There for You Till I Die Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

In the old house of the Davidson Family, Lidya was scanning the forum, and seeing Sarah’s all-around scolding and spurning, she couldn’t be too happy in her heart!

But in the final analysis, Sarah is now the head of Jin’s department. Here Lidya and Jin’s contract are still two years away, so she naturally can’t openly hit Jin’s face.

Therefore, the next day, the most important news was about the affair.

Throughout the article, Lidya was “redressing the snow” for Sarah, saying that her husband and the other party were just partners and that her wedding to Brian was just recently, and it was delayed because she was going to shoot and busy with work. At the end of the wedding, she will stop and quit the entertainment industry.

On the forum, everyone was moved by it, but there were more voices cursing Sarah.

“Lidya is still too kind, isn’t it because she is so beautiful and only played a positive heroine, so I don’t know that these lowly minors are underwhelming and mean!”

“Yes, Brian looked at the three affectionately in the photo, It seems like a family of three when we are all blind?”

“This matter can only be seen in Brian’s attitude, as long as he and Lidya held a wedding, and come forward to declare that they will not cheat, people will believe it!”

Back at home, Mrs. Davidson sat on the front seat with a cane, vomiting blood even more angrily when she saw her stubborn son in front of her.

“What a sacrifice Lidya has made to preserve the reputation of our Davidson family! She gave birth to a son for you. This time, in order to give you room for a solution, she has to give up her hard work for so many years. You actually tell me not to marry her?!”

Lidya on the side reddened her eyes, “Brian, no matter how unwilling you were before, but this time, if you don’t solve it properly, the Davidson Group will also be affected.”

Brian’s secretive eyes seemed to see her through, Lidya couldn’t help but tremble violently.

“I will take care of this.”

Mrs. Davidson threw the cane directly on him, “What are you doing! Or do you really have s3x with that woman? Well, I will go find her personally, let her leave this city, and terminate the negotiation for Jin’s cooperation!”

Brian did not refute, even lightly picking up the crutches and wiping it with ease, “She is the woman I want, nothing more.”

Lidya was going crazy jealously!

When he and Sarah were secretly married, she waited for him. After the end of their contract, she stayed with him for nearly six years, and she was not as good as the wild woman who had been a car model!

He didn’t want to get married. Even though Mrs. Davidson was angry, she couldn’t hold his head to hold the wedding ceremony. She angrily put down her ruthless words, “Well, if you can’t solve it, I won’t allow you to enter Davidson’s ancestral hall in this life to worship the ancestor’s graves! I don’t have you as my grandson either!”

Hotel private room.

Sarah originally thought that ignoring was the best solution, but she didn’t expect that Lidya too knew how to control the psychology and public opinion of others.

In addition, there was a call from the headquarters to “understand the situation.” She didn’t want to be in the muddy water. So she took a bath and put on light makeup, put on a neat uniform skirt, and notified the assistant.

“In two hours, a press conference will be held.”

Brian also received the news and saw that she finally had to disclose her identity, with a smile in her eyes.

“Let’s go too.”

But Brian and the media waited at the venue for nearly half an hour without seeing Sarah’s figure.

“President, our people have waited at the door and haven’t seen the car represented by Lisa.”

Brian nodded deeply and took out his mobile phone.

Once in the office, while she was out to make coffee, he installed a locating device that was not easy to find in her mobile phone.

Brian got up suddenly after searching for her location.

She has been in the hospital from an hour ago to now!

He was originally sitting in an inconspicuous position, but standing up abruptly now undoubtedly attracted the attention of the media.

“It’s Brian! He has appeared!”

“President Davidson! Please answer our questions

directly !” Brian shook off the media and drove towards the hospital.

Sarah, you dare to try again if something happens!

The hall of the hospital was in chaos at this time.

Sarah was holding a packet of medicine, her face was pale but calm, and her hand was still lightly covering her abdomen, painfully making her forehead sweat.

Damn, she completely forgot about the arrival of her aunt last night. She drank several cold beers. As soon as she went out this morning, her lower abdomen started to hurt, and she had to leave behind and drive to the hospital alone to get the medicine.

Just after she took the medicine, an aunt on the side accidentally bumped her and was taken aback when she saw her face clearly.

“Are you not the representative of the Jin family on the Internet?”

Sarah bowed slightly in pain, “Please get out of the way, I’m in a hurry!”

The most combative person in this world is not young people surfing the Internet, but the people around them. Forty or fifty years old, nosy aunts.

Seeing that she didn’t refute, the aunt immediately yelled in full view.

“You really are the junior who got involved in Lidya’s marriage! Okay, you still have the face to come out and see people?”

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