Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

He didn’t want Mommy to cry, but he promised Derek to persuade Mommy to apply for Media Asia.

Jason really didn’t know how to convince Mommy to attend Media Asia’s application meeting, so he hinted Mommy by drawing: he needs Mommy.

I hope Mommy can understand this painting and know that he needs her. In order to accept the recruitment application of Media Asia.

At this moment, Jacob’s call came in. Grace glanced at the unfamiliar number on the phone screen, and didn’t care.

“Mommy, your phone!” Jason handed the phone to Mommy.

The unfamiliar number displayed by the caller ID was very familiar to Jason, and he had already known this number by heart. That’s a call from Daddy.

Jason thoughtfully held the phone and handed it to Grace. Grace didn’t want to disappoint her son, so she picked up the phone and connected the call.


When Jacob’s cold voice sounded, Grace lost consciousness for a moment.

“Are you interested in coming to Media Asia for an application meeting?” There was no warmth in Jacob’s voice.

“Media Asia’s application meeting?” Grace was surprised. If she was Irene, she wouldn’t be surprised if Jacob invited her into Huanya.

But she is just Grace now? In Jacob’s eyes, she was just a vulgar and vulgar housewife with low education!

“Master Zhan, why did you invite me?” Grace always felt that Jacob was an act of innocent courtesy and stealing.

Jacob said, “It means Jason.”

Grace was stunned, how could Jason suddenly remember to find a job for her? Is it because she was fired by his dad, so he worried that she would be unemployed and have no job?

It turned out that her family Jason was a cold-faced child.

Without hearing Grace’s response for a long time, Jacob had no patience, and a faint anger was mixed in his voice again, “Why, dare not to come?”

How should Grace answer him before he could respond, and Jacob’s poisonous tongue began to work again, “In the future, don’t brag about your ability in front of your children. Be careful to ask for hardship. Grace, if you don’t want to lose face Explain to Jason well why I can’t come…”

Before he finished speaking, Grace immediately intervened, “Don’t worry, Lord Z, I will definitely go.”

Jacob was dumb.

This woman is really a stranger.

“Grace, I have to remind you that if you think I will open the back door for you, I will die as soon as possible.”

Unexpectedly, Grace said very hard, “I have gone through many doors but never the back door.”

Jacob’s face twitched. Has this woman’s self-knowledge been eaten by a dog?

“Then what position Ms. Luo is applying for? Is it a cleaner? Sorry, Media Asia has no shortage of cleaners.”

Does this person look down on her like this? Grace gritted her teeth and said, “Network security protection.”

Jacob’s face turned black…

Media Asia’s industries are spread all over the country, and the fields involve film, television, electronics, new media, catering, and entertainment industries…Only she is personally responsible for network security.

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