There for You Till I Die Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

At this point, everyone understood the ins and outs of the matter in their hearts.

The Lady Serena made an appointment with Sarah in the name of Brian, but Lidya took Sarah into the trap she dug with her hands and feet. In the end, the incident happened, and she even wanted to pour dirty water on the old lady.

The appearance of a good wife and mother she usually plays is also just to fool the old lady.

Mrs. Davidson has never been so angry.

“Throw out all of this b!tch’s things for me, drive her out of the city, and block her from the entertainment industry. She will die in oblivion somewhere!”

Lidya didn’t even have time to pack her luggage and was thrown out of the villa area wearing slippers.

It was already winter, and she was shivering in the street in her thin home clothes, with nowhere to go.

This is not all.

The next day, Brian came forward and held a press conference.

“A few years ago, Miss Lidya met me in order to star in certain film production, and then came over, that’s all. As for the children of Miss Lidya and I, it was an accident, but the Davidson family will not ignore it, and will give the child all he deserves.”

Sarah sat down and watched the man on the stage in her spare time.

This man is so powerful in the city, why is he so dumb when talking about this kind of problem?

She finally couldn’t stand it and interrupted him on stage.

“He didn’t know clearly. For me, Lidya had acted on me five years ago. Even though I had divorced Mr. Davidson at the time, this time I came back and became a thorn in her eyes. All she did was to keep my husband in the dark. Now that the Davidson Family has cleared the door, I also plan to return to Country from where I cam to live a peaceful life.”

Brian frowned deeply, she has to leave?

After speaking, Sarah turned and wanted to leave, but was deeply pulled by Brian, and was taken into his arms unpreparedly.

“Want to leave again?”

Sarah glanced at the media that was pressing the shutter crazily, “Let go of me!”

Brian raised his eyebrows, “What can you do if I don’t let go?”

Sarah was about to explode, she was beautiful. She narrowed her eyes, smiled slyly, and stepped on his expensive leather shoes with a high heel.

In the next second, she was stunned. Her heels were long and thin. When someone stepped on the foot, they would jump up with pain, but he didn’t move!

He held her shoulders tenderly and affectionately and approached the microphone.

“As you can see, Ms. Sarah is now the object of my pursuit. Please bring Ms. Sarah with you as much as you want about my scandals.”

Sarah was exasperated.

After the press conference, Jin’s headquarters also sent an email, telling her not to return in a hurry, and when she wanted to take her marriage leave and maternity leave, she said it and the relevant department immediately approved it.

Brian didn’t give up his plan to leave the Davidson family. He also wanted to express his attitude to Mrs. Davidson, that he did not want to marry Sarah.

Over the years, he has also acquired many companies privately, and his personal property is only much more than Davidson’s assets.

It’s just that Lady Serena has been in a stalemate because of Ervin.

In the hotel room, Sarah panted roughly.

She just turned a few more laps on the road before she shook off the paparazzi who was following her. When she returned to the hotel, she ran into several squatting spots.

She suspects that Brian is deliberate, and wants to use these paparazzi who are doing the headlines at all costs to monitor her every move!

As soon as she sat down, the phone rang.

“Hey…you have read the news too. It seems that I am embarrassed and thrown back to the United States.”

The voice of the man opposite was calm, “Just resign and come back to our own group. You don’t have to go back to China involuntarily. The country is over.”

Sarah sighed, “I didn’t think about what you said, but…”

These times, she made up her mind to return to the United States, but every time she had to admit that she couldn’t bear the man in her heart.

Even if Brian hurt her deeply, she could not remain indifferent to his firmness and tenderness during this period of time.

“Stephen…Will you forgive him?”

Stephen, who was far away in the United States, squeezed his mobile phone. It took a long while to silence the dark surge in his eyes and hung up the phone without reply.

On the other side, Davidson’s top floor.

Brian was sitting in front of the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, drinking red wine to admire the beautiful views of the city, kneeling in front of him with a messy man.

“Why, want me to judge you personally?”

The people on the ground shook their bodies and leaned back, sweat and tears on their dark faces.

All of the bodyguards of the talented Brian couldn’t pry open his mouth, he just wanted to see Brian.

“President Davidson, I know that after I have explained everything, I can’t live anymore, so I want you to make a promise to let me go and send me abroad. I don’t need money or anything, as long as you don’t trouble me anymore. “

Brian got up and poured the wine in his hand on his head. “Zack, you are not qualified to negotiate terms with me. Your wife is still pregnant. If you know that you have been fooling around with Lidya, you must die. Live…”

“I said I said! As long as I don’t touch my wife and children, I will say it!”

Zack put away his calculations.

“Five years ago, Miss Sarah’s miscarriage was actually done by hands and feet. At the time of the explosion, she was handed over to Lidya for detention. She was locked up until she was close to giving birth. Actually… The son Lidya gave birth to you was Sarah’s at that time. The kid in the belly!”

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