Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Jacob was notified and immediately opened the homepage of MediaAsia Network.

Seeing the challenge book, Jacob’s domineering and cold eyes seemed to kill people.

“Master Han?” Jacob narrowed his eyes and opened his thin lips dangerously, “Heh, am I too kind lately, so there are always some people who are not afraid of death from seeking death?”

The temperature in the room dropped below zero, and everyone in the room was holding their breath, for fear that someone would accidentally be burned to death by the raging anger of the chief executive.

The president said he was too kind?

The CEO’s positioning of himself is always so wrong.

Guan Xiao slandered in silence.

People outside are preaching that you are the reincarnation of the Hades. Who dares to break ground on you!

Of course, except for Grace’s wonderful work!

Jacob’s domineering and cold eyes lingered between Guan Xiao and the computer screen: “Have you found out the origin of this Lord Han?”

Guan Xiao’s head was lowered, and he said in shame: “Our network department dispatched all sophisticated hackers, but none of them could decipher the other party’s firewall. We didn’t find out the information of the cold master at all.”

Jacob’s face was dark and coldly.

“Give you two choices, either dig out his old bottom for me. Or go to Jason for help.”

War Sui?

Guan Xiao couldn’t help trembling when he heard the name of the young master.

Although this young master inherited the unique talent of the president, coupled with the promotion and teaching of the president since childhood, he is also a dominant presence in the Matrix.

But going to Qiu Jason, a three-sick little devil, will inevitably encounter his poisonous tongue, death contempt, and some unexpected gains.

Guan Xiao’s gaze fell on the slender fingers of the president, thinking that it is better to ask the president instead of seeking a battle. The president will come forward and solve the paralysis of the entire network in minutes.

“President, or you come back to the arena…”

Before Guan Xiao finished speaking, he was mercilessly scorned by Jacob, “Do I seem to be idle?”

Jacob stared at Guan Xiao coldly, his eyes sharp as a knife. “Get out.”

Guan Xiao wiped cold sweat and exited the president’s office.

When he came to the network security department, Guan Xiao said with a cold face:

“Listen, if you don’t want to pair up with your pet dog on Valentine’s Day, you can only connect with your relatives and friends by video during the New Year, and you can find out the cold master for me.”

Everyone went back to work in despair.

After all the employees of the Network Security Department personally went to work to decipher Han Ye’s firewall for the nth time, Guan Xiao had to ask Jason for help.

Jason answered the phone, but was silent.

“Young Master, what are you doing?” Guan Xiao Qiu Jason was a little embarrassed after all, so before getting into the subject, he had to pull the housework and brew the atmosphere.

“Please, please?” Jason asked coldly.

Guan Xiao was startled, the young master is still as smart as ever!

“Media Asia was attacked by hackers, young master, can you spare some precious time to help us restore the network system?”

Jason gave a light “Oh” and then, “No.”

Guan Xiao sighed helplessly when he heard the beep from the other party’s phone.

After hanging up the phone, Guan Xiao looked back on the computer screen.

That was the homepage of the Media Asia website. The other party set up a string of two-dimensional alphabetic passwords, which looked like a prank by kindergarten children.

Guan Xiao was so angry that the Han Ye sounded like an old and respectful name, but what he did was as naive as a three-year-old. Even Jason could not design this kind of password.

Guan Xiao brazenly called Jason again.

Jason answered the phone, gritted his teeth, “Say.”

“Hey, young master, would you help the uncle the helper?”

“Has Media Asia paid me a salary?”

Uh-Guan Xiao felt that she was going to be mad to death. “Little Master, Media Asia is your daddy’s company, and it will definitely be given to you in the future.”

“No need.”

“Then you can’t just watch others provoke your dad, right?”


Guan Xiao looked at the phone that had been hung up inexplicably, with a look of frustration. “Why is it so difficult to communicate?”

The sea and the sky are the same in the south villa.

Jason sat in front of the computer, looking at the challenge letter, his cool and handsome face did not show any expression. However, the anger that came out of his eyes made him look more like a reduced version of Jacob.

The same iceberg was paralyzed, and the same expressionless face.

Actually said that Daddy bullied beautiful girls? Daddy is not that kind of person!

Jason quickly deciphered the two-dimensional code, and couldn’t help but complain, “Naive!”

Not only the normal network of Media Asia was restored, but also the ip of the hacker computer was searched for quite a while, and finally the Jinxiucheng community in the north of the city was locked.

Then he picked up the phone and dialed Daddy, “Remuneration.”

Jacob only noticed that Media Asia’s paralyzed network instantly resumed its normal operation mode.

“What do you want?” Jacob was never stingy in rewarding his son.

“Mummy.” Jason said two words.

Jacob didn’t know how his son suddenly began to miss Mommy crazily.

Lego is also a mommy, and mommy is also paid. Isn’t this little guy knowing that Grace is back?

“If you want to see your mommy, you have to promise Daddy, learn how to get along with people, how to communicate with people. Wait a few days, Daddy will find an aunt for you to take care of your diet and daily life, if you can get along with her Harmony, Daddy will promise you to let you see Mommy.”

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