement.

She has heard this chime!

She knows where she is, she is saved!

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