Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

In the morning

Inside the ancestral home of the Bai family, the excitement is extraordinary!

A high-ranking member of the Bai Group sat down and discussed.

This time the outbreak of the AS pneumonia virus was a disaster for the residents of Jiang City, but it was a rare opportunity for the pharmaceutical group!

If anyone can develop a method to treat AS pneumonia, it will be able to monopolize the drug market in Jiang City and the surrounding major cities in almost a short time!

Especially within the Baishi Group!

Uncle Baihai, Erye Shirakawa, Sanye Baishan!

Of these three, who can find a cure, then the prestige and right to speak within the group in the future is self-evident.

“Have you heard? Uncle Haibai found a master of Chinese medicine and prepared an ancient prescription, which can eliminate the AS pneumonia virus for a month! Although it will relapse, it is already extremely rare!”

“Haha… Erye Shirakawa is also good! He has found a lot of Chinese and foreign medical experts and prepared medicines, which are said to be able to inhibit the AS virus in half a month!”

“Hey, Master Baihai and Second Master Baichuan are indeed the pillars of the Bai Family Group! But our third master Baishan, this time is miserable! It is said that the masters of Chinese medicine and foreign experts he invited failed! I don’t know, How did he explain to the Grandpa Bai today!”


Many high-level discussions from the Bai Group are full of noise.

Among them, the most talked about are Uncle Haibai and Er Ye Bai Chuan. Almost everyone knows that they have developed a method that can suppress the virus in a short time.

Although there is no cure, it can only suppress the virus for a short time, but it is already commendable!

in contrast!

Sanye Baishan was not welcome in the first place, and this failure has become a ridicule for everyone around him.

Listen to the laughter around!

Bai Shan couldn’t help but clenched his fist, his face was full of bitterness and loss.

He was ready to be scolded by the Grandpa Bai.

Behind Baishan, Elvira couldn’t help but feel distressed looking at the lonely figure of her father.

“This time, maybe our family will be kicked out of the Bai family?”

In Elvira’s mind, she could not help but think of Shaun.

“If that guy is here, I wonder if a miracle will happen?”

Elvira thought of this and couldn’t help but shook her head.

This time, who is not an expert in traditional Chinese and Western medicine, but Shaun’s performance last night made her shine, but he is not a god, how can he understand medicine?


In the midst of the noise, line after line of figures walked in.

“Hahaha… Youngest, how did you get this time? Have you found a prescription?”

There was a hearty laughter, and I saw the uncle Haibai and the second master Bai Chuan coming side by side.

Behind the two, followed their children.

It’s just that these people, one by one looking at Elvira and Bai Shan, are full of ridicule and contempt.

“Big…Big brother! Second brother!” Bai Shan was slightly surprised, and quickly stood up and said hello.

Look at the appearance of Baishan!

A touch of sarcasm flashed through the eyes of the uncle and the second master.

“Okay! Sit down!”

Uncle Haibai patted Bai Shan on the shoulder and said with a smile:

“Even if I didn’t find a cure, I would be scolded by my father at most! It doesn’t matter!”

As he said, Haibai pointed behind him, his son Harper said proudly:

“I’m also thanks to Harper! It was he who came out in person, invited a master of Chinese medicine, and developed an inhibitory prescription! Just now, the Grandpa Bai was still complimenting Harper for being able to do!

Although Haibai’s words were comforting Baishan, the implication was to show off his son Harper.


Upon hearing this, a famous senior around him stood up and started flattering.

In those voices, there was a deep fascination and flattery!

In the face of everyone’s flattery, uncle Haibai and his son Harper, their faces were full of pride and joy.

It’s more than that!

A young girl stepped forward and said to Elvira:

“Yeah! Our shrewd and capable cousin, why didn’t you help our third uncle this time! Aren’t you known as the No. 1 beauty in Jiang City? If you go out, I am afraid that countless masters of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine will worship you. Under your pomegranate skirt!”

