Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 39

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Chapter 39

Jason was slightly startled, Faith’s uninspiring character, if it happened to someone else, Jason would look down on that person very much. But when it happened to Faith, Jason inexplicably felt that his sister was so cute.

The two brothers and sisters came to the classroom, and the teacher distributed drawing paper and pens for each child. Jason painted a portrait of Mummy, probably because Jason’s character is more calm. In the field of painting, he has shown talent beyond Derek and Faith since he was a child.

Faith saw that the mummy painted by her brother is very beautiful, and begged Jason, “Brother, the mummy you painted is so beautiful. Can you draw one for me?”

Jason nodded, “Yeah.”

When the teacher received his homework, he was amazed when he saw Jason’s words, “Derek, your painting has improved a lot.”

In order to reward “Derek”, the teacher gave “Derek” an extra bag of Oreo cookies.

Jason handed the biscuits to Faith, “Do you like it?”

Faith happily took it, opened Oreo, and the first piece was stuffed into Jason’s mouth. “Brother, you eat first.”

Then Faith shared the remaining biscuits with other children. When it was her turn, the cookies were gone. Faith happily said, “Mommy said that good things should be shared with her friends.”

Other children took out the delicious snacks in their schoolbags to share with Faith.

Jason and Faith spent a very happy day in the kindergarten.

When school was over, Jason was a little worried. I will see Mommy soon, I wonder if Mommy will recognize him? If Mommy recognizes him, will he not welcome her?

After all, Derek is such a likable child.

Between him and Derek, Mommy will definitely choose Derek, right?

In order to prevent Mommy from recoggirlng himself, after seeing Grace, Jason worked hard to squeeze a bright smile at her.

Grace didn’t notice anything, so she brought the two Mengbao home.

After the thrilling school life was over, Jason was a little worried that Derek would not be able to deal with his domineering classmates. So he secretly sent a text message to Derek to greet him,

“How about you?”

Derek returned almost in seconds, showing off his record, “I’m fine, I helped you teach those little overlords, and let Daddy dismiss your snobbery teacher.”

A smile appeared at the corner of Jason’s mouth.

In the evening, Jacob brought his son to his grandparents’ home as scheduled.

In order to welcome the “War Sui”, grandparents prepared many delicious fruit points on the coffee table. The dinner is also very rich, and the long dining table is full.

The unmarried sister-in-law Janice lay lazily on the sofa and talked coldly, “Dad, mom, you two elders just rest. The food you cook is the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, and Janice will not take a bite. I don’t understand. Why don’t you let Auntie cook? Your two elders should also appreciate your little ancestor?”

Jacob looked at “Jason,” and said solemnly: “Jas, what my aunt said makes sense. Grandparents are so old and still have to cook by themselves. You can enjoy your face today, OK?”

Derek looked at a table of delicious food, thinking that these were all cooked for him by his elderly grandparents, Derek was so moved that his eyes were red.

He ran to his grandparents and bowed to the two elders, “Thank you grandparents for the dinner. I like them very much.”

Jason is usually silent. Likes and dislikes are hidden in the heart, joy and anger are invisible.

Derek’s actions immediately stunned everyone in the room so that their eyes were about to fall to the ground.

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