Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

The nurse at the service desk noticed the little guy. He was wearing a white T, with an armored tank print on his chest, black casual sports pants, a black mask, and that black and cool hair.

The black and white colors make him look as clean as an ink painting, like a little prince in a comic.

So cute!

“Little friend, who are you looking for?” The nurse sister walked over with a smile, her voice very gentle.

“I’m looking for mine-Daddy!” The little guy changed his words temporarily.

Mom said that you need to keep an eye on it when you walk in the arena.

Except for the police uncle, he cannot easily tell the truth to anyone else.

The little guy looked up at the nurse: “Miss Sister, do you know where my daddy is?”

The little nurse saw the little guy’s face, and the foul-looking peach eyes outside the mask made her stunned. These eyes are exactly the same as their CEO of Iceberg!

It’s just that the chief executive doesn’t smile, so even if he has a charming face, the icy breath of the whole body makes people only dare to look far away but dare not get close.

But this little guy is different. He looks soft and cute. He smiles as if he can melt ice and snow, and he looks so good that he has no resistance to him.

“Yes. The president is in the office on the ninth floor!” The little nurse blurted out without even thinking about it.

The little guy is a little unhappy, he looks a lot like the president’s son? Does he look very popular?

The attitude of the little nurse turned one hundred and eighty degrees, and she said with a polite attitude, “Sister, okay to send you up?”

The little guy shook his head, “No.”

This nurse sister looks pretty, but her head is not very bright, and her good deeds would be bad for him by her side.

At this time the elevator door just opened, and the little guy quickly got into the elevator room.

As the elevator rises, the target position shown on the watch gets closer and closer to him.

When he was on the ninth floor, the target position almost overlapped with him.

The little guy walked out of the elevator, followed the instructions of the positioning system, and quickly found Grace’s locked room.

On the heavy log door, there is a wooden sign of “President’s Lounge”.

The little guy pushed the door, but it didn’t move.

The little guy looked at the all-brass fingerprint lock on the door and tried to put his little finger on the fingerprint recognition area. Unexpectedly, after the infrared ray scanned his fingerprint, he heard the fingerprint lock card and the door opened unexpectedly.

The little guy is dumbfounded, this fingerprint lock is specially designed for him?

The little guy opened the door and saw his mummy tied to the legs of the table in embarrassment, her hair was messed up like a chicken coop, her face was buried in her knees, her shoulders twitched.

Mommy is crying?

Since he remembered, he had never seen Mommy cry.

Mommy would cry, and she must have been particularly wronged.

“Mommy!” The little guy lost the scooter and ran in front of Grace, untiring Mommy’s hands and feet quickly.

Grace heard her son’s soft and cute voice, raised a tearful face, and saw Baby Derek standing in front of her, Grace was stunned.

Turning her gaze to the fingerprint lock, the puzzle was finally verified.

It turns out that Derek’s fingerprints are the same as Jason!

Baby Derek pulled off the mask, and a sullen expression appeared on the face that could easily see the offense.

“Mummy, tell me, which bastard bullied you? Your son killed him for you.” After speaking, he did a difficult spin kick.

Derek’s taekwondo is very powerful.

When Derek was in poor health, Grace asked him to practice taekwondo just to strengthen his physique.

Unexpectedly, the teacher said he was a talented player. After two years, the taekwondo trophies that Derek won were really full of the study.

Especially in the past six months, he began to challenge the senior age group and achieved good results.

Grace hung his mask on his ear again. “It’s dangerous here, let’s talk about it when we leave here.”

“Oh!” Derek answered obediently.

Before leaving, Grace suddenly thought of something, “Wait, we have to find a way to destroy the monitoring system here, so that the bad guys can’t discover your existence.”

“Simple, leave it to me.”

Soon, the video was lost on the surveillance screen of the building.


The villas in the south of the city are the same color as the sky and the sea.

The single-family villa is huge, and the garden area is even wider.

The plot ratio of the community hit a record low in the history of the city, less than 0.5. Of course, people who can settle in Haitian Yise not only have to have money, but also have power.

When Jacob’s Lincoln car drove into the ground garage, a gorgeous drift, quickly stopped.

The next moment Jacob got out of the car door and hurried to the door.

Opening the security door, but smelling the aroma of delicious food, Jacob looked inside the house slightly in surprise.

“Brother, why are you back?” Janice greeted the Jacob who had just entered the door, holding a plate of sweet and sour pork ribs.

Jacob’s mother is setting the tableware.

Jacob’s father is in the play area of the living room, accompany his grandson to build Lego robots.

The so-called accompany, but the old man sat beside Jason wisely looking at his grandson proudly.

Jason completely ignored the existence of the old man.

Jacob changed his shoes and walked up to Jason and said lightly, “Since grandparents are here, why must Daddy come back? Daddy is very busy at noon today—”

Busy fixing your mommy!

Jason turned a deaf ear to what he said, and he happily piled up Lego, his Lego robot was taller than him.

“Speak!” Jacob said.

“You came back by yourself.” Jason said coolly.

The implication is that the feet are on his own body, and he hasn’t tied him. Don’t come back if you don’t want to go home. Why do you show your face when you come back?

Jacob’s speech was sluggish, but he was patient and reasoned with Jason: “Daddy is worried that you will rush home without food at noon. If you can tell Daddy on the phone that grandparents are coming, Daddy doesn’t need to do that. Hurry home in a hurry.”

“Doctors say I have autism, do you expect me to talk more? Stupid!” Jason put the last piece of Lego into the robot’s eyes, stood up, pushed Jacob away and went upstairs by himself.

“Didn’t you say a lot of words now?” Jacob said.

“Supernormal performance!” Jason said.

Jacob’s face turned blue.

The old man laughed and said silly words, “Birth.”

Jacob was so angry that he stretched out his hand and was about to set off the robots in the battle. The old man stopped him in a panic, “Don’t move. This is the mother of the battle. If you move his mother, your son will move your mother. “

It used to be like this, Jacob angered Jason, and the whole family would suffer if Jason went crazy.

Grandma loves her grandson so much that she has to cry every time to end.

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