Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

In the Bai’s courtyard, two old people with gray beards walked side by side toward the main hall.

The old man at the head is the old man of the Bai family-Bai Zhengxiong!

Founder of Baishi Group!

Only at this moment, Bai Zhengxiong’s expression was solemn, and he asked the old man next to him:

“Old man! As you said, is there only one way to treat AS pneumonia?”

Resurrection Pill!

This name is extremely unfamiliar to Mrs. Bai, but its value is absolutely unimaginable.

Heard this!

The old man next to him said:

“That’s right! Grandpa Bai, AS pneumonia is one of the top ten deadly infectious diseases in the world! A few years ago, the African continent was devastated and hundreds of thousands of people died!”

“At first, the world’s top medical experts gathered, but no cure was found! In the end, a mysterious figure developed this pill!”

This sentence shocked Bai Zhengxiong’s heart inexplicably.

The world’s top experts gathered, but they were unable to develop treatments.

He simply couldn’t imagine what kind of character it was that could make a resurrection pill and save thousands of people.

“What happened later? Did you study the medicinal materials and refining methods used by the Resurrection Pill?” The Grandpa Bai Bai looked nervously at the senior.

He knew that this senior man was a medical hero in the Jiangnan area!

Their Bai Group also spent sky-high prices before they invited him here.


Elder Gao couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly:

“After AS pneumonia was cured by the Resurrection Pill, experts from various countries have set up research groups to specialize in the Resurrection Pill! Unfortunately, that pill was processed by a mysterious method, even with sophisticated equipment and analysis. I can’t restore them all!”


Gao Lao sighed repeatedly:

“To tell you, I have been studying the Pill of Resurrection for the past few years, but only analyzed some medicine ingredients! That’s it!”

This sentence caused the heart of the Grandpa Bai to sink completely.

“Oh! It would be great if it was my Bai family who could obtain the development technique of the resurrection pill!”

Possessing the resurrection pill is equivalent to having a cure for AS pneumonia!

Then their Bai family will not only become famous, but they will also gain unimaginable wealth.

It’s just that the Grandpa Bai Bai knows that even the world’s top experts can’t crack the secret recipe of Resurrection Pill, how can their little white family have it.

“Master, you don’t have to worry too much! Your two sons, haven’t they developed a way to suppress the virus?”

“This is already very valuable!”

The comforting words of the old man made the old man Bai feel a little relieved.

That’s right!

Although there is no resurrection pill, the boss Baihai and the second child Baichuan have a way to suppress the virus, which can also help the Bai Group to obtain some rich benefits!

“Huh! The most wasteful thing is the old third Baishan! There is no way at all, it’s a shame!”

Mrs. Bai’s heart was extremely disgusting with his third son.

While thinking about it, the two old people have stepped into the main hall.


The hall, which was originally noisy, went quiet in an instant.

Baihai, Shirakawa, Baishan and others, as well as all the senior group leaders, stood up to greet them.

“Okay! Everyone sit down!”

Grandpa Bai looked gloomy, immediately greeted him, and sat on the main seat.

Then he glanced around and finally fixed himself on Baishan and Elvira. The muddy eyes couldn’t help but feel cold.

That’s it!

This scene made Baishan’s heart cool, and the bitter smile on the corner of his mouth became more intense.

“The recent situation, I must be very clear to everyone! Who can obtain the cure for AS pneumonia, who controls the market!”

Grandpa Bai’s voice is full of majesty.

He couldn’t help turning his head to look at the uncle Haibai, his expression was slightly relaxed, and he said gently:

“Baihai, talk about your progress!”

“Yes! Father!” Uncle Haibai immediately smiled, stood up, then coughed, and said to many senior leaders:

“Recently, Harper and I have traveled all over the country to find famous doctors to develop a method to kill the AS virus! Until a few days ago, me and my son gathered eight masters of Chinese medicine. With our joint efforts, we developed a special effect to inhibit the AS virus. medicine!”


Uncle Haibai took out a bunch of materials and handed them to the Grandpa.

Grandpa Bai nodded with satisfaction, then took it and handed it to Senior:

“Old man, you can help me take a look!”

