There for You Till I Die Chapter 32

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Chapter 32

Sarah hugged him tightly in her arms, thinking of the scar that Lidya had left on her son, she wished to rush to prison to kill that b!tch.

Old Mrs. Davidson pointed to the two people and asked Brian, “What’s the matter?”

Brian retold Lidya’s tricks of concealing the sky to the old Mrs. Davidson in a simple and concise manner. Mrs. Davidson knocked on the crutches angrily. “This bad woman, no wonder she can be contented in that big dyeing tank in the entertainment industry. It turns out to be broken from the roots!”

Although Ervin didn’t understand much, he understood the concept that Aunt Sarah is his mother. Can’t understand it anymore.

There was no joy on his small face. Seeing Sarah who was crying and couldn’t help herself, he didn’t even have much emotion in his heart.

Brian felt it, so he stepped forward and pulled Sarah away.

Since Ervin’s biological mother was right in front of him, although she didn’t make herself particularly satisfied, she still had no choice but to treat him well. The Lady Serena sighed and returned to the house on crutches.

Brian raised his hand and stroked his head for the second time, “Don’t be afraid, everything is over.”

Ervin finally couldn’t help crying loudly. He finally had a place to vent all the pains and grievances he had suffered. , He held Brian’s thigh like a sloth, and faded away from his usual cunning and restrainedness. At this moment, he is a five-year-old child.

After coming out of Davidson’s old house, Brian took the family of four to the newly bought villa.

The villa area is not far from the old house, so it is convenient to visit Mrs. Davidson back and forth. After Brian got out of the car, he immediately went to the other side and took Sarah in his arms.

“Our new home.”

A few years ago, during the four years of hidden marriage, they lived together in an apartment in one of Brian’s many residences. Now that they have children, this is the real home.

Sarah actually didn’t know how to face Ervin, so she kept cautiously, “Ervin, can you choose your own room first?”

Ervin glanced at Brian, “I want the place closest to my father’s room.”

Tracy immediately added, “I want the room closest to my brother!”

So the third floor was empty, and the whole family crowded to the second floor. , Brian had to move his study to the third floor.

On the first day when he arrived at his new home, Sarah tidied up for a day and was too tired to straighten up that night.

She was lying on the bed, Brian rubbed her waist, rubbing her, his hands became restless, his breathing gradually thickened, and his hands slowly slipped into her clothes.

Sarah hadn’t felt this kind of warmth in five years, she couldn’t help but curl up and slowly entered a better state under his control.

Brian deeply k!ssed her cherry l!ps, and lingered for a long time, “Sarah, I have missed you every day for the past few years.” Sarah blushed as if bleeding, “Then have you ever touched Lidya or Other women?”

For so long, it is impossible for him not to find a woman to vent. The lust that just rushed into his head instantly disappeared.

Brian saw her jealousy, and laughed lowly, “No, I only had you.”

His eyes were deep and firm, and he pecked her l!ps again without letting her question him, and fought with her. The clothes are almost taken off.

Just at that moment, the door of the room was knocked.

Brian stopped moving displeasedly, his eyes almost angry, “Who?”

Ervin’s sweet voice came, “Dad, can I sleep with you? I’m afraid of the dark…”

After a while, Tracy’s room door opened, and her voice rang, “Then you sleep in my room, brother, I’m not afraid of horror movies.”

Ervin didn’t seem to buy it, “You are a girl, you can’t be with me, we can’t sleep together, I want to sleep with Dad.”

If she is anxious, she hates others’ rejection of her kindness the most, “Then why can Dad and Mom sleep together?”

Hearing the harsh address, he immediately interrupted her, “It’s your mother and my father, pay attention to your words.”

The two people named in the room no longer had tender thoughts, and Brian snarled in annoyance. Get into your rooms and sleep!” The two children were taken aback. Tracy seemed to have never heard Brian speaking to her so fiercely. In addition, she was scolded by Ervin, and in a flash, she started crying like a kettle on the burner.

Ervin was a child no matter what, pitifully begging but she was scolded by her father. In addition to the demonstration by someone nearby, she immediately threw her pillow and started crying.

Brian couldn’t continue anymore, opening the door with a cold face and staring at the two small crying packets at the door.

That night, for the first time that Brian chose the big bed personally for him and Sarah, it was finally snatched away by two little dots.

Ervin should not live next to Tracy, he said that others would laugh at him, so he had to let Brian sleep in the middle to separate them.

Thinking of what they said just now, Brian said seriously, “Ervin, I never asked you for anything, but now I want you to forget that woman.”

Ervin buried his head in the quilt dually.

He wasn’t reluctant to give up his previous mother, he just couldn’t accept the current mother and younger sister’s share in Brian’s attention.

What he longs for has always been his father’s attention.

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