There for You Till I Die Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Stephen told her all the things that happened after her amniotic fluid broke and fell into a coma.

On the same day, when she was going to give birth, it was the disciple of the former master who took her to the temple. The master brought his mother-in-law who had the experience of managing births from the nearby village. After the first child was born, the group of gangsters seemed to have met. The kid was taken away like cash.

The master remembered having a relationship with Sarah and seeing the people were not good, so he secretly told his mother-in-law not to let them know that Sarah had a second child.

So when Sarah woke up, she was pleasantly surprised to find that her daughter was crying beside her.

The master didn’t say anything about the boy, maybe he didn’t want her to return to the danger because of this bondage. When she was almost recuperating, he even calculated a lottery for her when she was about to leave.

“The signing of the donor this time is not a signing. For the monk, I can only remind the donor that if you are satisfied with your dissatisfaction, your shortcomings are hard to be resolved.”

Sarah remembered it in her heart and prayed farewell to the master. A son was taken away.

Now, Sarah was excitedly laughing and crying, “Stephen, I just said… why Ervin looks so much like me!”

Stephen couldn’t help but burst into tears, seeing her so happy, his last trace of hurt in his heart also disappeared.

“You have to live your life well. Send me invitations during the wedding ceremony. I will definitely be back as soon as possible .” When he got up to leave, Sarah said in a choked voice, “Thank you, Stephen.”

Stephen didn’t look back, “Sister, thank you for everything you did for Lara. Now, you don’t need to bear any more burdens and it is time to live for yourself.”

Stephen flew back to the United States that afternoon.

Knowing the truth, Sarah, the only thing she wanted to do at this time was to see Ervin.

For this reason, Brian came back from the company early to pick her up, “Don’t be nervous, he likes you very much.”

Hearing this, Sarah thought it was funny, “It’s like I am the stepmother you found for him, please, he is my own!” At this point, Sarah had nothing to say.

In Ervin’s heart, isn’t she the equivalent of a stepmother? Although Lidya was not good to him, he is very dependent on that mother. Can he accept her now?

On the way, Sarah took Tracy to the dessert shop to choose many new cakes and kept asking Tracy to get along well with her brother.

Tracy smiled sweetly, “Mommy, don’t worry, I will be covered in the future, no one dares to bully my brother!” The two adults couldn’t help laughing.

When they arrived at the Davidson Family Old House, the two realized that things were far less simple than they thought.

Mrs. Davidson didn’t even let them see Ervin’s face. There was no way. Who would let the precious grandson cry and beg in front of her for a long time? Even if she didn’t want to care about young people, she couldn’t help but love her grandson.

So, she sat in the courtyard as steady as the big Buddha she worshipped.

“Here.” Simply, without raising her eyelids.

Sarah walked up to her with the gift and shouted out the name that had been missing for a long time and made her nervous, “Mom…” She thought it would be the same as a few years ago, even if she didn’t slap her, she would always throw away Her gift.

But unexpectedly, Mrs. Davidson stretched out her hand to take it in person, “Well, you have a heart.”

Sarah was happy but did not lose her calmness.

Brian was straightforward, “Call Ervin to come out.”

The Lady Serena was not angry with him, “You let me call him? Do you this old woman is a servant? Go back!”

Sarah was dumb. It seemed that the old lady was still brooding about Brian’s severing relationship with the Davidson Family.

At this moment, Tracy, who had been bowing her head silently, suddenly felt hungry when she saw the cakes placed by Mrs. Davidson.

“Sarah…” her stomach rang unexpectedly.

Ervin upstairs kept listening to the movement below, and couldn’t help laughing when he heard the sound.

He told his grandmother in advance, don’t embarrass this sister, be sure to put some food, or she will faint from hunger at any time.

Mrs. Davidson covered her mouth and laughed, “Come here, let’s eat something.”

Tracy immediately moved over, “Thank you, grandma, hehe.”

She moved a small bench and sat next to her, not caring about the three adults. In an awkward atmosphere, she asked Ervin about his childhood while eating.

For her precious grandson, Mrs. Davidson is naturally a treasure.

“Ervin-year-old would have to know all of the words on the dictionary.”

“He was four years old when I took him out, he had scouts dig it as a child star.” “You

see, only five this year, he has beautiful handwriting, really a promising child!”

Sarah saw that the grandmother and grandson were chatting enthusiastically, and she was too embarrassed to interrupt.

After eating like this, there is not a single plate of pastries left. Tracy stood up contentedly, took a box of cakes from Sarah, and shouted at the only room upstairs with a light on.

“Ervin! I have eaten all the food at my grandmother’s house. If you don’t want to starve to death, hurry down!”

Sarah: “…”

Mrs. Davidson: “…”

Brian raised his eyebrows. Yes, very clever.”

Finally, Ervin whizzed out, his eyes looked straight at Brian, with grievances and suppressed desire, before he had time to say anything, he was hit by the rushing Sarah.

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