Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 36

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Chapter 36

This is the first time that “Jason” has invited parents since going to school.

So when Jacob received a call from the kindergarten teacher, Jacob was a little startled. “What happened to Jason?”

“It’s inconvenient to say on the phone, let’s ask you to come to school.” The teacher has always said nothing to parents with no background.

Jacob rushed to the kindergarten immediately.

In the teacher’s office, he saw “Jason” standing in front of the white wall thinking about it.

When the teacher saw Jacob, she was shocked by his handsome appearance, tall and stalwart body, and his dignified and alienated temperament.

Jason’s daddy was so handsome!

Much better than those Uranus superstars.

God, I knew that Jason’s daddy was so handsome, shouldn’t she be so indifferent when she was on the phone?

Jacob didn’t realize that he had become a young female teacher’s arsonist. He walked to “Jason” and turned “Jason” to face himself with distress.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

Derek’s head shook like a rattle.

Jacob raised his eyebrows, and Jason never lied. If he didn’t realize that he had made a mistake, then the teacher must have made a mistake.

Jacob looked at the female teacher coldly and said, “What’s the matter?”

That kind of natural powerhouse aura suddenly spread.

The female teacher was cautious and nervous, and the originally organized language became incoherent at this moment.

“Jason… he was fighting with his classmates… the other classmates were beaten up by him with bruises and swollen faces…”

Jacob’s Binghan glance scanned the children standing side by side with Jason, and saw the scars on their faces and frowned slightly.

“Jason, are you injured?”

Jacob is more concerned about his son’s physical and mental health than to pursue his son’s fault.

Derek turned his head, his innocent eyes fell on Daddy.

Seeing “Jason”‘s white and smooth face, Jacob nodded in relief.

At this time, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the female teacher coldly.

“Six children are fighting. Strictly speaking, this is a school bullying incident. Montessori kindergarten is the best kindergarten in the city. It seems that it cannot afford such a reputation…”

The female teacher was stunned by Jacob’s aggressive aura. At this moment, she became a little flustered, and used all her strength to fight with him.

“Daddy Jason, this incident cannot be classified as a campus bullying incident. Jason in your family is an autistic child with an abnormal mentality. He is emotionally prone to irritability and he is not good at expressing himself, so he will inevitably have disputes with classmates. …..”

The female teacher couldn’t talk anymore, because she saw Jacob’s handsome face suddenly like a cage.

Not only was Jacob angry, but Derek was even more angry. Jason clearly does not have autism and is the child who can control his emotions the most. How could he emerge from this teacher and become a demon baby.

Derek decided to regain a city for Jason.

When the female teacher secretly rejoiced that Jason was an autistic child and would not expose the truth to his daddy, Derek suddenly went uncharacteristically and talked:

“Daddy, they bullied me. They scolded me to sue me, and they wanted me to get f*cked by that fat man. If I didn’t, they would beat me—”

The female teacher drank “Jason”: “Jason, you can’t lie, you are not injured, it is them who are injured.”

Derek looked at this snobby female teacher, he felt it was necessary to let his father understand the true face of this female teacher.

“Daddy…” Derek squeezed out a few tears, looking at Jacob how pitifully and pitifully, “The teacher said that I was a problem student and that I was a trouble.”

Jacob’s pupils shrank abruptly, and his face instantly became gloomy, and his whole body exuded a dangerous atmosphere, like the darkness of a storm.

The female teacher was so frightened that she broke out into a cold sweat. She never expected that today’s war suicide was so abnormal, and she said so many things in one breath?

The female teacher calmed down after a moment of panic. She determined that Jason was a civilian student, and that Jacob was just an unknown junior. She squeezed her scalp and sent the child to the noble kindergarten. The bullying of the child was ultimately due to his family’s insufficiency.

And she can come to this school to teach, but the backstage is quite hard.

So she didn’t care about it, and continued to criticize Jason in a distressed look:

“Classmate Jason, how can you wrong the teacher? You disappointed me too much!”

He confronted Jacob with defiance in every possible way, “Sir, the situation in your family’s battle is really not suitable for kindergarten. Why don’t you take him home to rest.”

Don’t blame yourself for being bullied if you don’t have a family and want to go to a noble kindergarten!

After the female teacher had finished speaking, Jacob’s handsome face seemed to be covered with thousands of years of ice, and his whole body exuded a gloomy and cold breath.

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