There for You till I Die Complete Chapter Links: Read Online

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There for You till I Die Complete Chapter Links

In this version, we have changed the names of the main characters. That is, you may find the names of the characters on other sites different from this one. Nevertheless, the storylines and the plots are exactly the same.

Chapter 1 – 100

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There for You till I Die novel Read Online

Find out the story of Sarah the female protagonist who was married to a rich man named Brian. This marriage was actually a transaction between the two. She needed money for the treatment of her younger sister.

He was looking for a body to extinguish his bodily desires. In return for her cooperation, he gave her Five million in cash and a house to live in. Four years later, he will ask her to end this arrangement.

Her sister has meanwhile recovered and Sarah does not need to live in this arrangement. She agrees and signs the divorce papers. After that, she attempts to vanish from his life for good, because that is what he wants.

But, she won’t be able to do that…

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