There for You Till I Die Chapter 33

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Chapter 33

Maybe boys are like this, thinking of their father as the greatest existence in their hearts, and always want to be affirmed by idols.

Sarah soon discovered Ervin’s hostility towards herself and Tracy.

For example, when Brian wipes the milk from the corner of her mouth for breakfast, Ervin deliberately rubs the milk on the corner of his mouth.

Brian often took a look, handed him a paper towel, “wipe it herself.” For another example, Tracy had to hold something in her hand to fall asleep during a nap, so Brian took her and hugged her to the sofa and let her lean on his lap, letting her hold his fingers in her hand for an hour.

And every time Ervin wanted to approach, Brian motioned him to sit on another sofa with his eyes.

After going back and forth, Sarah also figured out these clues and called Brian upstairs.

“Don’t be too strict with Ervin. I feel distressed every time I see him with such a well-behaved and pleasing eyebrows.”

Brian didn’t feel anything wrong, “This is how men get along. “

Sarah remembered that Brian had never felt his father’s love since he was a child, so he couldn’t ask him harshly.

In order to solve the current situation, Sarah decided to take the whole family to the playground to increase their relationship.

She also specifically asked Mr. Davidson not to wrap up the entire playground, as children like to be lively.

However, Sarah miscalculated. She didn’t know Ervin was afraid of heights. She only thought that if he were not afraid of heights, he would be fine, so the first project was a roller coaster.

Ervin fainted in shock before he even had time to scream.

After being sent to the hospital, Sarah stood at the door of the operating room, stubbornly tilting her head up to prevent tears from falling down, and Brian pressed her down in his arms with deep distress.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.”

Blame him, as Ervin’s father, he didn’t know anything about his son in the past few years.

Not long after, the doctor came out with a grim expression, and the two immediately greeted him.

“This child has congenital heart disease, don’t you know?”

Sarah and Brian were both taken aback.

The doctor looked at the two parents who were dereliction of duty in his eyes with dissatisfaction, “How do you parents take care of your children? He not only has congenital heart disease but also stresses trauma syndrome. Once the guidance is not good, he will be autistic and depressed!”

Sarah asked in a trembling voice, “Then… can you tell what caused him to be such a traumatic?” The doctor nodded, “It is very difficult, the child is still young. It is very likely to have sequelae. The most troublesome thing right now is his heart disease. It is best to get a suitable and healthy heart.”

With Brian’s deep support, she didn’t directly collapse on the ground.

Her child is only five years old.

Suddenly remembering something, she pushed Tracy to the doctor again, “By the way, Doctor, this is the twin sister of my son. Please give her a check too!”

Tracy’s examination result came out fine, she is healthy. Sarah was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief in adversity.

But the guilt in her heart got worse.

If the child of a female compatriot is healthy and outgoing and optimistic, Ervin is sick and has a cowardly personality. In the final analysis, she is still to blame for failing to keep her child.

During Ervin’s hospitalization, Sarah kept cooking at home and brought them to him every day. Every meal was not repeated, and she changed tricks to let him eat more.

Once, she was so tired that she almost fell as soon as she entered the door. Ervin was taken aback. “Auntie…”

Sarah waved her hand, “It’s okay. Pack up and get ready to eat.”

Tracy stayed in his bed every night. By the way, when he went to bed, she moved a bench to sleep on his bed because he said he was afraid of the dark.

A few days later, the doctor approached Brian, “Mr. Davidson, I also called the nearest hospitals to ask, but I couldn’t find the most suitable heart donor.”

“From a professional point of view, if the donor is a family member, the matching degree may be higher.”

Brian muffled and said, “I will go for a checkup.”

But it was counterproductive and his heart did not match.

As soon as he walked out of the examination room, he and Sarah pretended to be full.

He rubbed her head distressedly, softly, and pampered.

During this period of time, she has lost a lot of weight, and her crystal eyes, which were originally clear and enlightened, are often affected by anxiety.

Sarah broke away from his hand, looked at the doctor earnestly, and said, “Please check it on me too. If my heart doesn’t match, then… let’s find a way!”

Every minute and every second during the checkup. Here, she quietly listened to the ticking sound of the instrument, felt the fiery throbbing in her chest, and a line of tears slipped down from the corner of her eyes.

Please God, save my child, as long as I can save him, I am willing to pay any price, I owe him too much… In a daze, the words of the Master rang in her ear.

“Satisfied with dissatisfaction, it is difficult to heal the shortcomings.”

An hour later, Brian took the report that had just come out and didn’t know how to digest the news that was good but worried him.

Sarah’s heart matched successfully.

Brian stopped the doctor, “Please don’t tell my wife for now. I will contact the foreign hospital to see if there is a better solution.” The doctor nodded clearly.

When Sarah came out, Brian greeted her and tightened her shawl, with a smile in his eyes.

“The results of the inspection will take a while to come out. I’ll take you to a place and I have something for you.”

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