Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Black Tiger!

When I saw the big man in the suit, whether it was Ziheng Xu or Tian Zhang, they all felt a tingling scalp.

Although they are called the two evils, they are not that no one dares to provoke them.

Among them, the Shengshi Club is an exception!

Blood Rose, black and white hands and eyes open to the sky.

And Black Tiger was the terrifying and ruthless man who ruled the boxing world in Bajiang City three years ago.

Not to mention them, Ziheng Xu knew that even if his father Tianlong Xu was here, the black tiger would not have the slightest affection.

Da da da!

At this moment, headed by Heihu, with dozens of big men in suits, stepped forward.

The neat and uniform footsteps and the ferocious maliciousness made Ziheng Xu and everyone else tremble with fear.

That’s it!

Could it be that people like Heihu already knew that the Skeleton King Card was stolen by Shaun and came to catch people?

Thinking of this, Elvira and everyone else looked like earthy faces.

“Mr. Lin, you go! Tian Zhang and I still have a bit of face, try to hold the black tiger!” At this moment, Ziheng Xu, with sweat on his forehead, urged Shaun.

Although he was afraid of Heihu, he was even more afraid of his own master.

Shaun, but his own master is afraid of people whom he respects. If he makes Shaun have an accident, Ziheng Xu can be sure that he will be stripped alive.

“Mr. Lin, hurry up! We can’t last long!” Tian Zhang also urged.

And see this scene!

Elvira’s pretty face became paler and paler, and she couldn’t help turning to look at Shaun, seeming to be asking for his opinion.


What made everyone unbelievable was that Shaun was unmoved.

He was still sitting on the sofa quietly, watching what was happening before him indifferently.

It’s like all of this has nothing to do with him!


This scene caused an uproar in the surrounding people.

Pretending to be?


Wen Qian and others looked at Shaun one by one, as if looking at a fool.

Could it be that he thought that such a ruthless person like Heihu wouldn’t dare to kill him?

In an instant, Wen Qian and all her old classmates evaded one by one, as if Shaun had a plague, for fear of being affected.

And Lin Guangyao is ecstatic:

“Master Tiger! You came here just in time!”

He hurried to the front of Heihu and the others, then pointed at Shaun on the sofa, and said with a bitter expression on his face:

“That guy, daring, he just admitted personally that he stole the skull card!”

“You must not let him go!”

Lin Guangyao’s voice was vicious.


Hearing this, Heihu’s footsteps suddenly stopped, and then a playful look appeared on his face, and he asked curiously:

“According to your opinion, how will you deal with it?”

Hearing this, Lin Guangyao was overjoyed. He immediately thought that Heihu was seeking his own opinions and said quickly:

“Of course he broke this guy’s legs! Humph! He even dared to steal the Skeleton Card from the Shengshi Clubhouse. He didn’t know whether to live or die! He must be punished severely to try to follow suit!”

chopped off legs!

Lin Guangyao’s words caused Elvira and others to change their expressions.

They never thought that their squad leader could be so cruel and vicious.

You know, just not long ago, it was Shaun’s skeleton card that saved his life, but now this person even bites back in a blink of an eye, it’s crazy.

“Are you sure?” Heihu looked at Lin Guangyao with a strange face.

But this sentence made Lin Guangyao’s heart a little bit ache.

Could it be?

Dissatisfied with breaking your legs?

Thinking of this, Lin Guangyao couldn’t help but said cautiously:

“If Tiger Lord is not satisfied, then break this person’s hands and feet? How?”


Spicy and cruel!

Hearing this, Heihu nodded in satisfaction:

“Breaking hands and feet, it sounds good! Okay, let’s do it!”

In a word, the whole hall suddenly became chaotic.

Elvira, Ziheng Xu and others were all ugly, and their expressions were extremely nervous.

However, Lin Guangyao, Wen Qian and others were smiling.


Is this waste finally going to be punished?

Lin Guangyao’s mouth was full of laughter. He pointed to Shaun and said with a grim face:

“Little bastard, did you see it? The master you killed lost his job and couldn’t get a foothold in Jiang City! And now, you are quickly disabled! Hahaha…”

The pleasure on Lin Guangyao’s face was extremely rich.

Especially, with a wave of the black tiger!

Suddenly several big men in suits stepped out.

However, what made Lin Guangyao and the others unbelievable was that these big men did not walk towards Shaun, but grabbed Lin Guangyao’s arm and pushed him to the ground.


When Lin Guangyao looked like a dog and was thrown to the ground, he was stunned.

“You…what are you doing! Shaun is over there, I am Lin Guangyao!”

“Let go, let go! Lord Tiger, what’s going on?”

Lin Guangyao was completely stunned.

However, no matter how hard he struggles, the palms of those big men are as hard as iron tongs, and they won’t move at all!


“what happened?”

At this moment, the black tiger’s eyes turned, staring at Lin Guangyao, a brutal arc appeared at the corner of his mouth:

“Isn’t that what you asked for? Broken hand and foot?”


Lin Guangyao was dumbfounded.

Not only him, but everyone besides Wen Qian, Elvira, Ziheng Xu, etc., could hardly believe their eyes.

It’s more than that!

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that the black tiger took a baseball bat from a strong man.

Without the slightest hesitation, facing Lin Guangyao’s hands and feet, he smashed it down!



The sound of broken bones, accompanied by screams like killing pigs, resounded in the hall.

Sad and desperate.

When the black tiger stopped the movement in his hand, Lin Guangyao’s limbs were completely broke, he was like a cooked lobster, arched, lying on the ground.

His mouth kept roaring desperate and terrified pain.

How could this be?

Lin Guangyao is unbelievable, Elvira and others are equally unbelievable.


Heihu threw the baseball bat, and then led dozens of big men in black to walk towards Shaun again.

That fierce air makes people tremble.


Until these people came to Shaun, when Elvira and others were nervously unable to speak!

All of them bowed!

“I’ll wait, I would like to thank Mr. Schelling for the life-saving grace of the elder sister!!!”

Black Tiger’s voice is loud, just like Hong Zhong!

Throughout the hall, the echoes continued.

The meaning of this sentence makes everyone struck by lightning.


Save… a life-saving grace?


In an instant, Elvira, Wen Qian and others all reacted.

They finally knew who the’Mr. Lin’ in the box was referring to?


It is Shaun who is qualified to let the Blood Rose serve the precious brew!

Shaun is also qualified to let the Blood Rose come to toast!

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