Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

Xinxin Kindergarten in the north of the city.

As soon as Jason arrived in kindergarten, he was warmly welcomed by teachers and classmates.

“Derek, I brought new toys today. Would you like to play with me?”

“Derek, shall we play games together?”


Jason looked at the cute children and nodded at them.

Derek’s personality is likable, and Jason is happy for Derek from the heart.

Jason wanted to know which kid was his sister Faith, because he hadn’t met Faith yet, and he was very curious about this sister who had never met.

“Derek, your sister is crying.” Suddenly a kid ran over, and ran to the flower stand in the kindergarten with Jason.

Hearing that Faith was crying, Jason’s face showed a trace of worry.

Why is she crying?

Because he never cried, daddy taught him: men don’t flick when they have tears!

So Jason felt that Faith would cry because he must have encountered a huge problem.

When the children brought Jason to Faith, Jason was stunned.

Faith held a snail, crying like a cat. “Woohoo, I trampled on the snail’s house, what should I do?”

The battle is full of black lines.

However, Faith’s mummy-like face looks so cute. Those round eyes, exquisite and lovely mouth, and the small and tall nose looked like a doll, and Jason germinated his brother’s desire for protection.

He stepped forward, patted Faith’s shoulder, and said softly, “Don’t cry. A snail’s shell can grow back if it is broken.”

Faith burst into tears and laughed, and carefully put the snail on the grass, and said to the snail very gently and carefully, “Little snail, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. You go find your mommy, or you will get it if it rains.” It’s raining.”

The little snail crawled slowly, crawling into the depths of the grass.

After arranging where the snail would go, Faith suddenly stretched out her hand to hug Jason’s neck and said happily, “Thank you, brother.”

Jason was a little overwhelmed by Faith’s enthusiasm. He has never liked being touched by strangers, others can’t touch his clothes, let alone such intimate contact.

If it had been before, Jason would definitely push this person away madly. But being held by Faith, Jason felt that he was an elder brother and could not bully his younger sister.

Besides, his sister was holding him, he didn’t seem to be so disgusted.

Faith hugged Jason, then stretched out her finger and hooked Jason’s hand to the classroom. He happily said, “Derek, Mommy doesn’t have to go to work today. She will pick us up on time after school, right?”

Jason frowned and corrected Faith’s name with a black face, “Call me brother.”

Faith pouted her mouth and looked at Jason in a puzzled way, “I used to call you Derek, and you have no objection. Why do you want me to call you brother today?”

Jason was stern, slandering inside, because I am not Derek. But he said, “It’s not big or small.”

Faith is the most considerate baby angel. Seeing that his brother is unhappy, she immediately convinced him, “Okay, okay, you don’t like me calling your name, then I will call your brother from now on!”

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