Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

“He… how could he be Mr. Lin?”

“How could it be the savior of the Blood Rose?”

At this moment, Wen Qian only felt that her worldview was completely subverted.

Before, she was full of disgust and contempt for Shaun.

Even, she once suspected that the worst and most trash man in the world was Shaun.

And now!

The person who took out the Skeleton King Card is Shaun!

Shaun is the one to subdue the two evils!

Now, the savior of Blood Rose is Shaun!


Wen Qian’s face was as white as paper, and she sank down on the ground as if she had lost her strength.

She looked at Shaun’s delicate face with an unfamiliar sense of strangeness and mystery.

Not only Wen Qian!

At this moment, Elvira looked at the group of thugs in suits who were bowing to Shaun, and was also shocked to cover her mouth.

She suddenly found out!

My husband seems to be a thousand times more mysterious than I thought, ten thousand times!

“Shaun, I don’t know how many secrets you still have!”

The corners of Elvira’s mouth turned from consternation to bitterness. Looking at Shaun’s beautiful eyes, there was also a touch of complexity.

She only discovered bitterly!

I don’t understand Shaun at all!

And at the moment.

Shaun ignored the shock of everyone.

Until this moment, he slowly got off the sofa and stood up.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The moment Shaun stood up, everyone saw that dozens of big men in suits headed by Master Tiger, swept their bodies and bowed again, their statures became even lower.

In awe!


It is as if Shaun is their most idol.

However, Shaun didn’t even look at Hu Ye and the others.

With a turn of his eyes, he stared at Wen Qian, a touch of sorrow appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“You should be lucky! If you weren’t Elvira’s bestfriend, then Lin Guangyao would be your fate!”


In a word, Wen Qian almost scared to pee.

Deep fear and panic appeared in her heart, especially Shaun’s gaze. Wen Qian only felt that Shaun was looking at her, as like he was looking at an ant crawler.

So contempt!

So disdain!

“Elvira, let’s go!”

Shaun immediately turned his head, smiled at Elvira, and then took Elvira with a dull face and walked slowly out of the hall.

And behind the two!

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, the two evil young men, followed carefully, like doglegs.

See this scene!

Heihu and the others, swiftly brushing, bowed to Shaun’s back again:

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!!!”

“Send Mr. Lin respectfully!!!”


The voice of awe resounded in the hall.

It wasn’t until Shaun and others disappeared completely at the door that Wen Qian discovered that all the Black Tigers and all the old classmates had quietly left.

In the whole hall, she and Lin Guangyao were the only ones left, like two mourning dogs, no one took care of them.

“Wen…Wen Qian, what shall we do in the future?” Lin Guangyao lay on the ground like a dead dog.

There was horror and despair on his face.

What to do?

Wen Qian’s pretty face was as ugly as dead gray.

She never dreamed that she would become a joke, while Shaun, a trash, had become an idol.

“What else can I do! Lin Guangyao, if you want to be a man, bring Shaun down! Step on him!”

“Don’t forget! He personally admitted that he stole the Skeleton King Card! Although the Blood Rose, because of Shaun’s life-saving grace, helped him cover it! But if this matter is stabbed to the top of the Shengshi Group, what will it be? situation?”

A trace of viciousness appeared in Wen Qian’s eyes.

But her words were like an initiation to Lin Guangyao!

That’s right!

The owner of that skeleton emperor card is definitely the top boss of the Shengshi Group!

In front of that kind of boss.

Neither the Blood Rose nor the two major evils are worth mentioning.


But Shaun personally admitted that he stole the card.

So once this incident is revealed, even if it is a Blood Rose, it cannot be covered up.

Thinking of this, feeling the severe pain of broken limbs again, Lin Guangyao’s eyes flashed like a wild beast:

“Wen Qian, you are right! Rest assured, Lin Guangyao swears that I will report this matter to the highest level of Shengshi Group!”

“Shaun, must die!”

Crazy voices resounded in the empty hall!

However, the two did not know!

Their conversation fell into the ears of the two dark shadows on the third floor of the Shengshi Club.

These two shadows are the Blood Rose slowly tasting the wine, and the black tiger silently guarding behind her.

When they heard the two, they were actually cursing Shaun, Black Tiger’s eyes suddenly flashed a smear of killing opportunity:

“Sister, do you want me to kill these two people?”

For the black tiger!

Killing Lin Guangyao and Wen Qian is as simple as trampling on two bugs.



Blood Rose shook her head faintly, and a playful arc appeared in the corner of her mouth:

“Ahu, for such two insignificant little reptiles, the BOSS won’t care!”

“Furthermore, you said they sent this matter to the top of the group. What would happen?”


Heihu was startled slightly, then as if he understood something, he suddenly smiled:

“Sister, I understand! For this kind of ants, the higher they climb, the more desperate they will be!”

“Because of them, they never know how terrifying the BOSS is!”

The ants thought they saw the whole world!

But I don’t know, it’s just a scale of the dragon!

That’s it!

The Blood Rose gently shook the red wine in the glass, and then drank it all.

Her pretty face became more and more glamorous:

“The horror of BOSS is unpredictable! Let them, in despair, die slowly!”

at the same time!

The entrance of the clubhouse!

Ziheng Xu and Tian Zhang, two evil youngsters, led a group of younger brothers and subordinates, and bowed and saluted to a Mercedes-Benz car slowly driving away.

It wasn’t until Shaun’s Mercedes-Benz gradually went away that the two of them slowly straightened their bodies.

“Brother Ziheng! What kind of person is this Mr. Lin! I really didn’t expect that not only our master terrified of him, even the Blood Rose bears his life-saving grace!”

Tian Zhang’s face was still full of shock.

It was the first time he saw that Lord Tiger would treat someone with such respect and respect.

Especially this person!

Or the infamous waste son-in-law before.

Heard this!

Ziheng Xu was also in a trance, only feeling like a dream:

“No matter what status Mr. Lin has, he is an existence we can’t afford to provoke!”


Ziheng Xu turned his head, looked at the many younger brothers and subordinates behind him, and shouted with a harsh expression:

“You remembered it clearly for Ben Shao! If anyone dared to provoke Mr. Lin, Ben Shao must make him better than dead!!!”

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