There for You Till I Die Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

He left the light that inadvertently ignited in Sarah’s eyes died.

Since he’s not sure of his choice, why should he provoke her again?

On the Internet, the video of Sarah at the entrance of the hospital was madly circulated 10,000 times within ten minutes. In a short time, the Internet exploded.

Many people went to the website of Lidya’s studio to comment and scold her for using the kindness of fans and shame her. Some even burned all the posters of Lidya live.

The Jin Group, which is far away in another country, also expressed its stance and canceled the cooperation with Lidya.

The original perfect plan became her complete annihilation, and Lidya’s agency also proposed to terminate the contract. If she wants to stay in the entertainment industry, she must have Brian come forward to relieve her!

Lidya thought about it, she could only ask Lady Serena!

When Brian came back, Lidya was massaging the Lady Serena, and she was a little panicked and nervous when she saw him.

“Mom, I’m going upstairs.”

Lady Serena opened her eyes, “Stop.”

Brian stopped, “Something?”

Lidya’s strength did not stop, and her ears stood up straight.

“Is that woman Sarah?”

Brian deepened his eyebrows, “Yes.”

Mrs. Davidson stood up too abruptly, “I tell you, except Lidya, I don’t want to admit other daughters-in-law into this house. Sarah? just don’t even think about it! Brian, I brought you for so many years, not to let you marry this kind of woman!”

She said angrily and threw an expensive celadon teacup.

Brian stared sharply at Lidya, he naturally knew that she was doing the ghost, “Lidya, if you don’t want to implicate the child, don’t use these tricks.”

Lidya heard this, her tears fell away. When it came down, the crying eyes brought rain, which made the Lady Serena feel even more distressed.

“Brian! You rebellious son! Why, do you even dare to move my grandson now?”

Brian frowned displeased, “I have a daughter with Sarah.”

Lady Serena immediately choked back. “your daughter? daughter what’s the use? do you want me to watch going all the possessions out of the hands of my family? Sooner or later going to marry a girl out of it!”

“Not a bad idea.”

“you give I get out!” Lady Serena trembled all over.

It was because of that b!tch Sarah that her always proud son became like this!

“I can leave. As for helping Lidya restore her reputation, I am not interested.”

As soon as he was about to step out of the hall, Ervin rushed down from the stairs and hugged his thigh, “Dad! Don’t go!”

Ervin’s eyes were dim. “I don’t want to be without Mom and Dad, please don’t go, why don’t you like Mom!”

Brian sighed unconsciously, and for the first time touched his head affectionately with a big palm, “As a man of Davidson Family you are not allowed to cry.”

Ervin was stunned. For the first time, he saw kindness and closeness in his father’s eyes.

Under such gaze, he couldn’t help letting go, watching Brian leave.

Behind him, Lidya saw that this little counseling bag hadn’t done a good job, and even changed her eyes, fierce and angry.

When the Lady Serena turned around, she just had no time to cover up, and immediately made the old lady suspicious.

“Why, what do you mean? you don’t have the ability to keep Brian’s heart, so you have to blame this old woman and Ervin a child for not being useful? Lidya, it seems that I have always been pretended to be deceived by you Oh, you are not a fuel-efficient lamp!”

Lidya bit her lip, not daring to refute.

Lady Serena sneered, “Fine, I’ve been so downhearted at such a young age. As long as he doesn’t marry Sarah, Ervin can stay with me. He can do whatever he wants, and I won’t let you use him stupidly!”

After speaking, she took Ervin upstairs.

Lidya was going crazy, not one but two betrayed her at this time! Who else does she rely on? By the way, she still has money, and she can find someone to kill Sarah!

After going upstairs, she made a trembling phone call, “It’s me, haven’t you come back…okay! I’ll pay you one million in advance. I want to see the bodies of both of them within three days!”

In the small attic in the backyard, Davidson the old lady sat in front of the night light and stayed up all night. In the morning, she called the butler and ordered some things.

“In any case, she also gave birth to a child for Brian… In the past few years, she has become more of a believer in the Buddha after I am old. The Bodhisattva does not allow me to kill, so you just need to send the mother and daughter out of the city and make sure they don’t just come back again.” After the housekeeper left, she twisted the beads in her hands and sighed heavily for a while.

The door to the side room was ajar, and Ervin heard the conversation between the master and servant and immediately went back to the room to edit the text message.

In the hotel’s private room, Tracy, who was packing her small suitcase, saw the phone rang and put down her things.

“How are you and your mother? Are both safe?”

Tracy held her phone in a daze.

They are just five years old. Why is he sending a text message? Nevertheless, she can only understand a few words.

Ten minutes later, Ervin received a voice reply.

“Mr. Davidson, the queen horse you are talking about is that breed of horse? Why haven’t I seen it?”

Ervin raised his forehead and roared helplessly and clicked the voice call.

“Why are you so stupid! I want to tell you and Auntie, don’t go out, someone wants to hurt you!”

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