There for You Till I Die Chapter 30

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Chapter 30


Brian’s face was indifferent, “Please sit down.” Stephen remained motionless, “No need, Mr. Davidson has something to say, but I have something to say before that, Sarah, she can’t stay by your side.”

Brian raised his eyebrows deeply, “Do you like her?” Stephen frowned immediately, “Don’t use your dirty and filthy thinking to examine me. From the beginning to the end, she is my lover’s sister, and you, in my eyes, will also be a sinner for your whole life. If I had found definitive evidence, you would have been in jail long ago.”

Hearing such provocative words, Brian was not at all annoyed, “I have someone to give you.”

He ordered the bodyguard outside the door to bring the person in.

Stephen couldn’t help kicking up when he saw Zack, “Brian, do you want to answer me?” Seeing Stephen’s face clearly, Zack couldn’t help but get goosebumps again, thinking about it. At Brian’s previous instructions, he immediately knelt down in front of Stephen.

“I’m sorry! It’s all my fault! I was deceived by Lidya, took her money, went to see Miss Lara several times when she was in the hospital, and brought her a photo, saying… that you had an affair with her sister. She couldn’t stand it… Ah…”

Stephen punched him up, his face gloomy and terrible.

Zack said all the hands and feet he had done at the beginning. After listening, Stephen couldn’t wait to kill the beast directly!

“Where is Lidya? Brian, do you still want to protect her?”

Brian cut the fruit deeply and placed it neatly on a plate. “She was sent to prison by me just now because of deliberately causing a car accident. As for how she lives in prison, you have the final say.” A few hours later, Stephen had already left when Sarah returned.

Brian summoned her to come in calmly, “You must be tired, eat some fruit, don’t have to stay with me all night, go back and have some rest, I bought an apartment for you, the key is in your bag.”

Sarah nodded, gnawing at the apple without feeling any taste.

Looking at her worried look, Brian felt even more distressed, “I had a very successful conversation with Stephen. I think, when he finishes digesting, he will explain to you in person. There are some things that others cannot understand on his behalf.”

…In the old house of the Davidson family, Ervin sat next to Mrs. Davidson and held her hands.


Mrs. Davidson opened her eyes, “Hmm… what is going on?”

Ervin lowered his head, “If Dad really wants to be with Aunt Sarah, won’t you stop him?”

“You don’t like that aunt? Grandmother looks away. if you disagree, there is no way. Fortunately, she gave birth to a girl, as long as it doesn’t interfere with my precious grandson. Why should I worry?.”

“Apart from not giving a dime of family property to Sarah and her daughter, and not including her in the family tree, I have no other requirements.”

Ervin said nothing.

Thinking of his dad seeing Sarah’s kind pampering, something he had never felt before, he felt worried and scared inexplicably.

Dad has left the Davidson family now. Will Dad stop looking at him after Aunt Sarah gave birth to another son?

Ervin got up and went back to the room with a dazed look. The next day, while Sarah was cooking soup in the apartment, Stephen knocked on the door with the toy he bought for Tracy.

“I’m going back to the United States.” Stephen took the hot tea, his expression unchanged.

Sarah was very surprised. He will leave after only two days? Was it unpleasant to have a deep conversation with Brian last time?

Thinking of this, her face sank, “Lara, I…”

“You stay with him.”

Sarah was stunned, “What did you say?”

Stephen pulled out a smile and looked at her with relief, “I forgive him, the real murderer is Lidya, she bought Zack to stimulate Lara, although it is also because of Brian, I am relieved since I forgive him, sister, I don’t have any more scruples.”

“If it’s Lara…she sees you in the sky to be happy, she will choose to forgive as well. Besides, you have two children, even for I can’t persuade you to come back to the U.S. for these two innocent children.”

Sarah was puzzled, “I gave birth to one child. Where did the other child come from?”

Stephen frowned, “What? , Brian hasn’t told you yet? Ervin is also your child. He and Tracy are twins, but he was taken away by Lidya’s people when he was born. Tracy was born half an hour later. A catastrophe.”

Ervin’s white face appeared in front of Sarah, and she murmured: “He is…my son…” In the

old house of the Davidson Family, Ervin received it as soon as he came out of the shower. Tracy’s voice message.

“Haha, I didn’t expect you to be born half an hour earlier than me, and I will have an older brother in the future, la la la…”

Ervin suddenly turned off the phone.

What brother, he didn’t want to be at all.

After turning off the phone, he even forgot to wipe his wet hair, and the cold water hit his thin body in this way. Soon after, a depressed cry came from under his deeply buried face.

Dad chose Aunt Sarah and her daughter. I never…cannot have Dad’s love anymore.

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