Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Mercedes-Benz car, slowly driving on the road.

Just Elvira in the passenger seat, her expression was full of complexity and trance.

Until this moment, she still felt like a dream.

Blood Rose!

Tiger Lord!

Two evils!

Each of these roles is definitely not her small general manager of the Bai Group, she can be compared.

But now, these big men are actually in awe of her husband.

This makes Elvira unbelievable.

She turned her head and looked at Shaun’s face while driving quietly, feeling more and more that her husband seemed to be wearing a mysterious veil, making her completely unpredictable.

“Wife, what’s the matter?” Shaun asked with a smile as if sensing Elvira’s expression.

“Shaun, tell me the truth, have you really saved Blood Rose?”

Elvira looked at Shaun seriously.

People like Blood Rose are not the same in the world as like them. Elvira couldn’t imagine that Shaun would be the savior of the big sister.

Heard this!

Shaun couldn’t help but smiled:

“That was ten years ago! At that time, I was just doing my own thing. It was an unintentional act to save her!”

This sentence made Elvira slightly relieved.

For some reason, she still didn’t want her husband to have a relationship with the mysterious woman:

“That’s good! This time, Blood Rose helped you, and it can be regarded as repaying your life-saving grace!”

“From now on, we will not owe each other!”

Having said this, Elvira frowned slightly, and said in confusion:

“As for Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, what’s the matter?”

“How do you look at them, I seem to be afraid of you!”

Elvira couldn’t understand.

After all, Shaun smashed the Lamborghini into a pile of scrap iron, according to the two evil characters, without frantic revenge, it was already a kindness, how could they ask for Shaun’s forgiveness.

Thought of this.

Elvira couldn’t help but asked in confusion:

“Shaun, do you know Tianlong Xu, chairman of Tianlong Group?”

“I don’t know!” Shaun smiled slightly:

“How can a person of that level be known to me!”

Hearing this, Elvira nodded.

She also knew that Tianlong Xu was a stomping and trembling character in Jiang City, and it was indeed not someone Shaun was qualified to know.

However, Elvira did not know.

What Shaun meant was that Tianlong Xu was a young guy like Tianlong Xu, who was not qualified to know him!

In the eyes of Shaun.

Tianlong Xu is nothing but a slightly larger ant, nothing more.


The Mercedes Benz drove into the Liyuan Mansion, which is also the home of Shaun and Elvira.

As soon as they walked in, Shaun saw mother-in-law Paula and father-in-law Baishan, talking with a heavy face.

Seeing the two coming back, his father-in-law Baishan couldn’t help but smile:

“Shaun Lin, you are back! Have you eaten yet?”

In the Bai family, the best attitude towards Shaun was his father-in-law Baishan.

However, before Shaun could reply, his mother-in-law Paula snorted and cursed:

“Humph! This trash goes to Elvira’s classmates meeting. It must be squeezed out. How could it be possible to eat!”

With that said, mother-in-law Paula pointed to the kitchen and said coldly:

“Shaun, I left some leftovers for you, you can eat it yourself! Wash the dishes after eating!”


Hearing this, Elvira’s pretty face showed a touch of anger, and immediately wanted to quarrel with her mother.

But Shaun waved his hand:

“it is good!”

At the moment, Shaun walked towards the bathroom, but when he passed the kitchen, he couldn’t help but glanced inside.

He suddenly saw that there were leftovers on the table. It was obviously fried, two delicate side dishes.

Especially, it’s still hot.

There is no need to ask, Shaun also knows that this is his mother-in-law Paula, who is worried that he will be excluded from eating in the class reunion.

This scene warmed Shaun’s heart.

He understood that Paula was a bit sour and mean, but he was a knife-mouthed tofu heart.

No matter how vicious it was, her heart was extremely kind, and she really treated Shaun as her family.

“Don’t worry! I will make you proud of me!”

Shaun smiled slightly, and immediately went to wash his hands.

And as soon as he walked into the bathroom, he heard the three people from the Bai family talking outside.

“Dad! Mom! What’s the matter with you? A frown? Could something happen?” Elvira asked.

And hear this!

Bai Shan sighed and did not reply. Instead, mother-in-law Paula said emotionally:

“It’s not the company’s business! Recently, Jiang City and several surrounding cities have all been circulating a new type of AS pneumonia! Major hospitals and pharmaceutical groups are all studying treatment options!”

“Your grandfather asked your dad and your two uncles to find experts and formulate medicines! Who can be the first to prepare them, then the status of the group will be greatly improved!”

“I heard today that your uncle found a master of traditional Chinese medicine and formulated a treatment prescription! Your second uncle invited Western medical experts to formulate a western medicine plan!”

“Only your father has nothing! Tomorrow will be the Bai Family Council. By then, your father will definitely be scolded to death by your grandpa!”

There was a deep sense of helplessness in Paula’s voice.

Baishi Group is a comprehensive group in several industries including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and clothing.

Within the group!

The Grandpa Bai of the Bai family has the highest status!

Secondly, the three brothers such as Baishan.

However, the uncle and the second uncle’s family control almost 80% of the resources of the group, while the Baishan and Elvira family have the worst treatment and are often excluded and suppressed.

If it is not for the excellent business ability of Elvira, the cosmetics company will be prosperous.

The Baishan family is afraid that they have been expelled from the Bai Family Group long ago!

But even so!

If it is tomorrow, Baishan cannot come up with an effective treatment plan, then he will still be crazily suppressed by the uncle and the second family, and his status will be worrying.

“AS pneumonia?”

In the bathroom, Shaun’s eyes flashed.

He naturally knew that this type of pneumonia claimed hundreds of thousands of lives on the African continent, and was listed as one of the’ten most deadly infectious diseases’ by the global medical community!

That year, it caused global panic, and even the members of the blood prison were infected.

At that time, countless top medical experts gathered in Africa and developed for several months, but there was no complete cure.


Shaun relied on the “Bone Medical Book” taught to him by the old guy to develop the “Resurrection Pill”, which was formulated using 72 kinds of Chinese medicine to completely kill the AS virus and save the blood prison and countless people!

It’s just that Shaun didn’t expect that this virus would begin to spread in Jiangshi after many years!

Thought of this!

Without hesitation, Shaun took out the eyebrow pencil from Elvira’s cosmetic bag, then pulled a piece of toilet paper, and started writing.

five minutes later!

After Shaun washed his hands, he walked out of the bathroom.

“Shaun Lin, come and have a drink with me!” Bai Shan sat in the kitchen, seemingly in a bad mood, and immediately greeted Shaun.

Hearing this, Shaun nodded and sat down opposite his father-in-law Baishan.

One old and one young, the two drank together.

Baishan has a cowardly character.

In the Bai family, he has been living in the shadow of the Grandpa Bai and the two uncles, and has been squeezed out almost every day.

Shaun quietly listened to his father-in-law’s complaints and unwillingness.

Cup after cup!

And just as Baishan drank more and more vigorously, Shaun put the toilet paper in his hand into his pocket:

“Dad, remember to touch your pocket at the meeting tomorrow!”


Bai Shan was taken aback. He only saw Shaun giving himself a ball of toilet paper, but he didn’t find anything wrong.

“Shaun Lin, you don’t have to worry about it! Although Dad has no skills, he can still feed you and Elvira!”

“Don’t worry! Even if we are expelled from Bai’s house in the future, we can still live as we go back to open a steamed bun shop!”

Baishan is crying and laughing!

But somehow!

Shaun’s words seemed to have a kind of magical power, deeply penetrated into his mind, and echoed endlessly.

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