Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

She is not stupid.

Obviously, she would not believe that the shocking resurrection pill was really just what Shaun accidentally saw from the ancient books.

“Shaun, I know, you have your own secret! I will not ask what the secret is!”

That’s it!

Elvira’s pretty face turned red, lowered her head, and said quietly:

“But I hope you can remember that I am your wife and this is your home!”


A ray of red glow had spread to Elvira’s ears, making her humiliated and quickly turned her head and left and entered her room.

See this scene!

The corners of Shaun’s mouth couldn’t help but appear a sweet arc.

His eyes turned, and he couldn’t help but look outside the empty door, and a playful color appeared in his eyes:

“Just now, the old guy standing outside the door seemed to recognize me!”

at the same time!

A row of luxury motorcades drove smoothly on the road in Jiangshi.

On top of a luxury car in the middle, there were four people sitting.

The driver, the uncle Haibai, the old man Bai Zhengxiong, and the Mr. Bai!

Uncle Haibai’s complexion at the moment was so gloomy and terrible that it almost dripped water.

After a long time.

Uncle Haibai mustered up the courage and said to the Mr. Bai in the back seat:

“Dad! Are we really going to give up the Bai Group to the third family?”

Haibai’s tone was filled with anger.

Baishan, is the controller of the R&D business of Resurrection Pill!

Elvira has become the new president of the group!

Shaun has become the chief technical consultant!

It can be said that after only half a day’s effort, the Bai Group’s power was left behind, which made him reconciled.

Heard this!

A playful arc appeared at the corner of Mr. Bai’s mouth:

“Baihai, you are still too impatient!”


Uncle Haibai was taken aback for a moment, and then said with surprise and joy:

“Dad, do you have other plans?”


Grandpa Bai stroked his beard lightly, and a thick disdain appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“The third child is cowardly and embarrassed! Elvira, although she has outstanding abilities, she is still a woman and cannot inherit our Bai family’s foundation!”

“Shaun? Huh, he’s even an outsider and a waste! Although this time, he doesn’t know where he got the prescription, but how can my Bai family’s foundation surrender to him!”

This sentence, like a reassurance, made the uncle Haibai ecstatic.

“Dad, are you planning to kick back after using their family?” Haibai seemed to understand, his face full of joy.

Mr. Bai did not answer.

At the corner of his mouth, there was a cunning smile.

this moment!

Everyone understood the thoughts of Grandpa Bai.

It’s just that they didn’t see it, and the old man sitting on the side looked extremely complicated.

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