Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Jacob picked her up, violently threw her under the desk, pulled off his azure blue tie, and tied her backhands to the legs of the table.

Then he picked up the rag on the table and stuffed it into Grace’s mouth.

Grace only had two legs left to be able to move, and kept kicking Jacob.

It’s a pity that there is a huge difference in strength, and all struggles and resistance appear weak.

Bound the captured prey, Jacob’s mouth twitched. “Grace, please be honest with me.” He unceremoniously kicked Grace’s restless short legs.

Then he took out his cell phone and made a call to his baby boy.

At this moment, Grace had messy hair and tattered clothes, and even her snow-white, well-proportioned legs were covered with bruises.

She stared at Jacob angrily, making a vague whine, of course not crying.

If anyone could understand, she would know that she was cursing Jacob to death by a car when she went out, a tsunami in a boat, and a big storm in an airplane.

Until Jacob’s cell phone faintly heard the child’s milky, but completely cold voice.


Grace suddenly became quiet.

She stared at Jacob’s mobile phone with a pair of bright red eyes.

Jacob looked at Grace contemptuously, his shirt neckline was loose because of losing the shackles of his tie, revealing a s**y Adam’s apple.

Grace was originally looking at his mobile phone, but from the perspective of Jacob, he felt that Grace’s gaze fell on his neckline.

Jacob suddenly remembered the night five years ago.

His face sank naturally, and he stared back at her coldly.

“It’s okay, don’t bother me, I’m busy.” After a long time did not hear Jacob’s echo, Jason’s cool voice came again.

A second before Jason hung up the phone, Jacob seemed to understand his son’s style very well, and said, “Today’s lunch will be solved by yourself.”


After Jason finished speaking, a beep came from the phone.

Jacob’s handsome face was darker than that of Bao Gong.

In this world, only Jason dared to hang up his phone, but he could not do anything with him.

The wall clock on the wall heard a punctual tone, and Jacob sighed almost inaudibly.

Who would have thought that the noble and arrogant Jacob would go home on time and on schedule to cook for his son Jason for five years.

Jason has many quirks, not accepting any woman into their villa, and it is also known as inheriting Daddy’s hygienic disorder.

And Jason does not eat food cooked by anyone other than him.

The reason is simple: no taste.

If you ask him what kind of flavor is missing in the dishes, he will still give you a blank eye: the taste of father’s love.

Jacob had to rush home an hour earlier at noon every day, and when he was on a temporary business trip, he had to prepare food for his son in advance and put it in the refrigerator.

He also thought that the cooking skills of the church can be done once and for all. Obviously Jason’s IQ is extremely high, but he is similar to mentally retarded in cooking.

He was holding him countless times, but the food that Jason made was still dark cuisine.

Even Jason couldn’t eat it himself.

In the end, after a few rounds of fighting between the father and son, Jason reluctantly accepted that he could eat the food prepared by his grandparents.

With such a proud and perverted son, Jacob can be described as miserable.

Glancing at the woman in front of the legs of the table, the anger in his heart was overwhelming again.

If it weren’t for this damn woman, his life would not have been so miserable.

Jacob has never been a good person, and it is his natural instinct to repay him. In a few seconds, a plan was brewing in my mind.

“Grace.” He walked up to Grace, squatting down on his long body.

Grace shuddered all over her body when she saw the evil grin in his eyes.

Jacob took off the rag from her mouth and said evilly, “You are lucky. I will leave for a while. You’d better pray for your little lover to come and save you. If I come back and you are still here, you know Yes, you will die ugly!”

“You bas***d…” Grace just yelled, Jacob put the rag back into her mouth.

Then stood up, grabbed the car key on the pear wood table and left.

Grace heard Jue Zhan Han telling his bodyguards at the door, “You don’t need to guard here. No one can unlock this fingerprint lock. Go on.”

“Yes, President.”

Fingerprint lock?

Grace was taken aback for a moment, and suddenly admitted that she had repeatedly and seriously considered a question.

Are the fingerprints of identical twin babies the same? Identical twins are complete copies of genes, so the fingerprints should be the same, right?

At the moment at the door of Media Asia Hospital.

A small figure hugged the scooter and quickly jumped out of the drip car, and then ran towards the hospital.

After entering the outpatient hall of the hospital, the little guy raised his wrist, poked his blue phone watch, and turned on the location tracking system.

Seeing that the target was very close to him, the little guy suddenly relaxed his tongue.

He was just wearing an oversized mask, his tongue accidentally licked on the non-woven fabric, and suddenly he rolled his eyes with nausea.

He followed the tracking route on the phone and watch, through the corridor of the outpatient clinic, and came to the door of a skyscraper built of heavy stone.

The little guy couldn’t help thinking, this is the most luxurious hospital he has ever seen. The owner of the hospital must be very rich. People who can come here to see a doctor are also very rich.

Who kidnapped Mommy?

A rich kidnapper?

who can that be?

After entering the revolving door, the little guy put down the scooter and slipped to the elevator room on the skateboard.

A pair of golden maps and floor guides hung beside the elevator.

From the first floor to the fifth floor are the wards, the sixth to the eighth floors are various logistics service rooms, the ninth floor is the supreme VIP area-above the ninth floor are various logistics service areas, and above are the wards of various departments.

“It’s so big? How can I find it?” The little guy looked at the map.

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