Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

“is it him?”

There was still a touch of horror and disbelief in the old pupils.

He took out his mobile phone and opened the album!

Suddenly, a blurry picture appeared in his eyes.

In the photo, it is a black man.

His face was a little fuzzy, but the outline was very similar to Shaun.

“Bone Sacred Hand! If it is really him, then the resurrection pill will make it clear!”

Elder Gao glanced at the photo deeply, then closed his eyes.

But no one knew, his heart had already set off a terrifying wave.

The man on the photo!

He didn’t shoot it, but his master, the Chinese medicine giant who was powerful and powerful.

A few years ago!

AS virus ravages Africa, his master, and some other top medical masters in the world, gathered in Africa to develop treatment methods, but failed one after another!

Even those medical masters died seven or eighty-eight.

Until everyone is desperate.

The man in the photo appeared.

At the same time brought the Resurrection Pill!

According to his master, the man in the photo was honored by the world’s top master-the Bone Sacred Hand.

This person’s medical skills are extraordinary and have reached an unimaginable level.

In his left hand, there is life and death, flesh and bone!

With his right hand, he can save the souls of the dead!

The civilians, philanthropists, music masters, and war gods who have been treated by him are countless!

The warlords, drug lords, assassins, and mercenaries he has slaughtered are even harder to count!

It can be said!

The Bone Sacred Hand is a terrifying existence that can give light and death to the world.

“Who would have imagined that the bone-sacred hand that caused the world to terrorize, disappeared for three years, turned out to be living in seclusion in the small Jiangshi, the small Bai family!”

Elder Gao couldn’t help but open his eyes.

He looked at the white old lady next to him and the uncle Haibai, and his expression showed deep pity.

These people, I am afraid that they would never even dream of it. The waste in their mouths would be a terrifying super existence!

The next morning, after breakfast, Elvira took Shaun out.

It is just strange that Elvira did not let Shaun drive this time, instead riding an electric car.

The cool breeze was blowing Elvira’s hair.

This is her first time riding an electric car.

In particular, the bursts of masculine air from Shaun made her blushing pretty face, holding Shaun’s arm tightly:

“Shaun, let’s go to Baishi Shopping Mall first!”

Hearing this, Shaun was slightly taken aback:

“Didn’t we go to the company? Today is your first day as president.”


This is a position that Elvira dreamed of before, but she couldn’t imagine that this position was actually won by her husband.

“It’s the first day I took office as president, but at the same time, it’s also the first day you took office as chief technical consultant!”

Elvira smiled more and more brilliantly, with a hint of sweetness in her beauty:

“So, I’m going to buy you a suit, and I can’t let you wear this old suit again!”

This sentence warmed Shaun’s heart.


old clothes?

Shaun looked at his casual clothes, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitched slightly. This is Catherine’s customized clothing worth hundreds of millions, something that many giants in the world dream of.

Shaking his head, Shaun did not refuse, but instead rode an electric bike and headed towards Best Shopping Mall.

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