There for You Till I Die Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Sarah didn’t have the strength to resist, so she could only bite his lip to stop his intrusion.

He became more violent, rubbing her skin with his big hands, causing her to shiver.

The cell phone rang unexpectedly.

It was from Lidya.

“Brian…I need you…”

The voice-over there was crying, and Brian felt inexplicably irritable.

“Well, I’ll be right there.”

He would not finish it now, “This time you live here, these are my orders, you cant take even half a step against it.”

Sarah trembled and protected her body, and looked at him with a bitter expression, “I won’t let you do what you want, Brian!”

When he left, Sarah picked up the fruit knife on the table and moved towards him. With a heart-strike, he was rescued by a bodyguard who found him in time.

After that, all the dangerous items in the ward were thrown out, and Stephen couldn’t get in either.

She was bound to the bed by a chain, eating and drinking on the bed every day, like a captive animal.


In the old house of the Davidson Family, Lidya was chatting with Mrs. Davidson with a smile, glancing upstairs from time to time.

Mrs. Davidson couldn’t be more satisfied with this capable and well-behaved daughter-in-law, she really wanted to be in the house soon.

Brian was listening to Zack’s call upstairs.

“Well, send a paramedic to observe her 24 hours a day, and I’ll come over when I’m done.” Just as Zack was about to hang up, he heard a cold questioning from over there.

“I asked you to investigate before, why didn’t you tell me that her sister was seriously ill.”

Zack was silent for a moment, and replied calmly, “President, you were busy with the project at the time. I was afraid that you were distracted. I went to the doctor to treat her privately.”

Brian hung up.

He feels relieved when Zack handles affairs. In that case, why does the woman Sarah resent him so much?

There was a soft footstep outside the door, and Lidya slightly opened the door and threw herself into his arms.

“Brian…you are really bad, knowing that aunt has a good drinker, she told me to accompany her to drink, I am so drunk now…”

She leaned against his arms, rubbing like unconsciously, thinking lighting up his lust.

During this time, she could only see him when arranging the wedding, and she didn’t need to think to know that he had gone to Sarah again.

Lidya half-closed her eyes, moved up to k!ss him, and was unexpectedly avoided by him.

“I have official business, you go to bed now.”

He patted her on the shoulder soothingly and got up to leave.

Lidya grabbed his shirt sleeve abruptly, pitifully, “Will you stay with me? I miss you so much… We will get married soon, but I can’t feel your happiness, Brian, I love you very much. Do you know, I waited for you to marry me for four years…”

Brian’s footsteps stopped.

Lidya’s words evoked his memories.

Four years ago, he accidentally rescued Lidya in a private room next door during an entertainment meeting and was being threatened by the director of Lidya.

After that, the two always met unintentionally, and sparks were also rubbed.

When they were together at their sweetest time, she always fantasized about their wedding, wondering how happy it would be to marry him, but now the wedding is finally about to be held, why did he forget his original intention?

Brian moved his throat deeply, sighed unnoticeably, and sat back next to her.

“Okay, I’m not leaving, you go take a bath first.”

Lidya took the phone in while taking a bath, and her eyes were instantly clear and bright as soon as she closed the door.

Confirming that Brian did not pay attention to this side, she dialed out.

“Hey, it’s me, can’t wait any longer, do it now!” When she came out of the bath, Brian had already frowned and entered light sleep.

Lidya thought for a moment, took off her bathrobe, and slipped into his arms, the invitation could not be more obvious.

But Brian just hugged her in his arms without any further movement.

Early in the morning, he was awakened by Zack’s call for orders.

“President, it’s not okay, the private hospital caught fire last night, Miss Sarah, she…”

Brian’s pupils shrank, and there was no time to change his clothes, so he drove to the scene directly.

Police officers said that the flammable and explosive liquid in the drug store was smashed last night, which caused the fire. Almost all of the hospital was burned down. Sarah’s ward was the nearest to the drug store, and it was as dark as hell.

Brian held his breath and pushed open the crumbling door, seeing a scorched black next to the chain, he almost collapsed and screamed.


If it wasn’t for him to insist on house arrest, would she not be able to escape at that time?

He stared at the mottled and black wedding ring that fell on the ground, and his heart burst out with bone-chewing pain every time he moved.


Sarah’s funeral was on a rainy day.

Holding an umbrella, Brian stood in front of her tombstone from noon until late at night. He did not leave until Lidya came to look for him in thin clothes.

Back at the old house, Mrs. Davidson was very dissatisfied.

“A mean b!tch, what if she died? Now what you need to care about is the wedding with Lidya!”

Seeing that Mrs. Davidson was about to lose her temper, Lidya leaned forward to act like a baby in a mysterious manner, “Auntie, don’t be angry with Brian, he is also a lover, I don’t blame him, if you blame him again, you Grandson won’t agree…”

Lady Serena and Brian were both taken aback.

Lidya covered her mouth and smiled.

“The child is only three months old. It was the last time I was pregnant with Brian’s child when we went on vacation. I wanted to give you a surprise.”

Brian remembered that he had just signed a divorce agreement at the time, and he took it when he wanted to compensate her. She went to Milan.

Lady Serena held Lidya’s hand with an open eyebrow and smiled, “Brian married you. It’s really a blessing to our Davidson family.” But Brian doesn’t have any joy in his eyes. He thought of the child that Sarah shed at the beginning and felt even gloomier.

Sarah, are you really…dead?

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