Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

The temperature in the whole room dropped a few minutes.

He had never thought that Jason had encountered such unfair treatment at school.

good very good!

Jacob’s whole person is like hell Yama, and the eyes of the female teacher are staring like death.

“I think you should be the one who should go home to rest.” After Jacob said, he took out his cell phone and made a call.

The female teacher was complacent, she must have been frightened by his words, and was begging for help Jason to stay.

The next moment, the female teacher received a call from the principal.

Seeing Jacob’s calm and arrogant expression, the female teacher felt inexplicably uneasy. The palm of the hand holding the phone started to sweat.

The arrogant face immediately switched to a flattering face: “President, what’s the matter?”

“You have offended a powerful and powerful man, get out of your bedding and get out!” the director yelled angrily on the phone.

People who don’t know how high the sky is, dare to offend the famous Yama Killing God in the imperial capital-Zhan Shao. He also said to humiliate the treasured young master of the Zhan Family!

Do you think your life is too long?

Don’t let the Montessori kindergarten get involved!


Upon hearing the words of the principal, the female teacher’s eyes widened in disbelief, and cold sweat came out on her forehead.

She offended a powerful figure? When is this happening?

Suddenly, there was a thud in her heart!

Could it be…

The female teacher looked at Jue Jacob, who exuded a cold and hostile atmosphere like the King of Hades, incredibly. Could this be him?

impossible! It’s not that Jason is an ordinary family, how could it be a big man!

The female teacher hurriedly asked: “The principal, have you made a mistake? I haven’t offended any big people?”

The director couldn’t help sneering, and his mouth was hard when he died. He hated iron and steel and said: “The prince of Media Asia-Young Master Zhan. It’s Jason’s daddy!” After speaking, he hung up the phone.

The Young Asian War is the most prestigious and powerful War Han Lord!

The female teacher almost fainted. It turned out that Jason’s daddy was the most invisible boss in their school!

When the female teacher wanted to apologize to Jacob for mercy, she looked back and saw that Jacob had already picked up “Jason” and left.

She is done!

I’m afraid I won’t be able to gain a foothold in the imperial capital in this life!

Jacob stuffed his son into the Rolls-Royce, and brought “War Sui” home with a dark face.

Thinking of Zhan Yao’s unfriendly treatment by the children and teachers, Jacob felt ashamed of his son.

Grace could not find out that “Jason” was bullied by teachers and classmates after a day in kindergarten. Why didn’t he notice?

“Jason, if you don’t like this kindergarten, will Daddy change one for you?”

Jacob gave up his insistence on facing up to difficulties in front of Grace. He felt that perhaps Grace was right. The environment shapes people, and changing to a kindergarten would be more beneficial to Jason’s body and mind.

Derek blinked his big black eyes. Daddy wants to change Jason to kindergarten? But he can’t make decisions for Jason?

Jacob touched Derek’s head, “Tell daddy after you think about it.”

Derek nodded. “Ok.”

Jacob suddenly remembered something, “By the way, I will go to Grandpa to eat tonight. Okay?”

Derek’s beautiful eyes bloomed with brilliance, can he see his grandparents?

“Good!” Derek nodded.

Jacob was surprised by his expectant expression. This child was very resistant to going to his grandparents’ house before, because Janice always teased him prankly when he didn’t talk. After going back and forth, Jason simply disliked going to his grandparents’ house.

Even grandparents and sister-in-law are not welcome to come to his home.

Over time. The two houses moved less and less.

When Derek occupies Zhansu’s bed, Zhansu’s daddy, enjoying the treatment like a Zhansu prince. Jason also ushered in his own brand new day.

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