There for You Till I Die Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

Everything aside, if she sees that the boy next to them is almost buried in the cake when he could hear this, she quietly steps forward.

“Hey, doesn’t your dad really like your mommy?”

“But I envy you, your dad is so handsome, so tall, and the most important thing is that he also owns a dessert shop! But I… have never seen my Dad.”

Ervin raised his head when he heard the words, looking at Tracy with moist eyes.

After bidding farewell to Lisa’s mother and daughter, Brian returned to Davidson Building with a small bag.

What’s inside is Tracy’s hair that he took carefully.

“Go for a DNA test.”

Since the child was born five years ago, it does not rule out the possibility that the father is Stephen.

Stephen was released two years early because of his good performance in prison, and he never appeared in the City again. Brian deeply suspected that he had gone to the United States to find Sarah.

Soon, it was identified, “President Davidson, the two of them are not father-daughter.”

Brian frowned.

At this moment, the assistant on the side suddenly exclaimed and walked to Brian’s side with excitement, “Chief…President, I remembered why I saw representative Lisa familiar. Do you remember that when we went to Gristen and stopped our car on the road? A big belly village woman!”

Brian tilted his head deep, “What do you mean?” The assistant carefully recalled, “Although the village woman looks sloppy, her skin was not rough at all, especially her eyes, which were very beautiful, so Until now, I still remember, is it…Is the representative Lisa the same big-bellied village woman back then? and Tracy……”

Undoubtedly, if that was Sarah, she was pregnant with Tracy at the time!

Once reminded, Brian also fell into memory, recalling her bitter pleading that day, his ignorance, her determination, and his heart ached as if it was being held tightly.

The child is not Stephen’s, would it be… his?

For two hours, Brian looked at the inspection report in his hand, sitting still, motionless as if his soul was out of his body.

The probability of a father-daughter relationship is 99.99%.

Tracy his daughter!

…In the old house of the Davidson Family, Lidya bitterly made a mess of Brian’s study, and then fell to the ground to make a call.

“I want the lives of two people, you make a price!”

Two years ago, she don’t know when it started. Brian discovered many of Zack’s secret accounts and project tricks and threw him directly to Africa for aid construction. Not even a helper by her side! Now she can only get the money to find the punks.

“What? Are you going back to the City next month? OK…As long as you can do it, I will call you 10 million immediately!” After she hung up the phone, she saw that Brian has kept it in the drawer. The bright red color of his marriage certificate with Sarah irritated her abruptly, and she took the scissors and cut it into pieces.

“Ah! Sarah! I’m sorry, don’t think about it!”


As Brian expected, Jin agreed to his request.

When Lisa received the news from the headquarters, she wanted to die, and now she didn’t want to see him.

In the first few times, when she went to Brian’s office, he was accompanied by a group of his secretaries, which was not too embarrassing.

Who knows why he has a sudden convulsion and has to spend the secretaries every time, leaving him to “negotiate” with her inconsistent text.

“You have been in the King’s for several years? You can see that your abilities are indeed good.”

Lisa did not look up, “This is the tenth time you have asked me about my life in the United States. I will repeat it again. I haven’t seen you before.”

Brian smiled deeply, “Okay, I can see you more in the future. I will apply to your headquarters to transfer you to China.”

Lisa has been telling herself in her heart that she must be calm. What about the acquisition?”

“Sorry, I am not interested in cutting clothes and stringing beads.”

Lisa: “…”

Just as the two of them were fighting fiercely, the assistant rushed in, and he and Brian talked a little bit in short sentences and glanced at her from time to time.

Lisa took the notebook and looked at the two people displeased.

After the assistant had finished speaking, they seemed depressed and he went out, Brian didn’t say anything, just sipped coffee.

This matter is said to be big or not, but not small.

Lidya is now an internationally renowned actress. Even if he doesn’t count her as anything here, her popularity and fame are at the top.

In the past few years, the topic between him and her has been hot, nothing more than speculation about why they did not hold a wedding.

However, a few days ago, several photos of him and Lisa’s mother and daughter were exposed on the Internet, and they were publicized by someone who wanted him to be portrayed as the one who cheats and betrays Lidya. Lisa was also criticized as a shrewd vixen.

According to Brian’s ability, this matter could completely disappear from the media before completely blowing out, but he did not make a move.

“Look at the contract next.”

Although Lisa noticed his anomaly, she couldn’t think of the reason.

Until she returned to the hotel and opened the news to see the headlines, she was taken aback, as if she understood his reaction, but she was not irritable and even opened a bottle of red wine.

“Heh, Lidya, you dare to use this trick to embarrass me, but unfortunately, I am not the Sarah whom you insulted five years ago…”

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