There for You Till I Die Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Sarah coldly said, “I’ll say it again, get out of the way!”

The aunt immediately covered her heart, “You scared the old lady to death, so fierce, no wonder you can bully Lidya like this. I’m going to teach you how to be a human today!”

Sarah wanted to leave, but she was wearing high heels today, it was inconvenient for her to run, and her lower abdomen hurts worse.

When Brian arrived, she was surrounded by a group of people in front of the hospital.

Those who watch the excitement, just want to pour out the squeeze and grievances they have received in life from such a venting opportunity.

They threw the medicine and water they bought at Sarah, and even boldly pushed her to the ground and kicked her.

Sarah was trembling with anger, but outnumbered, it was impossible to get out in such a weak situation.

She didn’t even notice that her eyes were red.

Seeing this scene, Brian quickly stepped forward to squeeze out the crowd and pulled her up, “Come!”

Sarah saw his face and immediately broke away.

She threw herself away, facing the people around shouted, “Enough! We have finished forever!”

“Lidya supporters are these indiscriminate, stunt minded, foul-mouthed, idiots!”

The crowd silenced for a moment, obviously angered but did not dare to yell again because of her momentum.

Sarah saw a reporter coming after Brian. She pulled up her wet hair, took out a bright red notebook from her bag, and walked over.

“Today I will send you explosive news! See if you have not seen it, my name is Sarah, this is the marriage certificate between me and Brian from nine years ago. I hope you are not blind.”

“As for why I came back after the divorce. Why is there contact with Brian? It’s all because of the company’s cooperation. If you spread false information again, I will see you in court!”

The reporters also looked at each other.

Nine years ago, Brian and Lidya had not been related in any way. It was only five years ago that the two talents were secretly photographed before Lidya gave birth. It turned out that it was the master who was labeled as a “minor.”

Besides, Brian is here, this woman should not dare to cheat.

Sarah had just walked a few steps, and suddenly her lower abdomen was in pain again. She couldn’t support it, and her face became paler. Before Brian came forward, she suddenly fell to the ground.

Brian immediately kicked the reporter who squeezed to his side and hugged her to the car.

As a result, the media knew that he seemed to attach more importance to his ex-wife.

Brian took Sarah to a private medical clinic. The doctor gave her an injection and filled her with medicine before she woke up.

When she opened her eyes, Brian was wiping her hair, and the scratches and bruises on her arm were also medicined.

Sarah unnaturally broke away from his embrace and did not look at him.

“Does it still hurt?”

Brian saw that she was still clutching her lower abdomen, and then covered her big hand and gently rubbed it to relieve her pain.

“I don’t need you to bring me here because I hate your pity.”

Brian did not respond and poured a cup of hot water for her.

Sarah said again: “I will write an email to the headquarters immediately to apply to return to Country.”

Brian’s eyes darkened, “Don’t go, you and Tracy must stay here.”


Brian Looking at her affectionately and depressively, “You are my wife, and Tracy is my daughter.”

Sarah’s pupils shrank, how did he know Tracy’s biological identity?

Brian strung her hair together, “Five years ago, I treated you so badly, so don’t leave. I am willing to spend all my time alive to make up for you mother and daughter, Sarah, I love you.”

Sarah felt funny, did she misheard it? Brian even said “love”?

“You love me? Because you know that I gave you a daughter? Then you don’t love Lidya?”

Brian denied, “I have never loved her.”

Although he was married to Sarah in secret to help Lidya Paving the way in Davidson’s house, he knew in his heart that he hadn’t loved Lidya so ardently, and his heart was only beating for Sarah.

Over the years, his originally frozen heart has long been broken by Sarah.

When he knew Tracy was their daughter, he was really…happy and almost wanted to laugh out loud regardless of the image he carries.

But what Sarah spit out, poured cold water on his head.

“So? You said to compensate me because you want to marry me again? What can you guarantee for that? You now have a son with Lidya. If I want all of your Davidson family property as a gift, it won’t leave a penny for your son?”

“And Mrs. Davidson, you have respected this mother since you were a child. If it forces her to death, you would marry me still desperately?”

“Brian, you are really naive.”

Sarah’s words were factual, and Brian couldn’t refute it.

The Lady Serena almost died in childbirth in order to give birth to him. Although she recuperated afterward, her body was severely injured and she had no children anymore.

Although Brian was a man of opinion, he would always consider his mother’s feelings in major events, and it was precisely because of this that he had not driven Lidya out of the Davidson family.

Thinking of this level, Brian fell into deep thought.

After a long time, he slowly spits out, “Three days from now, I will give you the final answer.”

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