There for You Till I Die Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

The city will hold an unprecedented catwalk, and the theme of this show is “Memorial Stars”.

All show clothes are black and white, or embellished with diamonds. In the eyes of others, there is no appreciating meaning, but this show is hard to find.

Not only because this is the work of a well-known foreign designer, but also because the big opening and closing of this show will be completed by the top international supermodel Tracy Davidson.

Three days before the start of the show, if Tracy took a plane back to the city, she immediately stuck to Brian’s body as soon as she got home.

“Dad, I miss you so much! Though I haven’t seen you for three months, you are still as handsome as ever!”

Brian, who has not always had many expressions, would only show this smile when he saw his daughter.


I’m thin again, how long will you stay here this time?” Tracy got off his body, “I’ll stay for half a month, I asked for leave.”

Brian deeply glanced at the note on the calendar and nodded.

Where is my brother? Still at the company?” Brian handed her an apple, “It doesn’t matter if you are back, I will help him take care of the company in the next two weeks, let him take a breath, and save you in the study. The master’s certificate in finance is grayed out.”

Tracy pouted, “Dad, you ran on me again. It’s my hobby and dream to be a model! And my brother, he was not busy in the past, why is he so busy now? Didn’t he fall in love?”

Brian raised his eyebrows deeply, this little girl really couldn’t hide anything from him.

Ervin found a girlfriend a few months ago. It was not a rich family, but she was knowledgeable and reasonable, with a gentle temperament, and very dusty. Brian did not object.

If Tracy remembered something, his tone had disappeared. “Dad, can you come and see the big show of the day?” After a long while, Brian nodded deeply.

Tracy immediately happily rushed forward and gave a bear hug, but in the dark, she wiped the tears from her eyes.

Three days later, at the big show, Tracy wore the most expensive dress of the show and walked onto the ramp with confidence and neatness.

From the moment she appeared on stage, the sound of shutters from the audience continued for a long time.

The big show lasted for four hours, and in the end, she was also closed in the original dress.

When she finally bid farewell to the audience, she took the microphone and did not have much joy on her face. “Hello everyone, I am Tracy. It is a great honor to witness the end of this grand ceremony with everyone. Many friends are curious. Why I joined the show today and said no to payment…”

“Because of my mother, she was also a model before. As a daughter, I can come back to this city and have a successful show. I believe she will be very happy too. The theme of the show is called ‘Remembrance Stars’. My mother is like a star in my heart.”

“Mom, Tracy loves you very much and misses you very much, I…”

She did not go on, her face was full of Tears wet the makeup, she lowered her head and her shoulders kept shaking.

In front of the screen, Ervin’s eyes flashed with silver light.

Mom, Ervin missed you just like Tracy…

Brian was invited to the stage. The next second, all the lights in the show were gone, leaving only two beams of light falling on the two of them.

Tracy had already changed her show clothes at some point and put on a white and familiar wedding dress.

She choked and looked at Brian, “Dad, this is a gift I give you. The wedding between you and mom was because the brother suddenly passed out and messed up. Mom’s wedding dress was also scratched on the way to the hospital. It took me five years to patch up this wedding dress without any traces.”

Brian understood his daughter’s meaning. She wanted to hold another wedding for her parents. Sarah is gone, she Then put on the wedding dress of the year, put on the veil, instead of mother.

Brian’s eyes were red, and the passing years left wrinkles and whitish sideburns on his face. He smiled, Tracy stretched out her arm and asked him to take her hand.

The light beam advances with the pace of the two. Every step Brian takes, he thinks of the wedding that year. Sarah is nestled next to him. He has never been so satisfied.

When he walked out of the venue and headed towards the night, he stopped and looked up at the sky.

Following the night and a little bit of starlight, he walked far away alone, and when he looked back at the thin white figure, he burst into tears.

He asked the driver to take him to the hospital and push the door open, where a sleeping person lay quietly.

Sarah, have you seen it? Our daughter, she is so beautiful and dazzling.

Our son found a girl who looked like you, and when she laughed, her eyes would bend into beautiful crescent moons.

Sarah, why are you still not awake? I am alone, it is too uncomfortable, the doctor said that you will not wake up again, I don’t believe it, I will always wait for you.

You are my only love.


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  1. This was the dumbest story I have read, what hospital would murder a person to save another person life? It’s unethical

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