There for You Till I Die Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Brian’s so-called compensation was the unlimited overdraft black card sent by Zack the next day a worthless tonic.

Sarah didn’t even look at it, “I don’t need it.”

Zack was very respectful, “Miss Sarah, then I will put these here, if you have anything else, you can contact me directly. The president is busy with the company recently.”

Sarah breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this, which meant that it was difficult for her to get out of the hospital.

After Zack left, Sarah took the black card and broke it in half.

She tried her best to raise money just to save Lara’s illness. Now that everything is empty, what use is she asking for money?

Stephen also looked obscure when he came in carrying the lunch box, “Sister, I made chicken soup.”

He looked at the bodyguard outside the door and stopped talking.

Sarah took the chicken soup, “What’s wrong Stephen?”

Stephen deliberately lowered his voice, “Sister, the man who went out just now is Brian’s secretary?”

She nodded indifferently.

Stephen clenched his hands tightly when he heard this, and his eyes were excited, “I just ran into a nurse who had taken care of Lara. She said that the secretary had visited Lara several times in the hospital! Sister, do you know about this matter?”

He didn’t understand. The matter between Sarah and Brian, but he intuitively felt that Lara’s death was not that simple.

Sarah’s face became more ugly.

Sure enough, she didn’t guess wrong, Brian, this cold-blooded bastard, she would not let him go even if she died! Let alone give birth to his child!

That night, Brian came to the ward, he looked tired, but when he looked at her, he was concerned and gentle.

Sarah said with a cold face, “Please get out, I want to sleep.”

He squeezed into her bed indifferently, “I want to sleep too.”

Sarah forcibly endured the disgust and anger in her heart, and moved aside, “If you insist on coming to bed, then I will hit the floor.”

He said sternly, “Don’t make trouble, I’m very tired.”

He closed his eyes and looked. He doesn’t see the strong resistance and hatred in Sarah’s eyes.

Brian was really tired. Today, he was pestered by Lidya to see the dress in the auditorium. Every time he got bored, Lidya would be willing to let him go busy, but it was so cruel to keep herself.

Coupled with Mrs. Davidson’s urging, he prepared everything for the wedding almost at the speed of light.

After he was asleep, Sarah got out of bed lightly and limped to find a camp bed for one night. She ran into Zack as soon as she went out.

Zack dropped the phone and looked at her calmly, “Since President Davidson is staying, I will go back.”

“Wait a minute, Zack.”

Zack turned around after hearing the sound.

“Before my sister passed away, did you see her in the hospital? Brian asked you to come?”

Sarah had a faint smile on her lips, meaning it was unknown.

Zack pushed his glasses, the sharp light reflected from the lenses, “Yes, the president told me to take care of Miss Lara, your sister.”

Sarah smiled even harder when she heard the words, “That would have really trouble you.”

Lara’s death happened. It was the thorn in her heart. Knowing the truth, she wished she could not directly kill Brian!


Brian was asleep, and when he woke up, he found that the little woman was not in his arms, so he immediately got up.

The bed on the other side was cold, his eyes trembled, “Zack!”

Zack waited at the door early, “President, what’s your order?”

” Where is Sarah?”

Zack leaned, “I came at half-past six and I haven’t seen Miss Sarah come out.”

Brian got out of bed quickly, “Find her for me!”


In a private hospital on the outskirts of the City, Sarah listened to the doctor indifferently.

“Your injury has not healed, so it is not suitable for abortion.”

Sarah shook her head, “It’s okay, please arrange the operation as soon as possible, thank you.”

The abortion operation was over soon, and Stephen’s eyes flashed as soon as she was pushed out. He greeted her with a smile.

“How was it! Do you feel okay?”

Sarah gave a soothing smile.

What is this pain? Lara can bear more than a thousand times severe pain than this.

Stephen followed all the way to the ward, and just opened the door of the ward, suddenly shuddering at a pair of ice-like eagle eyes.

The bodyguard dragged him out immediately.

In the small space, only Sarah and Brian were left.

“Escape, miscarriage… Sarah, do you think I won’t kill you?”

Knowing that he wants to keep this child, she can’t wait to retaliate against him and let him fail?

Sarah’s face was pale, and her voice was weak, “You can do whatever you want.”


His face was dark and terrifying, and Sarah could see the unbearable rage in his eyes.

“Why, are you so free? Didn’t the secretary say that your company is very busy? Also, why didn’t Lidya want you to accompany you…hiss…”

Brian ignored her postoperative weakness and lifted her up. The wound was torn apart.

“Since you have knocked him out, give me another one, give birth, and I will let you go.”

Sarah was taken aback and laughed uncontrollably, “Mr. Davidson, are you mad? Why should I have a baby for you? Our contract has completely ended! And, you have never been mine. Who are you!”

Even if there must be a relationship, it is going to be an enemy!

Brian’s chest rose and fell violently, looking at her stubborn and mocking eyes, he took advantage of her to rudely tore open the cover on her body!

“Who am I yours? You don’t know, well, let me tell you!”

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