The girl’s words were extremely bitter.

Suddenly Elvira was slightly angry:

“Bai Yan, don’t go too far!”

The girl in front of her, named Bai Yan, was the daughter of her second uncle Baichuan.

She has been jealous of Elvira, jealous of Elvira’s beauty, jealous of Elvira’s education, and even more of Elvira’s ability since she was a child.

Even before, for the position of the general manager of the Bai Group were Elvira and Bai Yan as two candidates.

In the end, Bai Yan lost to her cousin Elvira.

This made her resentment towards Elvira to the extreme.

And now!

“Hmph! Elvira, what if I’m too much!” Bai Yan stared at Elvira, full of provocation:

“This time, I contacted a western medical expert from abroad and developed a virus-inhibiting medicine in one hand! Grandpa praised me just now!”

“And what about you? What did you do! And your trash husband! In addition to making our Bai family ridiculed, you can only eat and die!”

“I see, you and your waste husband, I’m afraid they will get out of the Bai family after today! Hahaha…”

Bai Yan laughed wildly!

At the moment, she and her father and others sat down one after another.

See this scene!

The corners of Baishan’s mouth are bitter and richer.

He and Elvira have already felt the malice from the uncle and the second family. Obviously, they want to use this incident to drive their family out of the Bai family!

Thought of this!

Bai Shan couldn’t help but shook his head with a wry smile, but at this moment, he was taken aback.

Because he suddenly remembered Shaun’s words last night.


Bai Shan touched his pocket immediately, and immediately took out a ball of toilet paper.

This toilet paper has been crumpled, and on it is written with a line of words:

‘Resurrection Pill

Preparation: Bai Suzi 10g, Solanum 8g, Gallus gallus domesticus 5g…’

The words above are densely packed, with a kind of medicinal material and the number of grams of each kind of medicinal material used!

See this scene!

Baishan stayed for a while, and Elvira behind him couldn’t help but asked in confusion:

“Father, where did this came from?”

“Resurrection Pill? What is this? How to write it on toilet paper?”

Elvira was puzzled.

Hearing this, Bai Shan couldn’t help but smiled and said:

“This seems to be what Shaun wrote in the bathroom last night! He specifically explained to me when we were drinking and took it out today!”


Shaun wrote in the bathroom?

Elvira’s head was a little confused.

However, before she could say anything, Bai Yan, the cousin next to her, apparently saw this scene and snatched the pile of toilet paper.

“Yeah! Do you still play tricks? It seems that my brother-in-law is not useless?”

Bai Yan’s face was full of deep sarcasm, and then looking at the words on it, she said:

“Resurrection Pill! My God, the name of the secondary school! Can it really be a life and death, flesh and blood, and it is impossible to resurrect!”

“And this formula: Bai Suzi, Solanum, Gallus gallus domesticus…Hahaha, what are these things!”


Bai Yan waved the toilet paper in her hand and laughed at the crowd and said:

“Hahaha… have you seen it? This is my trash brother-in-law Shaun’s tricks for my third uncle! Resurrection pill!”


As soon as this remark came out, all the senior leaders of the Bai Group were in an uproar.

They have naturally heard of Shaun!

The most famous moth and waste of the Bai family!

The son-in-law who has no job, no ability, washes clothes and cooks every day!

Suddenly, everyone around burst into laughter:

“Hahaha… Elvira, has your husband who reads too many novels? He even played the trick!”

“Yeah! What the hell is the Resurrection Pill? Could it be that he thought that his handwritten gadgets could be compared with those developed by masters of Chinese medicine and Western medicine? This is too overwhelming!”

“Haha… it was written in the toilet! This Shaun is really amazing!”


The ridicule and discussion around, one after another!

Suddenly Baishan and Elvira’s complexion was ugly to the extreme.

Just now!

Everyone didn’t know that outside the main hall, the two old men came slowly.

They are talking seriously-the resurrection pill!

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