Heard this!

Elder Gao nodded, and then put on his glasses, he carefully looked at the results of this Chinese medicine report.

After just a few minutes, Elder Gao put down the information before saying to everyone:

“This set of Chinese medicine treatment plan really came from the master! According to the above treatment methods, the virus can be suppressed for one and a half months!”


One and a half months!

Many high-level leaders were in ecstasy. They didn’t expect it to be longer than one month they expected.

At the moment, everyone looked at the gazes of the uncle Haibai and his son, with a look of reverence.

“Not bad! Very good!” Old Mr. Bai nodded in satisfaction, then looked at his second son Shirakawa:

“Second, where’s yours?”

Second Ye Shirakawa did not dare to neglect, and immediately handed over a Western medicine diagnosis and treatment plan.

And when Elder Gao finished reading, he nodded likewise:

“Shirakawa’s plan is equally feasible! It is estimated that the virus can be suppressed for about 25 days!”

This sentence also made high-level cheers.

Especially Mrs. Bai, smiled with his beard!

Obviously, I was extremely satisfied with the boss Baihai and the second child Shirakawa.


Seeing this scene, Bai Yan’s face was full of pride.

She couldn’t help but turned to look at Elvira, a thick sarcasm appeared at the corner of her mouth.

Wait for a while and see how you get out of the Bai family.

Bai Yan’s heart was extremely excited.

And at this moment!

The atmosphere in the main hall was quiet.

The Grandpa Bai’s gloomy voice resounded:

“The third child, what are the achievements of your family?”


At this moment, all eyes were focused on Sanye Baishan’s body, instantly making Baishan’s complexion flush, ashamed and embarrassed.

He stood up hard, then lowered his head in shame:

“Sorry, father! I… didn’t find a plan!”


As soon as these words came out, the entire main hall was instantly exploded.

The ridicule of a famous senior and the Bai family continued one after another. Everyone looked at Baishan as if they were watching a joke.

The complexion of Grandpa Bai became even more sullen:

“Trash! The third child, do you and your family eat free food at my white house?”

“And your trash son-in-law, who made my Bai family a joke in Quanjiang City! What’s the use of keeping you guys!!!”

Heard this!

The boss Haibai couldn’t help but smile, and then stood up, pretending to be heartbroken, and said:

“Father! The third child is really not suitable for business! Why not let the family surrender their duties, and then find a place to live quietly!”


Elvira and Bai Shan changed their faces.

Naturally, they could hear that the uncle Haibai was going to drive their family out of the Bai family and expel the Bai family group!

Not only the uncle!

The second master Shirakawa also stood up and said:

“Father, I agree with my eldest brother! Elvira’s husband is known as the most trash door-to-door son-in-law in Jiang City. Our Bai family has been laughed at for three years! It is time for them to make a living!”

At this moment, seeing the uncle and the second master in their early days, the rest of the Bai family and senior officials also stood up and responded.

Almost unanimously, the Baishan family, especially Shaun, will be expelled from the family!

See this scene!

Grandpa Bai’s complexion was uncertain.

However, when he thought of Shaun, the door-to-door son-in-law, his anger burst instantly, and he wanted to stand up and announce that he would expel the Baishan family!

However, he has not yet waited for the Grandpa Bai to speak out.

The cousin Bai Yan jumped out and began to fall into trouble:

“Grandpa, I agree with everyone! That Shaun is too much! It’s a pure waste, and today he is still playing tricks! You say it is ridiculous!”


As if humiliating Elvira, Bai Yan picked up the toilet paper full of words and waved it at Elvira:

“Did you see it? This is what Shaun wrote when he was sh!t in the toilet!”

“Hahaha… Elvira, your good husband! Even if you sh!t, you don’t forget to pretend to be forced! What kind of sh!t resurrection pill! He is afraid that his brain has fun? Haha…”

When Bai Yan said this, the whole room burst into laughter!


When the three words’Resurrection Pill’ fell in the ears of Grandpa Bai and Gao, the bodies of the two old men trembled fiercely!

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