Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

Janice jumped up from the sofa with excitement, and squeezed and squeezed Derek’s face, “Let my aunt see, is this really my little ancestor with eyes on the back of his head?”

Derek neither looked angry nor angry about Janice’s “abuse”, but squeezed a harmless smile at Janice.

Janice was shocked and yelled again and again, “Jue Zhan Han, I’m sure that your son was taken away.”

Jacob slapped the back of Janice’s forehead, and reprimanded in a cold voice, “Let you read less of those absurd crossing novels. Talking is getting less and less reliable.”

Although grandparents couldn’t agree with Janice’s absurd point of view, they also felt that the grandson looked like he had been taken away.

During the meal, grandparents put a lot of dishes in Derek’s bowl. Derek always refuses to come, and will politely thank his grandparents: “Thank you grandpa, thank you grandma.”

Although such “Jason” is very cute and likable, Jacob always feels that something is wrong.

Probably the whole family is accustomed to Jason’s indifference. Suddenly, Jason’s style of painting suddenly changed, from a cool and handsome baby who refused to be thousands of miles away to become a cute baby. Hana sees the sunshine baby in the car when driving by. Difficult to comply.

Except Janice!

Grandpa and grandma were worried about the great changes in their grandchildren. Grandpa began to scold his son inexplicably, “Jacob, don’t be busy with work every day. Why did Jason suddenly become like this? You know the reason. ?”

Jacob looked at the “Jason” who was immersed in the rice. Such self-reliant “Jason” made him terribly strange. But “Jason” was right in front of him, still with those clear eyes, that tall and straight nose…Even though he was so clever, he couldn’t guess the origin of his son’s great change.

Derek smiled in his heart as he listened to the conversation of the adults. Didn’t Daddy know that he had two sons?

However, Janice liked Jason’s changes very much, and patted Derek on the head, encouraging “Jason” to continue to carry forward. “Oh, it’s an eye-opener, and I can speak polite words in Jason’s mouth. Jason, tell aunt quickly, who cured your autism? Auntie will have to give her a good reward someday.”

In order to get Daddy and Mommy back together, Derek decided to use his three-inch tongue to create opportunities for Daddy and Mommy to contact.

“It’s Grace. Grace told me that the world is big, but there are not many people who are good to us. Therefore, we must be grateful to those who treat us kindly. Grandparents, Grace is the aunt my daddy invited me. She is not only beautiful, but also very gentle. She can draw, program, and make Lego…Anyway, there is no such thing in this world that she can’t. Things.” Derek praised Grace so much that he was almost singing the praises.

When the grandparents on the opposite side and Janice next to them heard Grace’s name, their chopsticks all fell on the table.

Grace was still alive, and the news shocked them.

“Jacob, what Jason said is true?” Grandpa asked.

Speaking of Grace, Jacob’s good mood disappeared, and he nodded silently, “Hmm!”

This meal ended in silence and depression.

Grandpa stood up and said to Jacob, “You come up with me, I have something to tell you.”

Jacob followed his father to the study. The old man sat on his mahogany armchair. After a long sigh, he looked at his son like a torch, and said painfully:

“Jacob, I know you don’t like her, but she is Jason’s mother after all, and you have seen the changes she brought to Jason. That is the maternal love that no other woman can give. I hope you can abandon the love to her Prejudice, think about the compound problem with her.”

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