There for You Till I Die Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

Brian’s pupils shrank suddenly.

“What are you talking about! Dare to play tricks with me, believe it or not, I’m twisting your head now!”

Zack kept kowtowing in fright, “I dare not, I dare! What I say is true! I can do it now, find the doctor who was bought… Also, during your hidden marriage, Lidya slept with several directors to fight for the role, took medicine, and had a miscarriage. She would have been barren!”

After seeing Zack, he quickly drove to find Sarah.

On the road, his hands holding the steering wheel were shaking.

Ervin’s face kept flashing before his eyes.

No wonder Ervin’s eyebrows are like hers, he once thought that he was missing Ervin because of illness!

At a turn, he didn’t have time to look at the road. Seeing that a big truck in front was about to hit, he quickly turned the steering wheel, but there was no response!

“Hey–” When Sarah rushed to the hospital, the operation had been in progress for two hours, and Tracy and a tall, handsome man followed behind her.

She anxiously stepped forward and held Ervin’s hand, “Don’t be afraid, how is your father?”

Ervin’s eyes rubbed with tears, “Auntie, my father lost a lot of blood when he was sent in, and he was still a bit in senses, he was calling your name auntie…”

Sarah rubbed his face distressedly, “It’s okay, the uncle doctor will heal him, let this uncle take you and Tracy to buy some cakes, okay? Cake? I will buy it when Dad wakes up.”

“I am here for that. Why don’t you get the cakes now?” Sara said, holding his hand.

Ervin nodded obediently.

Ten minutes later, Stephen took Ervin with his left hand and Tracy with his right hand, walking on the road very unnaturally.

“I…can’t I go by yourself?”

Tracy curled her lips, “Little Uncle, I didn’t need others to lead me since I was a child, how about you, Master Davidson?”

Ervin also nodded.

Stephen immediately withdrew his hand in embarrassment, “Then you want me to hold it?”

Tracy: “…”

Ervin: “…”

In the dessert shop, Stephen kept looking at Ervin calmly.

This child doesn’t look like his parents, but a bit like Sarah.

“Hey, I ask you how your father treats you.”

Ervin swallowed the cake, “Uncle, I will protect Aunt Sarah in Davidson’s house in the future, and my grandmother will be my side and will not allow Dad to bully her anymore.”

Stephen glared at him, “You are a wealthy family like the Davidson Family. Aunt Sarah is not interested. Moreover, your grandmother is not a good friend and can’t help.”

Ervin’s eyelids drooped, “I.” Forget it, my father will never come home again. He has severed ties with my grandmother and the Davidson family for Aunt Sarah.”

Stephen was startled suddenly, “What are you saying? Is it true?”


In the hospital, Brian leaned on the hospital bed leisurely, smiling as he watched the woman next to him feed him soup.

“Well, it’s a bit hot.”

Sarah immediately took it back to her mouth and blew it and handed it to him, and he swallowed it with satisfaction.

Seeing this little woman busily working like a bee, making soup for him and cutting fruit for him, he was about to fly in comfort and wanted to lie down like this forever.

When Stephen came back with the two children, he looked at this scene with a sluggish expression.

Sarah quickly got up, trying to introduce them to each other, but felt unable to speak.

The atmosphere condensed all at once, faintly tense.

It was Brian who broke the embarrassment, “Hello, I am Brian.”

Stephen pushed the gold-wired glasses, the corner of his mouth smiled unclearly, “Long time no see, President Davidson, I am Stephen.”

Five years ago, Stephen was imprisoned for stabbing Brian and was released early because of his good performance. After being released from prison, he found a job in the United States by virtue of the relationship he made in prison and took Sarah and Tracy back as well.

After a few years, he already had his own business. He has been persuading Sarah to cooperate with him, but Sarah never agreed.

Brian knew that something must be resolved, so he smiled and looked at Sarah.

“You take the two of them out, and the driver will take you to the restaurant. I want to have a chat with Mr. Davidson alone.”

Sarah agreed and looked at both of them with worry before leaving.

Stephen has become more stable and has gained considerable power in the past few years, She is afraid that Brian will not be easily let go because of Lara.

Brian is still in plaster now, and he doesn’t know if he really starts his hand later, if the bodyguard at the door can rush in, in time.

And what about herself? Did the thorn that Lara planted in her heart just disappeared like this?

She has to admit that every time she comes into contact with Brian, she feels a little guilty. She thinks Lara died because of him.

In the dining room, Sarah went to the bathroom, and the two children cupped their faces with big eyes and small eyes.

Tracy collapsed, “I already ate dessert and dinner, is this not feeding the pig?”

Ervin smiled, “You eat so much, you don’t need to feel it, you are a pig.”

Tracy glared at him, ” Right, I am five and you are five, so which month and day were you in?” The

the boy replied, “October fifteenth in the lunar calendar.”

“I am also on this day! Are you born in the morning or at night?”

Ervin also felt Very surprised, “I was born at noon.”

Now Tracy can’t laugh, “I’m also at noon. It seems unlikely that you will call me sister in the future, alas…”

Ervin was startled after hearing this, “You’re not against Aunt Sarah being with my father are you?” If you disagree, “Why would I oppose it? Uncle is so handsome and loves me so much.”

Ervin’s eyes dimmed suddenly.

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