There for You Till I Die Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Brian took her to Gristen.

“I brought some rare teas, thinking that the master would not like vulgar things.”

Sarah nodded, “Indeed when I was recuperating here, the master always kept tea.”

But neither of them saw each other. To the master.

“Sorry, Master, he has gone down the mountain to go wandering, I am afraid he will not come back in a short time, please come back some other time.”

The gifts they brought were also confiscated. When they were leaving, the little monk came to stop them again.

“I remember that Master said that when you two are about to come, he wanted me to bring you a sentence. Master said you don’t have to worry about the kindness of the past. On the other hand, you don’t have to be greedy.”

Upon hearing the second half of the sentence, Sarah glanced at the little monk and Brian suspiciously.

A moment later, Brian whispered deep responded, “Thank you, Master.”

Out of the temple, Sarah know or thought to understand, “About the last part of the masters, what does it mean? …… you are not keeping something from me?”

Sunshine Pouring on her delicate white cheeks, the expression in his eyes looking at her was warmer than the sunshine.

The master was right, he was greedy.

It is not a day or two to find the right heart, but he doesn’t want to lose Sarah anymore, so he can only drag Ervin’s illness and look for it before his condition worsens.

The words of the master were to remind him that it was the blessing of his life to meet Sarah again and he should not be greedy anymore.

The two walked on the quiet path holding hands, smiling at each other from time to time.

When he reached the grove at the corner, he stopped.

Sarah couldn’t move him, and suddenly looked back, “Why don’t you leave?” Brian did not respond. He knelt on one knee under her gaze, and Sarah immediately widened her eyes.

“Sarah, would you like to… marry me?”

He has never been so nervous.

These days, when he was making l0ve with her, he felt all the subconscious resistance and tears.

There are big and small stones everywhere on the road between the mountains, and he waited for a faint pain in my knees to realize that he was kneeling on the ground.

But he knelt straight and his eyes were firm as if he was about to melt her existence in his heat.

For a long time, she nodded unconsciously.

The joy in Brian’s deep eyes was instantly magnified. He tremblingly put a ring on her, then stood up and pulled her into his arms and k!ssed her lips.

My love, if I can, I want to stay by your side like this for life and not let you leave me for any reason.


Ervin’s operation is temporarily scheduled for half a month later. After returning Sarah to the hospital, Brian immediately returned to the company to prepare for the wedding.

After the operation, he didn’t know how her health was, he didn’t want to owe her anymore.

The Lady Serena couldn’t help crying when she knew it and took the bracelet from the Davidson Family’s ancestors from her hand, and let the butler send it to Sarah.

Stephen flew back from the United States immediately after learning the news and helped Brian take care of the company during this period.

Life flies tight but fast, not slowing down because of anyone’s reluctance.

On the day of the wedding, after Sarah put on her wedding dress in the fitting room, everyone in the room seemed to pause.

This wedding dress was hand-sewn by a well-known foreign designer. Because of the right size, she didn’t wear it after she got it yesterday.

Brian also saw her wearing a wedding dress for the first time.

Sarah blushed unnaturally, “How is it, is it good-looking?”

Brian had no words, but the surprise in her eyes couldn’t be more obvious.

The waist of the wedding dress is inlaid with clusters of diamonds, and the skirt has broken diamonds, and the veil on the back hangs down like fairy wings.

She is so beautiful.

The live broadcast of the entire wedding was put on the display screens of various squares in City, and even the LED screens of Times Square in the United States scrolled their wedding photos.

Everyone is witnessing this late wedding.

The netizens who watched the live broadcast on the Internet all cried.

“I finally understand why Brian chose her instead of Lidya. Isn’t she inferior to Lidya!”

“Lidya plays the role of a little white rabbit, so she looks pure, but the temperament and beauty of this girl is from the inside. It’s exuding from the outside!”

“Both of them have such high looks, and the children they give birth must be beautiful! Do you want to think about their debut, my sister can vote for the list!”

Soon, behind them, Ervin and Tracy walked forward holding a flower basket.

Ervin’s face was a little pale, he would sweat on his forehead when he walked too long, and Tracy on the side stepped forward to help him wipe the sweat from time to time.

When exchanging the rings, Ervin walked to the two of them holding the ring box.

He saw tears in the eyes of his father who had always been serious and steady.

Thinking of what he occasionally heard in the doctor’s office that day, knowing that Sarah was going to give him her heart and faced various deterioration and sequelae in the future, he finally broke the barrier in his heart.

He longed for what others would give, but he never thought that as a mother, she could directly give her own life.

Ervin opened the ring box and looked at the pair with a smile on his face.

“Dad, Mom, I wish you a happy wedding! Give me a younger brother sooner!”

Sarah was taken aback and forgot to get the ring.

Ervin… called her mother.

Brian’s tears fell from the corners of his eyes, hitting the wedding dress, hidden in a galaxy of diamonds, shining brightly.

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