Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Jacob seemed to hear a big joke, and the expression on his cold face was really hard to describe.

Grace is a top student of the first university?

If you want to be her school girl, you should also take a mirror into her face. Which of the students of the first university is not a proud existence?

She actually lied to Jason!

“Jason, even if she is a student who graduated from the first university, her professional knowledge and proficiency cannot meet the requirements of Media Asia to recruit employees. Daddy can’t admit her exceptionally, which is unfair to other applicants. “

Jacob hated Grace who was lying, but he was unwilling to slander Grace in front of “Jason”.

Leaving a beautiful image of Mommy in the heart of the child is his protection for the “War Sui”.

Derek trusts Mommy’s ability very much, he perseveres in begging Jacob, “Daddy, you believe me, Grace is really good. Would you let her join your company? Please? Up?”

Jacob is the first and two older. The child “Jason” has never begged him for anything. It is rare to beg him once sincerely. Jacob really does not want to disobey his son’s fragile heart.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Well, Daddy will call her tomorrow and invite her to the company to apply for a job. How about?”

“Derek” cheered happily, “Yeah!”

Jacob secretly thought gloomily, even if the job advertisement was sent to Grace, would she have the confidence to apply?

To prevent the ending from disappointing “Jason”, Jacob deliberately gave “Jason” a shot.

“Jason, Daddy can only help her get the qualifications for Media Asia. Whether she can successfully enter Media Asia will depend on her performance. If she loses the election, don’t be too disappointed. Daddy can arrange her to go to friends. Other company to work?”

“Jason” showed extraordinary trust in Grace, “Don’t worry, Daddy, Grace will definitely not lose the election.”

Derek secretly pondered that his hacking knowledge was taught by Mommy herself. She easily invaded Media Asia’s network, which means that the technicians in charge of network security at Media Asia are no better than Mommy.

When Jacob saw his son’s trust in Grace, he shook his head helplessly.

Grace is just an illegitimate girl from a rural background. Even the university she attended is a very ordinary college in China. I don’t know what kind of ecstasy she fed “Jason” to him, and even “Jason” was obsessed with her To this point.


For a woman like her who deceives her child’s favor with lies, maybe she should uncover the skin of her paper tiger and let the child see her truest side. He has to teach him not to be obsessed with a person’s appearance and illusion.

After Derek returned to the villa, he secretly got up while his father fell asleep, picked up the phone and watch, and secretly sent a voice message to Jason: “Find a way to get Mommy to participate in Media Asia’s job fair.”

After Jason received the text message, he smiled slightly. “Roger that!”

the next day.

Fairview City.

As soon as Grace got up, she found a watercolor painting on the bed. A sprouting seed came out of the soil and was weathering the wind and rain. Not far away, is the back of a woman resolutely leaving.

When Grace saw this painting, she thought of the poor war dead for some reason, and couldn’t help crying sadly.

Even if the child leaves Mommy, even if he has the golden clothes and jade food, he will be exposed to all the wind and sun after breaking through the ground like this forgotten seed.

The battle without Mommy is too pitiful.

At this time, Jason came over lightly and stood by her bed and looked at her quietly.

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