Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Fairview City.

When Grace was distressed that her seriously ill mother could not enter the Media Asia Medical Center for hospitalization, she suddenly received a call from Media Asia Hospital.

“Miss Luo, the hospitalization application you submitted to our hospital yesterday has been accepted. In view of the particularity of your mother’s pathology, our hospital made an exception for her to be hospitalized. Our hospital has transferred the patient to the Media Asia Medical Center. The 300,000 hospitalization fee will be paid in four hours.”

Grace was really dumbfounded when she heard this call.

Yesterday, when she went to Media Asia to submit her mother’s admission application materials, she was rejected by the other side’s staff for various reasons. Today Media Asia transferred her mother to Media Asia without notifying her?

This kind of domineering style is definitely Jacob’s handwriting. Grace asked angrily into the microphone, “Who gave you the privilege to transfer my mother to the hospital without authorization? Where did you transfer her from, just send me back there. Otherwise, I will sue you.”

At the other end of the phone, a cold voice suddenly came, “Grace——”

The familiar sultry voice, with the deterrent power of a high-ranking person, suddenly caused Grace’s whole body to stand up, but her face was strong.

“Zhan…Zhan…Master Zhan…”

Jacob frowned and said coldly, “I’m not that old yet. Is it appropriate for you to call my master?”

Grace choked violently, she was trying to fawn on him, who would call him grandpa!

After all, he was not a few years older than her.

“Why, listen to my people, you are going to sue me?” Jacob Binghan’s voice carried a trace of careless laziness, revealing a damn charm.

“It just so happens that I also want to go to court with Miss Luo about the incident five years ago.

What happened five years ago? She raped him in marriage?

If it is exposed, what good will it do for him? When she was scared!

“It’s an honor for me to be able to go to court with Lord Zhan. Then I will have to thank Lord Zhan for putting me in the hot search position!”

Grace finally crushed the morals and fed the dog. After saying this cheeky, she heard the abhorrent voice of Jacob, “Shameless.”

Grace sneered at each other, “Then you are holding my mother, isn’t it shameless?”

“Grace, you used to hide quite deep. With such sharp teeth, you are not afraid to hurt your mother?” Jacob will always be the best hunter. He will always be able to find snakes quickly and accurately. The deadly key to prey.

Grace was arrogant and arrogant a moment ago, and she was crushed to death at this moment. Humph, damn Jacob! I knew threatening her! Grace slandered inwardly, but deliberately begged for mercy: “Master, I was wrong.”

“You know it’s wrong?” Jacob’s thin lips curled up slightly, “I can bend and stretch!”

Grace pretended to be spineless and deliberately laughed, “As long as the war master can let go of my mother, the words of the war master are the imperial edict, and I will do what the war master asks me to do.

The corners of Jacob’s lips made a ferocious sneer. Why hadn’t he noticed before that this woman turned out to be a fine actor?

“Grace, I’m waiting for you at the Media Asia Hospital. Let’s talk about your mother’s treatment. If I don’t see you within 30 minutes, I’m sorry, your mother will probably fall into the hands of an intern.” Yubi , Jacob hung up decisively.

Grace looked at the phone microphone and wanted to cry without tears.

She only escaped from Jacob’s devil’s cave yesterday, and is she going to take the initiative to send it to devil today?

But if you don’t go, your mother’s life will be in danger? The mother is in the late stage of uremia, and even experienced doctors are helpless. If it is handed over to the intern, wouldn’t it be dead?

“Hey!” Grace sighed heavily.


After the nth time!

Faith and Derek discussed in the corner. Faith asked her brother, “Why does Mommy keep sighing today?”

Derek smacked his lips and said, “It’s menopause. The mothers of several classmates in our class have menopausal syndrome. That’s how it is. Sighing all day, starting from the moment you open your eyes, you either scold your husband or your son, or you just sigh. Seeing that our mommy doesn’t have a husband to scold, and we are so well-behaved, she only sighs.”

Faith thought Mommy was so pitiful, she put down the model in her hand, walked up to her and held her head gently. Ruannuo said, “Mommy, I will find you a husband, so that you can scold your husband when you are in a bad mood.”

Grace: “…” What logic is this?

“Mommy is not in a bad mood. Mommy is just going to the hospital to accompany your grandmother to fight monsters. You have to be obedient at home…” Grace squeezed Faith’s dumb face. .

When Derek heard the word hospital, he knocked down the piled building blocks, ran into the house quickly with short legs, and then took out a weapon.

“Mummy, if the bad uncle bullied you yesterday, you would spray his eyes vigorously with this.” Derek held a cosmetic bottle with a nozzle structure in his hand, but it was obviously not lotion.

“what is this?”

“Enhanced anti-wolf sprayer.” Derek said mysteriously, “With it, I don’t have to worry about mommy going out and meeting bad uncles!”

Grace put the anti-wolf spray into his handbag. Since Jacob already knew the fact that she had died fraudulently, she didn’t need to disguise herself deliberately to hide her true identity when seeing him this time.

As usual, wearing a white shirt that I like, a green skirt with hips, chestnut wavy hair and light makeup, I set off on high heels.

As soon as Grace walked away, Derek Faith lay on the window and watched Mommy go away.

“Why does Mommy wear so beautiful today?” Han Hanmo’s pupils are as bright as stars, full of doubts.

Faith said innocent and innocent, “You don’t understand this, Mommy must be a beauty!”

Derek rolled his eyes. “Don’t pay the lady and break down again.”

Faith was very excited, “Then we will have daddy soon?”

Derek: “…”

Media Asia Hospital.

Jacob sat in the president’s office, his eyes fell on the watch, half an hour had already passed, and forty minutes had passed…

Could it be that dead women dare not come to see him?

So if you only lied to him on the phone, it was obviously fooling him?

The tall and straight posture stood up, “Guan Xiao, go get the car out.”

Guan Xiao was startled, “President, have you waited for Grace?”

“Do you think she has the guts to come?” Jacob asked rhetorically.

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