There for You Till I Die Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

Brian returned that night, he immediately ordered the people to investigate and found that there were no men entangled with Sarah this time.

As for what happened to her in the United States in the past few years, there is actually no clue.

That’s why he came to stop her.

Children always don’t understand the complexity of adults so much. At that time, seeing Brian deeply disappointed and said “Let’s do it next time”, Tracy cried out directly.

The pedestrians coming and going watched her leap into Mommy’s arms, and Lisa was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a place to bury in.

An hour later, the three of them arrived at Davidson’s dessert shop.

Seeing Tracy happily lying on the cupboard, Brian turned to look at Lisa, “Let’s go to the private room, let’s talk.”

Lisa looped her arms, “I think we have nothing to talk about.”

He was not annoyed, “I still… If I want to cooperate with King’s, it’s no good to offend you. Besides, I’m very sincere.” The dessert shop looks like a children’s playground, but the interior is decorated no less than a top club. What surprised Lisa was that such a small store even has a reception room specially built.

“This is a new cooperation case, and 40% of the profit will be given to you. This is the biggest concession.”

Indeed, it is already a great advantage.

Lisa nodded, “President Davidson is really sincere this time.”

“In addition…” He took a sip of tea, “I want you to be the project director and stay in the City.”

Lisa smiled stiffly.

She came here this time entirely because of the arrangement of the headquarters, otherwise, she would never want to have anything to do with this man in her entire life.

“I’m afraid you can’t decide this, Chief Davidson. I only obey the arrangement of the headquarters.”

Brian raised his eyebrows, “If I add another 10% of the flow, your headquarters will not release people?”

This profiteer!

Outside the private room, Tracy was eating cake with a happy face, and she stretched her head curiously when she saw a slick sports car parked at the door.

A dazzling and handsome little boy walked down from the car, looking very introverted and indifferent. The woman holding him should be his mother, who was also beautiful and full of extravagance.

Entering the door, Ervin hesitated and looked at Lidya with extravagance.

Lidya forcibly resisted without rolling her eyes, “Go, pick what you like.”

With his mother’s permission, Ervin’s deliberately straight face overflowed with joy and relaxation.

Lidya was even more dissatisfied.

After she followed Brian to the door of the hotel, she heard that they were coming to the dessert shop. She wanted to go back and dress up and pretend to meet by chance, and then she would meet the woman for a while, but she didn’t expect this little lad to follow her.

Lidya looked around, chose a seat close to the private room and sat down, and could faintly hear the sound coming from inside.

Lisa couldn’t bear the dogmatic Brian, “I think I should say goodbye, Mr. Davidson you can still wait to bargain with Jin’s headquarters. I’m not interested!”

She slammed the door of the private room and met Lidya’s slightly deep eyes.

Now she can see more clearly face to face. If it hadn’t been for frequent contact with Sarah in a short period of time to know her well, Lidya would almost really believe that she was just similar in appearance.

Lidya knew that in Brian’s impression, she had never seen Sarah, so her face was calm.

When she saw Brian, she stood up and said softly, “Brian, what a coincidence.”

Brian caught a glimpse of Ervin and Tracy sitting in a row for dessert, and said perfunctorily: ” Hmm.”

Lidya made a secret gesture to Ervin, and he immediately put down his food and ran over, “Dad!”

Although Brian did not respond, Lisa’s brain bounced. Do they already have children? At this age, he looks almost five years old.

She glanced quickly, suppressing the bitterness and shock in her heart.

At this time, Lidya came forward to say hello, “Hello, I am Brian’s wife, I am lucky to meet.”

Facing her extended hand, Lisa did not pick it up but looked suspiciously at Brian. Shen said, “President Davidson, I didn’t even know that you were married. It’s really unexpected.”

Lidya’s hand froze there, her beautiful eyes stained with anger.

But Sarah couldn’t succeed if she wanted to humiliate her!

In front of outsiders, she took his son out. If he said in public that he had not received a marriage certificate with her, he would really not care about his own face. Brian would never allow such shame.

But he actually explained it to Lisa!

“She is my son’s mother, not my wife.”

Lisa’s eyes were more playful.

Lidya couldn’t hold on anymore, she smiled stiffly and said that she had something to do, and stepped on her high heels and left, even Ervin’s shout was ignored.

“Satisfied?” Brian stared at Lisa deeply.

The latter raised her eyebrows, “I don’t understand what you mean, but it’s worthwhile to hear some gossip about Mr. Davidson by accident.”

She just thought quickly about the reason why these two did not get married but racked her brains. Can’t think of it.

Old Mrs. Davidson was such a person, it is impossible for him not to marry the woman who gave birth to her grandson.

Brian changed his indifference before, and his cold voice became a little serious, “I didn’t marry before, I haven’t married now, and I won’t marry in the future. She is dispensable to me.”

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