There for You Till I Die Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Mrs. Davidson was furious, “What…what do you mean!”

Brian told her and Sarah.

“I don’t want any share of the Davidson Family’s property. I brought the transfer letter. From now on, I have nothing to do with the Davidson Family. You don’t have to worry about my unfilial son.”

Sarah stretched out her hand and pulled his clothes sleeves, “you do this for me, I would have is the way to go.”

She stretched counter assaulted when they were holding him back, “you go take them after I rely on you to support the family?”

Downstairs Lidya was even more unwilling to hear the close words of the two people. How could Sarah not die!

Sarah caught a glimpse of Lidya and called her sideways.

“Miss Lidya, are you surprised that I am standing here well and alive?”

Sarah glanced at the Lady Serena. “I didn’t come today to be right with you. I knew I was not Brian’s. It is you, I was going to tell you that I will leave City.”

“As for me, just thank you for showing me the thief in the Davidson family.”

Two hours ago, Sarah did bring Tracy with her. She got off at the entrance of the western restaurant in the west of the city, but instead of walking to the original private room, she sat in the private room next door.

Until the gangsters in the originally planned private room became more and more unable to sit still, when she opened the private room door and came out, she immediately stepped in and brought down the little brother who was left behind and brought him back for a question.

The little b@stard was pressed to the ground by the bodyguard, and Brian stepped on his face.

“Tell everything you know, otherwise, you won’t be able to go back.”

The little b@stard was so scared by Brian’s aura that he almost peed his pants, collapsed, and shouted, “Lidya asked us to do it, she said, as long as we take the lives of mother and daughter, she will give us 15 million! she said it all, forgive me! Forgive me…”

Lidya immediately stepped forward and yelled at him, “Shut up! What benefit did you take by believing this sl*t to slander me? Say I asked you to kill, what evidence is there!”

The little b@stard immediately jumped up to retort, “Lidya, I thought you were a beast. Yes, I didn’t expect to unload the grievance and kill the donkey at the critical moment! When you were mixed up with our boss, how did we help you solve the paparazzi? Have you forgotten!”

Lidya screamed, “Shut up! You…you all Don’t believe him! Sarah must have bought him to talk about this! Mom, I told you a long time ago that I will leave the Davidson family. In that case, what is the point of Sarah’s life for me? “

Sarah laughed loudly, “First, because of Brian, you are not reconciled; second, if the Davidson family recognizes Tracy, if your son can’t get the property, then how will you wait for the old lady to pass away and sits in her seat?”

Lady Serena glared, “Lidya! Do you really think so!”

Lidya looked around helplessly, and when she saw Ervin, she pulled him over. , Took out a fruit knife from nowhere, and smiled sternly across his neck.

“It’s useless to say anything now! I want you to give me a billion, or I will kill him!”

Sarah glared, “You are really vicious, even you are using your own son!”

“Shut up. If it weren’t for you, I would have long been Mrs. Davidson!”

Ervin cried heartbreakingly, and no one could bear it.

Just when Mrs. Davidson wanted to compromise, Sarah stepped forward.

“Lidya, do you think you can leave here when you get the money? It’s really stupid. When you come back this time, the thing that surprised me is to learn that you are much stupid than five years ago. Look at how you look now. The temperament of a queen.”

“I advise you to hurry up with a dying gold lord without a son while you are still young so that you can divide your inheritance. Otherwise, with your current reputation, you can only make a third-level film. . “

This shook Lidya, getting her confused,” I will kill you …… “

It’s my turn now!

Sarah saw the right time, and kicked off the knife in Lidya’s hand, then quickly grabbed her and handed her to the bodyguard.

The frightened Ervin immediately rushed into the arms of the Lady Serena and burst into tears.

Seeing that everything was a foregone conclusion, Lidya could only beg for mercy.

“Brian, please let me go to our old friendship, think about Ervin, I am his mother!”

“Ervin! Hurry up and beg your father and grandmother! Do you want to be a child without a mother!”

Lady Serena snorted fiercely, “You are such a cruel mother, Ervin will probably die in front of me if you are by his side!”

Ervin stared at this scene blankly, shaking ignorantly Lady Serena’s hand, “Grandma, although my mother sometimes beats me and scolds me to vent her anger, she loves Ervin very much. Ervin doesn’t want to… don’t want to be a child without a mother…”

Lady Serena stiffened. What did you say? She beat you?!”

Ervin nodded hesitantly, and whispered, “Every time my father says he can’t go home, my mother will block my mouth and pinch my thigh, sometimes with a needle Punch me.”

The Lady Serena shed tears distressedly, “Then why don’t you tell me! Why don’t you come and tell your grandmother to let your grandmother call you!”

Ervin shook his head, “Mom said that she would deny me…”

Davidson The old lady immediately pointed at Lidya’s nose with a cane.

“You b!tch! If I don’t teach you well today I won’t be able to feel comfortable in life ever, I’m sorry Buddha!”

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