Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

After Guan Xiao’s incisive analysis, he looked at the chief executive proudly.

Just when he thought that Jacob would praise his wisdom and wisdom, he never thought that the eyes of Jacob looked at him like countless knives flying towards him.

“Obsessive-compulsive disorder? Hygiene disorder? And autism?” Jacob’s voice was very soft, but it was mixed with breathtaking hostility.

There was a cold sweat on Guan Xiao’s forehead.

He secretly puckered his own mouth, even if the young master is really a three-symptom devil, but he is the president’s only darling, and only the big president can criticize the young master in the world.

Others dare to criticize, that is really killing themselves.

Sure enough, Jacob said:

“Guan Xiao, it seems that you know Jason well. Otherwise, Jason will leave you with the pick-up and drop-off task every morning and evening after school.”

As soon as Jacob’s words fell, Guan Xiao wrinkled a bitter face and begged for mercy:

“President, I have the old and the young, you just let me go? Don’t you know that after only seventeen days this month, the young master changed eleven drivers. Three of them relapsed with high blood pressure. Two were angered with coronary heart disease, and five were fooled by the young master and couldn’t find their way home. The last one was schizophrenic…”

Jacob defended his son confidently, “If you have basic physical problems, you are not suitable for the high-risk profession of being a driver.”

Guan Xiaomo was ashamed.

Chief Executive, do you know that being a driver for Jason is a high-risk occupation?

Guan Xiao plucked up the courage to excuse those drivers who were almost “heroic”, “President, in fact, driving is not dangerous. It’s because the young master is too vicious.”

“tell me the story?”

As for his son’s actions, Jacob was still very happy to understand.

“Take the example of that Uncle Zhang who has high blood pressure. Uncle Zhang praised the young master for being smart, but the young master replied coldly. You are not as smart as me, you are extremely smart! Uncle Zhang was originally bald, and he became very angry after hearing this. He committed it on the spot.”

“There is also the little Li who suffers from anxiety. People have eyelids twitching, so the young master made him suffer from a muscle disease. The boy was frightened and sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.”

Jacob’s forehead twitched lightly.

Jason, this little guy is really invincible in the world.

Jacob will calm down and analyze the reason why Jason did it.

From the bottom of his heart, this child is very resistant to strangers and is very dependent on him.

I don’t know what touched Jacob’s heartstrings. He felt that it was necessary to make some exceptional arrangements for Zhan’s unchanging mindset.

“Guan Xiao, just do what you said. Find a way to intimidate Grace to be the nanny of the war.” Jacob said.

Guan Xiao looked embarrassed, “However, Miss Luo ran away. If you want to catch her again, I’m afraid it will be as difficult as five years ago to go to the sky.”

Jacob snorted coldly, “Heh, did she run away?”

Guan Xiao’s eyes lit up, yes, Miss Luo has already submitted her mother’s hospitalization application, so she will definitely show up obediently.

Sure enough, the president has the means.


Fairview City.

As soon as Grace got home, she hurried to the bathroom to clean up all traces of abuse. Then she changed her long clothes and pants and walked out.

Seeing the two children hiding in the study, she didn’t think much about it, so she went to the kitchen to cook for the children.

In the study, two little heads were lying on the computer desk in a serious manner. After seeing Mommy leave, Derek immediately assigned his sister, “Quickly close the door. I have good things for you to see.”

Faith quickly ran to the door, and then locked the door from the inside.

After doing all this, she quickly ran to his brother.

“Let me see what good things are?” Faith looked at Derek excitedly.

Baby Derek stretched out his hand and pulled his right hand into a fist tightly. Fist stretched, a tie clip was in the palm of his hand.

Faith pouted and looked disgusted, “Isn’t it just a tie clip?”

“This is no ordinary tie clip.”

“At most, it’s a very expensive tie clip.” Faith pouted her pink mouth, disdainfully said.

Derek said with a mysterious face, “What do you know? This is what I took off the tie from the bandit who kidnapped Mommy. This is evidence. We can use this tie clip to find the criminal who kidnapped Mommy.”

Faith looked at his brother admiringly, “After we find the villain, we can avenge Mommy. Right?”

An angry light flashed in Derek’s eyes, “Of course. I’ve grown up, and I’m a little man. From now on, I will protect you and Mommy.”

Faith took the tie clip over, raised it up and observed it carefully, “How can a tie clip find its owner?”

Derek gave a mysterious smile: “Look at the words on the tie clip.”

Faith turned it over, and he saw the words dented in the tie clip.

“Jacob!” Faith said.

Derek increased the sound of the TV series, but weakened the playback window to the lower right corner.

Then open the browser and enter the words “Jacob”.

“This bastard lives in the president’s lounge of Media Asia, I guess he is a local tyrant. Look, Faith, it turns out that he is the president of Media Asia…Wow, this guy is worth a lot of money. “

Derek browsed Jacob’s Baidu Encyclopedia webpage, and said, “Unfortunately, there is no picture of him on it.”

Faith said, “This kind of villain dare not publish the photos.”

Derek suddenly smiled evilly, “Huh, dare to bully my little master’s mother. I will let you see how good I am.”

Soon, Derek’s prank was settled.

He invaded Media Asia’s network as a hacker Han Ye, tampered with Media Asia’s security key, and altered Media Asia’s high-end and atmospheric web homepage into a deadly challenge:

“Jacob, what is the ability to bully beautiful girls? You have the ability to compete with me with men. I am great to be able to unlock your key. By the way, I am five years old this year—”

After he was done, Derek turned off the computer, and the two Mengbao went out to eat casually.

Almost immediately, the people of Media Asia discovered the abnormality of the network. And immediately told Jacob.

“President, it’s not good, our network has been attacked by hackers!”

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