There for You Till I Die Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Sarah seemed to be in the abyss of space, cold and painful.

Her hands and feet were tied, her eyes and mouth were sealed with cloth strips, she could only prick her ears to listen to the stepping on high heels slowly approaching.

Before she fell into a coma, she seemed to hear a huge burst, and then the caregiver beside her suddenly turned around and stuck a needle on her body, after which she lost consciousness.

Lidya looked at the woman curled up on the ground, her mouth bursting with coldness and ridicule, “Fortunately, Sarah.”

Sarah recognized this voice, but she couldn’t respond.

“You have to thank me, otherwise you have become a scorched corpse now.”

Sarah was terrified and surprised. She didn’t understand why she was here suddenly, and what this woman meant.

This closed basement was not visible, and Lidya could not stay any longer.

Before leaving, she coldly ordered, “You must serve deliciously. Sarah is very clever, don’t let her accidentally hurt herself.”

On the other side, Brian was just at the company. When he got out of the car at the door, he met Stephen’s punch.

“How did your people protect her! Why were there so many bodyguards guarding her? Would she still have an accident!”

Stephen almost rolled down the stairs when he got the news.

A little ant like him couldn’t stand up to the strong Brian at all. At that time, he could only compromise with grief and anger, and would not go to the ward to disturb Sarah.

But he didn’t expect… Now that Sarah is also in trouble, Lara will not forgive him after all.

Brian’s face was as dark as ice, “Go away.”

The last thing he wants to hear from others is the word “Sarah”.

Stephen refused to let go. “Or, you planned all this! Brian, just because she had a miscarriage, were you going to kill her!”

“I was the one who took her away and gave her away. It was me who went to the hospital, why did you kill her!”

Brian looked at the man who broke down in front of him expressionlessly, and the intention to kill appeared. I can make you disappear.”

After he finished speaking, he walked away indifferently, and after only two steps, he suddenly stabbed in his back, “Um…” Seeing his painful expression, Stephen felt happy.

“Since Sarah is dead, don’t live anymore!

Hahahahaha …” “Manager Davidson!” Zack immediately ordered the bodyguards to pull Stephen away, “Send Chairman Davidson to the hospital! Also, send this lunatic to the police station!”

The bright red on the back of the waist continued to flow more and more, and Brian, who had always held himself on his own with endurance, could not support it and fell straight down.

The moment his eyes went dark, he murmured, “Sarah…”

Have you ever felt pain and dying because of me?


A week later, when Lidya came back, she asked the men to take off Sarah’s blindfold.

Sarah couldn’t adapt for a while, staring in the direction of Lidya dimly, and suddenly her pupils shrank.

Lidya actually wore a wedding dress.

“How about it, beautiful, but Brian especially found the best Italian master to make it by hand.”

Sarah had to admit that she is beautiful, like a fallen angel, with a temperament that does make the fireworks go dark. Pity herself who has been a wild thing out of reach.

Sarah couldn’t help thinking, it would be a happy thing to be gentle with such a woman. The image of Brian invading her suddenly flashed through her mind, and she couldn’t help covering her mouth and retching.

During this period of time, Lidya did not treat her badly, but she seemed to have eaten her stomach and couldn’t eat anything.

Lidya’s eyes drenched when she saw this, and then she smiled deeper, “Isn’t it weird, why do you get morning sickness?”

Sarah said dumbly, “What did you say? Morning sickness?” The other party nodded disapprovingly, “Yes. Ah, you really want to thank me. I asked the doctor to do the tricks and leave your baby behind. Otherwise, how can you stay here so peacefully to raise a baby?”

“What is your purpose? It is a matter between Brian and me. The agreement expired a long time ago, and he will also have a wedding with you. What exactly did you arrest me for? Why did you prevent me from having a miscarriage?”

Lidya did not answer, but squatted down and stroked her lower abdomen, attracting attention. Sarah got goosebumps under vigilance.

“I want you to repay me with the baby in your belly. As long as you give birth to the baby, I promise to send you out of City, so that you will have no worries about food and clothing for the rest of your life.”

She was not pregnant at all, and she was afraid of Brian if she lied. Regret for the marriage, at least to stabilize the Lady Serena, she can also sit firmly in the position of Davidson’s daughter-in-law.

Sarah pushed her hand away, “You dream! Lidya, what do you want to do!”

Lidya blinked her eyes innocently, just like the Magnolia girl she played in the movie, pure and kind-hearted like a child.

“I just want your child to recognize Brian as a father so that the child’s life is bright and infinite. How wonderful… It’s just that I will be his mother, because his biological mother Sarah, died in the fire a week ago.”

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