Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

Jacob refused without hesitation: “Dad, she has already married again, and she also has her own children. She can’t give Jason all the maternal love. I hope you conceal that she is Jason’s mommy. Don’t give Jason to Jason. Hope, finally disappointed Jason.”

The old man looked at his angry son and exhorted, “Jacob, even if you hate her, she is the mother who died in battle, and the relationship between mother and child is the connection you can’t stop. Why don’t you open your heart and let them recognize each other? It’s for the battle.”

Coming out of the old man’s study, Jacob’s mood was particularly complicated.

It was too late when he left the house of grandparents. Jacob walked out of the villa holding Derek with one hand. Derek enthusiastically bid farewell to his grandparents, “Goodbye, grandpa, goodbye grandma. Goodbye, aunt.”

After bidding farewell to his grandparents, Derek hugged Daddy’s neck. Daddy’s strength is so great that he can easily pick him up with one hand. Derek enjoys the feeling of being daddy very much.

“Daddy, I want to ride high!” Derek used to see other children riding on Daddy’s neck and was very envious. Today I finally have the opportunity to experience it.

Jacob’s face narrowed slightly, “Grace taught you?”

Derek nodded, “Yeah.”

Jacob thought of her petite body, and the five-year-old Jason riding on her neck, should she be too tired?

As everyone knows, the height of Derek’s mom is a long time ago.

“Come on.” Jacob placed Derek on the ground, squatting down on his slender body, and Derek jumped on his back and quickly straddled his neck.

“Go!” Derek cheered happily.

At that moment, he thought it was nice to have daddy.

He secretly swears in his heart that he must let the best mummy in the world stay with the best daddy in the world, so that they are the happiest children in the world.

“Daddy! I want to beg you for something…” Derek held Daddy’s head and suddenly his voice softened. Full of coquetry.


“Daddy, if you fire Grace, Grace has no job. Can you find a job for her in your company?” Derek made a small calculation and Mommy went to Daddy’s company When you go to work, you can have more opportunities to meet with Daddy.

Jacob was embarrassed, he didn’t want to have anything to do with Grace.

Derek acted like a baby and upgraded, “Daddy, please. Grace has helped me a lot. She is really good to me. If I don’t help him, I will feel sorry for her?”

Jacob has no power to resist his son’s aegyo, “Well, Daddy can find a job for her, but she can’t come to work in Daddy’s company.”


“She has low academic qualifications and lack of work experience. Media Asia does not recruit experienced and immature novices.” Jacob said.

Derek yelled, “Daddy, you are wrong. Grace has a very high degree of education. She is a top student who graduated from the first university. She knows a lot.”

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