Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

When the surrounding customers saw Liu Zhen’s three big brothers constantly scanning the crowd, they seemed to be looking for someone, and they were all talking and noisy.

“Get out! Get out!”

The front of the crowd!

Wu Guangrong sweated profusely and drove the road ahead, and his expression was full of nervousness and anxiety.

My heart is even more shocking!

Mr. Lin!

He wanted to break his head, and he couldn’t think of when Jiang Shi had such a number one person, and it was unbelievable that all three big bosses were dropped from the provincial capital.

At this moment, driven by Wu Guangrong and others, the surrounding customers dodged one after another.

Make a way out of nothing!


When they had just arrived near the Armani shop, Wu Guangrong suddenly saw that there was a young man in front of him sitting lazily.

Facing the security’s expulsion, the young man remained motionless.


“Damn it! Who is this man? So short-sighted! Didn’t you see the provincial number one coming?”

Wu Guangrong’s face was full of anger, and he squeezed many security guards away and came to Shaun angrily.

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