There for You Till I Die Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

Sarah saw Tracy persuading her not to go out in order to prevent a disaster, she couldn’t help touching her daughter’s head with a smile, “Go and pack your things. Don’t delay, the flight is in the afternoon.”

She has emailed the headquarters yesterday, requesting to be transferred back to the country. No matter what Brian’s choice was, she didn’t want to accompany him anymore, and she didn’t need a vacillating relationship.

Thinking of this, she received a message from Brian.

“I’m thinking about it, Milan Western Restaurant at two o’clock in the afternoon, I am waiting for you and Tracy, I have something for you.”

Sarah said nothing.

He had something to give them instead of asking them to stay. His meaning couldn’t be more obvious. It seems that asking her to meet this time is to give her a check.

The flight in the afternoon was at 3:30, and Sarah had no plans to go. Faced with such an answer, she actually didn’t care.

But the closer she got to two o’clock, the more anxious she was getting and could not sit still.

“As$hole! It’s just to meet, I’ll go!”

She was going to throw the check back on his face fiercely, telling him that she didn’t care about his bad money!

The top of Davidson Heights.

The assistant is reporting the bill carefully.

“President, this is almost all of the assets of our Davidson Family. I think… Do you want to think about it again?”

Brian stood up in relief, “I don’t need to think about it anymore. I have worked hard for Davidson Family and it has returned me as well.”

He felt the warm sun pouring in, and the stone in his heart finally fell. He can give her an explanation.

On the other side, Sarah noticed that the tire had blown as soon as she started the car. She had no choice but to lead Tracy to take a taxi at the door. Fortunately, a taxi soon stopped in front of them and asked them where to go.

Sarah tightened her scarf, “Milan Western Restaurant.”

After getting in the car, the driver asked, “Which Milanese restaurant?”

“Why, isn’t there just one?” The driver started the car, “One in the east of the city, one in the west, but I just came from the east of the city, that restaurant is closed, It seems that you are going to the one in the west of the city.”

Sarah waved her hand, “Go to the west.” In the old house of the Davidson family, Mrs. Davidson was listening to the housekeeper’s report.

“The hotel manager said Sarah took her daughter out, our people have been waiting for a private room, as long as she agreed to leave and took the check, our private jet will directly send them back to the country.”

The old lady nodded, “Good job, how’s the young master?” The housekeeper leaned, “Young master hasn’t noticed it yet.”

Lidya who was outside the door also quietly left, returning to the room and receiving a call from the other party.

“The people have already been brought.”

Lidya nodded in satisfaction, “Okay, as long as you do well, I will add another five million!”

Hanging up the phone, she went downstairs and poured a cup of tea to Mrs. Davidson’s room.

“You really know each other, but I advise you to spend more time with Brian. It’s useless to please me, old lady.”

Lidya lowered her head, “Mom, I know my reputation is messed up now, and I don’t want to drag him anymore. Home, Ervin can stay in Davidson’s house, but if I want to leave, it takes 50 million.”

Mrs. Davidson is not surprised at all, “Okay, when Brian comes back, you will tell him personally, I will give you 100 million afterward. It’s a reward for you to give birth to a grandson for the Davidson family.”

Lidya was happy, the money was enough for her to eat and drink in the next life, and she didn’t worry about finding another man, so why would she hang herself on a tree?

On the other side, Brian was sitting in the office trying to call Sarah, only to find that his mobile phone was missing.

The assistant searched all the conference rooms but couldn’t find it. When Brian saw this, his heart sank, and he always had a vague premonition.

Through the tracking system on the computer, he found that the mobile phone had fallen into the old house. Just about to get up, he received a call from the housekeeper.

“Master, your mobile phone has been sent to the company for you. It will arrive in

five minutes .” Five minutes later, Brian got the mobile phone and immediately checked Sarah’s location.

” Get out of my car, the meeting will be postponed!”


In the Milan restaurant in the east of the city, Mrs. Davidson’s people waited and couldn’t wait to see Sarah, so they called the boss.

The housekeeper was puzzled, “Impossible. She went out an hour ago and didn’t go to the airport. She must be on the way to the appointment. You will wait!”

Mrs. Davidson smiled to herself. To our appetite? Where can a woman with a child go!”

“If you can’t find her, go to the road to block her! Be sure to get things done!” As

soon as she finished speaking, she saw the blockage in the front of her room.

“Brian? You dare to bring this woman home! And you, Sarah, you are not dead, do you have the face to see me?”

Sarah and Tracy stood behind Brian. Apart from dirty clothes, there are no wounds.

Mrs. Davidson didn’t understand, this formation seemed to come to her to ask her for a crime?

Brian’s face was ugly, “Mom, you asked them out in my name.”

Lady Serena looked sideways, “Why, you came to support her? to vent your anger? Even if you, the rebel, don’t recognize me, neither will I allow you to marry this woman.”

Brian sighed deeply and took a contract from his assistant.

“This is a share transfer agreement, and I will leave the house alone.”

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