Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Only then did Jacob notice that his son’s robot was actually a beautiful young woman.

Does this little guy miss mommy again?

“Jason, do you want to see your mommy…” Jacob blurted out without knowing what’s wrong with him.

Standing on the stairs, Jason looked particularly lonely and stubborn, turning his head to look at Jacob, and then solemnly nodded.

Jacob’s thin lips pursed slightly. Fortunately, he didn’t throw Grace into the night. Otherwise, with Jason’s hateful temper, it would be hard to forgive him after knowing that he bullied his mommy.


The reason why Jason misses Mommy so much is because he can’t guide him.

A few years ago, he thought Grace was dead, and didn’t want Jason to live in a hateful world, so he made up some lies for him every day that Mommy loved him.

Never thought that Grace’s woman was not dead.

When Jacob was entangled whether to take Jason to see Grace, the phone rang.

The assistant official Xiao Huo hurriedly called him.

“President, Grace ran away.”

“What?” An incredible expression appeared on the handsome face of Jacob.

“I’ll be here right away.” Before he even had time for lunch, Jacob threw a word and left quickly.

The old man and the old lady watched the troubles and the troubles, and the son who went through the troubles could not help but feel sorry for them.

The two elders cast their eyes on the culprit Jason, “Jas, you see how tired daddy is running around, let your grandparents do it for you in the future lunches, OK?”

“It’s not tasty.” Jason came into the room and slammed the door shut.

Janice held the spatula in her hand and waved to Jason provocatively. “Jason, who is your tyrannical stinky character like? You are not cute at all.”

The second elder sighed weakly, “Like his father.”


Jacob rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

But when he came to the ninth floor of the VIP building and saw that the fingerprint lock was intact on the door, but the door was wide open, a look of surprise appeared on Jacob’s face.

This fingerprint lock is different from fingerprint locks on the market.

It is not equipped with a password system and does not give people any room for deciphering.

Even the fingerprint input must be the first time after activation.

And this fingerprint lock only entered his and Jason’s fingerprints.

“What about the monitoring system?” Jacob thought of another protection system.

But Guan Xiao reported in shame, “President, the back-end storage of the surveillance system has been deliberately destroyed.”

Jacob’s pupils shrink slightly.

Media Asia’s monitoring system, even the display devices are hidden very hidden, while the back-end storage system is hidden deeply.

Grace’s people actually deciphered his surveillance system in such a short time?

This person is actually a master?

“Who is on duty at the front desk?” Without the surveillance system, the only thing Jacob could think of was the witness.

Soon, the little nurse at the front desk was led to Jacob.

The chief executive was sitting in the revolving chair, frowning his handsome eyebrows.

Guan Xiao asked:

“Being able to enter Media Asia, you must have a very good memory. Now, you will give me a good memory. Who has been to the hospital from 11 am to now?”

The little nurse was questioned by the chief executive for the first time. She was a little nervous and stammered.

“President, all the family members of inpatients who came at noon today are…ward 808…ward 704…ward 706…and Ward 503…”

The little nurse tried her best to search every visitor in her head, but the chief executive interrupted her impatiently, “Skip the family members of the patients you know. Are there any strange faces?”

The little nurse frowned and thought, but finally shook her head, “All acquaintances.”

Guan Xiao wondered, “How is this possible? Is he Batman who crawled in from the window?”

Jacob frowned slightly.

I don’t know how long it took, the little nurse suddenly remembered something, and suddenly exclaimed: “That’s right…”

The eyes of the whole room were focused on her. The little nurse smiled wryly, “It can’t be him.”

“Who?” Jacob frowned and asked.

The little nurse hesitated for a long time before squeezing out three words: “Little Master!”

Guan Xiao was so shocked that his chin was about to fall to the ground, “You mean the young master came to the VIP building?”

The little nurse nodded.

“When?” Jacob asked.

“About 11:10.” The little nurse said.

After a moment of daze, Jacob’s face recovered his calm.

Although the time for Jason to commit the crime was very tight, only he could explain the mystery that the fingerprint lock was intact, but was opened.

Jacob’s face was very ugly, with a slight sense of betrayal.

Upon seeing this, Guan Xiao quickly drove the others out of the office.

The president was betrayed by his wife and son alliance, and one can imagine how bad his mood is.


Jacob punched his fist on the desk and sneered, “Grace, I really underestimated you. You hooked up with my son when I returned to China and bought Jason?”

Guan Xiao handed coffee to the president and said tremblingly: “President, since the young master and Grace have already been in touch, why not let them meet?”

Jacob’s brows moved and he looked up at his hesitant appearance, tapping his fingers gently on the table.

“go on.”

Guan Xiao said: “President, according to previous experience, those women who want to get close to the young master will not end up miserably. After all, the young master’s ability to make life worse than death stands out from the crowd.

If Miss Luo is invited to be a nanny in the house openly, Miss Luo is just an illegitimate daughter from the country, and the young master has obsessive-compulsive disorder and autism. I believe it won’t be long before the young master will be completely disillusioned with Mommy’s beautiful reverie.

And Miss Luo will be tortured to death by the young master! Maybe, Miss Luo will pat her butt and leave without waiting for your eviction order! “

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